Jeff Bezos was seen showing off his toned torso at a St Barts yachting trip. He also was seen smooching Lauren Sanchez, his girlfriend.   

The Amazon founder, 57, proved he’s been putting in time in the gym as he relaxed in the hot sun on the boat with friends to celebrate the holiday season during their Caribbean trip on Friday.

Bezos, now 57 years old, appears to have settled into his Hawaiian lifestyle after he purchased an estate valued at $78million. He boarded the boat dressed in pink and red with Hawaiian flowers. 

Sanchez, 51 years old, was matched by her billionaire boyfriend in color. She wore a bikini that featured a red-and-white pattern, showing off her amazing figure, and she was wearing it to match the heat of 81 degrees. 

Bezos wore a Hawaiian-inspired red and pink bathing suit

Sanchez wore a patterned bikini

Bezos wore Hawaiian-inspired red and pink shorts  and his girlfriend donned a pretty patterned bikini 

The billionaire Amazon founder rinsed off the saltwater after enjoying the cool water on a hot day

After he had sipped on the refreshing cool water, the billionaire Amazon founder rinsed the saltwater. 

They took their PDA to the water and curled up together on a raft in the sun

The couple took their PDAs to the sea and gathered together in a sun-drenched raft.

The pair were spotting holding hands as they lounged on a covered boat deck surrounded by friends

They were seen holding hands while they sat on a boat deck covered with friends. 

Bezos appeared carefree as he enjoyed a floatie in the warm Caribbean waters

Bezos looked relaxed while he enjoyed a Caribbean floatie.

As they were cooling off on the water, you could see them loving up together on a raft. One time, Sanchez can be seen being caressed by Bezos and Sanchez’s girlfriend.  

Sanchez and Bezos can also be seen sitting on a covered deck, hand in hand. 

Earlier this week, the pair was seen canoodling on a hike on the island. 

The pair were dressed in sportwear and sneakers. They stopped by the view to share some kisses and enjoyed the sight.

They continued hiking and Bezos put his arm around Sanchez as they maintained their PDA. 

After MacKenzie split from Bezos in January 2019, the couple made public their relationship. They were very handsy when they communicated with nature.

Sanchez and Bezos stopped at one point to rest on a bench. They sat side by side.

Sanchez leaning against Bezos and resting her right hand on his hip, Sanchez wrapped his arm around his shoulders. 

Jeff wore a t-shirt with shorts and Sanchez donned a pretty sundress and carried a Dior bag during the yacht trip

Jeff wore shorts with a tee shirt, while Sanchez was wearing a beautiful sundress and carrying a Dior bag. 

The couple has been enjoying a vacation in St. Barts this week and they aren't afraid of showing off a little PDA as they go. Sanchez made sure to look her best as she stepped off the boat

They have been on vacation to St. Barts for the past week. Sanchez was sure to be her best when she got off the boat. 

Sanchez and Bezos were together on vacation in St. Barts previously. They were joined in 2019 by Sanchez’s 20-year-old son, Nikko Gonzalez.

Bezos is worth an estimated $210billion and is second only to Tesla’s owner Elon Musk. Forbes recently ranked him third with $276.2billion.

Bezos, who stepped down from his position as Amazon CEO in July has donated to a variety of charities including the Obama Foundation (Baby2Baby) and other well-known causes.

He donated $100million, his largest donation to charity, just before Thanksgiving. Bezos estimated that the Obama Foundation gift is less than 0.1% of his $210 billion fortune.

Bezos also requested as part of his gift that the Obama Presidential Center’s plaza be named the John Lewis Plaza in honor of the late Congressman and civil right leader, who spent decades fighting to ensure voting rights.

Earlier in November, he also pledged almost $100million to groups working to end homelessness and donated to Hawaii Land Trust shortly before moving to the island.

Bezos could barely keep his hands off his girl as he rubbed her shoulders on the boat

Bezos was unable to keep his hands from his daughter as he rub her shoulders onboard the boat. 

It seemed the pair were able to catch a little alone time as their friends enjoyed the warm water

They seemed to have enjoyed some time alone while their friends were enjoying the warm water. 

Bezos is also enjoying his new Hawaiian property with 3 buildings and private beach since Bezos stepped down. 

Bezos bought the property off-market.  

New York Post reports that the entrepreneur has moved into a new location on a protected marine fishing area. 

It is also surrounded by dormant lava fields where the Haleakalā volcano – which is eight times larger than the Empire State Building in New York City and its hotspots can reach up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit – last erupted in 1790, according to Haleakalā Ecotours. According to scientists, it is likely to erupt once again in 500 years. 

According to The New York Post, Bezos also is looking for more properties off the market in Maui in order to increase his real estate assets in Aloha State. He is also searching for homes for his parents at Montage Kapalua Bay where he frequently stays in a luxurious resort. 

Bezos joined the ranks of other billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, who acquired land on Kauai. 

His girlfriend Lauren Sanchez displayed her assets in a lace kaftan worn over her bikini

Lauren Sanchez, his girlfriend displayed her talents in a lace-kaftan over her bikini that she wore with pride.