What a shame! Claire Foy, Crown’s Clair, reveals a row with “mansplaining” workmen who put her TV up

She was majestic on screen when she played the Queen in The Crown – but that didn’t earn Claire Foy any respect when sexist workmen came to install her television.

According to the star, the men had patronized her and told her that the device was in the wrong spot. She described their mansplaining as another example of everyday misogyny.

Two workers were sent to her house after the move, so she knew where she wanted it placed.

Claire Foy as Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll, in the new BBC drama A Very British Scandal

Claire Foy portrays Margaret Campbell, Duchess Argyll in A Very British Scandal, a new BBC drama

But they ‘decided to give me a speech about how I was putting my TV – that I had paid for – in the wrong place.

“I told them “No. That’s exactly where I want it.” They replied “Yeah Love, but you don’t do it right.”

“And then I thought, “No! No, no.

Foy amazed viewers with her performance as the Queen in Netflix's The Crown

Foy’s performance as Queen of Netflix’s The Crown stunned viewers

Speaking to the Reign podcast, the 37-year-old added: ‘Now it was after a very long day, but I just basically went, “I do not need anyone to tell me where I should put my TV in my own house” – naff off, basically.

“That’s only one instance. “That’s just one case. I wouldn’t have thought to tell anyone a man or woman that their decision about the place they wanted to set up their TV was wrong.

This actress stars in A Very British Scandal, a BBC1 drama tonight. She said that it is a great example of a deeply held belief that while men have the right to state facts as truth, women don’t.

Her comments continued, “The world just isn’t the same for both genders.” This is a complicated, messy world that everyone has to accept in their own way.

Ms. Foy also claims that she gets annoyed by men telling her to “cheer up, Love” and saying that it’s ‘completely inappropriate’.

She continued, “Someone could’ve had terrible news, or perhaps something awful might’ have occurred.”