Jean Todt pulls out his brown leather notebook from the back of his bag. Jean Todt puts on his glasses and flips through several pages, before declaring that October 18 is a Monday.

It was his last visit to the FIA President, the ex-fiat Ferrari team principal, and Michael Schumacher, whom he considers his second son.

Todt, one of those chosen few, is a figure so loyal, a guardian of the stricken hero’s medical secrets. He is received by Michael’s wife Corinna in their home, on the banks Lake Geneva.

Todt sank back into his chair and grimaced that Schumacher’s ski accident in the French Alps had left him brain damaged at 44. 

Since that time, no one has seen him. The family has not released footage that shows him in current conditions, even a Netflix documentary. There are no other revealing details. He inspires wonderment and joy in his fans.

Todt speaks with circumspection before qualifying for Mexico’s Grand Prix. Valtteri bottas was on pole ahead of Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes teammate. 

He said, “I get why his friends and family are trying to protect him. We should just let him go.” “Michael fights, he’s fighting and we have to hope that his condition will improve.

FIA president Jean Todt (pictured) has given his insight on F1 legend Michael Schumacher

Jean Todt, President of the FIA has offered his perspective on Michael Schumacher (pictured).

Todt (right with Schumacher in 2002), is one of the few people to have been allowed to visit

Todt, right with Schumacher 2002. He is one of few allowed to see the site. 

Schumacher's wife Corinna, 52, (pictured with Michael in Italy in 2005)recently  broke her eight-year silence about the Formula One icon's condition, admitting: 'I miss Michael every day.'

Schumacher’s wife Corinna, 52, (pictured with Michael in Italy in 2005)recently  broke her eight-year silence about the Formula One icon’s condition, admitting: ‘I miss Michael every day.’

“I’m happy his son Mick is racing in Formula One. He is succeeding. While he would be able to afford a much more powerful car, it is gratifying that he still has the passion. Gina-Maria, Michael’s daughter, has discovered her passion for horses. 

Corinna was a beautiful wife, as you can see from the documentary. Her words about Michael, and her caring for him are amazing. Is Todt able to stay for long as he goes through high-security gates in order to see one of the most famous athletes?

“Yes. It’s been quite awhile,” he replies. “If Corinna’s there, we can have dinner together. If she is not, I spend time with Michael, but…’

Is Schumacher still in touch with his former boss? Todt gives a shrug, smiles, and gestures his hand, but no reply. There is no limit to disclosure.

Schumacher (pictured skiing in Italy in 2005) collided with a rock while skiing in Meribel in 2013 and suffered a catastrophic brain injury that left him in a medically-induced coma for six months

Schumacher was pictured ski touring in Italy in 2005. In 2013, Schumacher collided with an object while on Meribel’s slopes. He sustained a severe brain injury which left him in a six-month medically-induced coma.  

A recent Netflix film about Schumacher offers no footage of the German in his current state

Schumacher is not shown in the current state of his body in a Netflix documentary.

Corinna and Michael were married in 1995 and have two children together, Gina and Mick, who has followed his father into F1

Corinna, Michael, and Mick were married in May 1995. The couple have two children Gina, and Mick. Mick followed his father into F1

Schumacher remains an icon of F1 and his medical condition has been closely guarded

Schumacher, an F1 icon, remains in good health.  

Todt will end his 12-year reign as world motorsport’s greatest individual at 75. Todt isn’t old enough, but the rules prohibit him from seeking a fourth term.

He is healthy and fit, and he drinks a carrot-lemon-ginger drink while we talk. He gives me one. That would keep the doctor at bay.

There will be plenty for him to do after he retires. Schumacher is UN special envoy on road safety, and he also serves as chairman or board member of many good causes around the globe. These include the Paris-based ICM Brain foundation and Spinal Cord foundation. Schumacher was also a cofounder, which is a cruel irony.

Todt and Michelle Yeo are also conspicuous in their personal charitable acts. Todt requests that I not print a striking example from his top PR man. 

His two greatest passions, vintage cars and modern art may be more of his focus. His life from childhood through his achievements as a co-driver and team boss in rallying, Formula One and as an administrator is being written.

With its stunning view of the Hermanos Rodriguez Stadium section, we are greeted by his pride at having provided helmets which were’safe and reasonable’ to these authorities. They have also been able to access the FIA programme, which is designed for motorcyclists living in poor countries.

Todt was speaking ahead of the Mexico City Grand Prix, where Valtteri Bottas will be on pole

Todt spoke ahead of Mexico City Grand Prix where Valtteri bottas will take to the pole

Todt’s successor — most likely his long-time deputy Graham Stoker, a 69-year-old British barrister, subject to election next month — has a extensive globe-trotting itinerary to emulate.

Todt, despite being conciliator in nature is not at peace with Hamilton. He disagrees over Hamilton ‘taking to the knee’ last year and how insistent he was that his fellow drivers follow the same path.

Todt stated, “What I admire about Lewis is that his character is open to giving back to society and sharing his beliefs.” “I appreciate that, and we will all do our best to help him. While I agree with his beliefs, he must also respect them.

‘Racism is very important to me. He listened and I told him that I didn’t talk about it much, but my father, a Polish Jewish immigrant physician, had lost both his mother (and his brother) in the camps. However, do you feel comfortable with me putting one knee on the flooring? You are not. 

“I do not believe in God but I believe in integrity, values and justice. Respecting others is essential.

Todt and Hamilton have a positive dialogue. Hamilton is practical and focuses on details, which has helped him reach the UN’s diversity targets.

He said, “My wife is Chinese. She has been through racism.” “We must care about all people, and keep in mind that F1’s participants are blessed.