Jeffrey Epstein kept an extensive collection of CDs, nude photos and other images of women and girls in his New York City apartment that cost $77m.

  • FBI found “numerous black bindings” containing CDs. These were meticulously labeled
  • Court heard that they were discovered in closets filled with nude photographs of young girls.
  • The safe was filled with cash, CDs, hard-drives and diamonds by the agents 
  • The day Epstein was detained in 2019, a raid of Manhattan House took place 

Jeffrey Epstein had a treasure trove of nude photos and CDs of girls and women kept in his New York City home worth $77 million.

The FBI located ‘numerous black binders’ with CDs that were clearly labeled with ‘thumbnail pictures’ inside the closet of the Manhattan 7-story residence. This was discovered during a July 6th 2019 search.

Epstein (66), had just arrived in America from France when the raid occurred. A month later, he committed suicide.

A safe containing CDs, jewelry and hard drives was also discovered by the agents. Special Agent Kelly Maguire claimed that there were also more passports and US currencies.

They took photos of the objects but didn’t have the warrant. On July 11, four days after they left, they found them gone. 

Ghislaine Maxwell confers with her brother, Kevin, during the trial on Monday

Ghislaine Maxwell and her brother Kevin discuss Monday’s trial.

An undated photo issued by US Department of Justice on Tuesday of of the massage room at Jeffrey Epstein's $77 million New York mansion

A photo of Jeffrey Epstein’s New York home, worth $77 Million.

The massage room at Epstein's townhouse featuring shelves filled with various oils and lotions, as well as cushions, and a speaker system

Epstein’s massage room features shelves filled with different oils and lotions as well as pillows and a speaker system.

Agent Maguire was a part of the FBI Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force.

Agent Maguire reported that Richard Kahn returned to the home in about twenty to thirty minutes. He brought the items back with him in two suitcases.

But she couldn’t be sure that all the data stored on hard drives and CDs was identical to the original. Rest of the items were well accounted.

Many boxes of CDs and hard drives were located in various rooms in the apartment.

Agent Maguire stated to the court that certain people had yellow police-style ‘evidence’ tape sealing them. However, this tape was not put in by police.

On the sixth day, another FBI agent informed the court that the Maxwell trial had begun. He said one CD contained Epstein’s photograph and that it included a photo of the British socialite.

In July 2019, federal prosecutors revealed the contents of Epstein’s safe to them when they tried to get Epstein’s bail request rescinded.

A bail memorandum from the time said that the search uncovered ‘at least hundreds — and perhaps thousands — of sexually suggestive photographs of fully – or partially nude females.’

Many of these photos ‘appear’ to have been taken by underage girls. At least one of them, she said, was underage when the photographs were taken.

Epstein's colossal townhouse in Manhattan that was raided by the FBI shortly after his arrest in July 2019

Epstein was arrested in Manhattan in July 2019. The FBI raided his Manhattan townhouse shortly thereafter.

Also, it was noted that photos of some people were found in locked safes. Agents also discovered compact disks with handwritten labels. [Name] + [Name]?,’?Misc nudes 1′ and?Girl pictures nude.

A foreign passport also had a photo of Epstein with another name.

Maguire said that it took 12 hours to complete a thorough search of the 40-room mansion. 

These six charges are against Maxwell 


Incentives to encourage minors (maximum 5 years sentence) to participate in illegal sex activities  

 Incentive to a minor travel for illegal sex acts (age 20 years).

Conspiracy for minors to be transported with the intent of engaging in criminal sexual activities (20 years).

Transportation of a minor in the intention to engage or continue criminal sexual activities (10 year minimum, lifetime maximum).

A conspiracy to traffic in sex

Sex Trafficking in a Minor 

Ghislaine Maxwell also faces two charges of perjury but those counts are due to be tried after her sex crimes trial. 

These charges stem from testimony that she made in 2016, in an Epstein case against Virginia Giuffre.  


Prosecutors claim Maxwell groomed three girls for Epstein between 1994-97. 

Although they aren’t named in the indictment she did allegedly target them in London and New York.

Maxwell, it’s alleged, would make friends with the girls, asking about their lives and schooling. It is alleged that Maxwell would take the girls to movies, and then go shopping with them, putting them at ease. This trust was enough to allow her to deliver them to Epstein later.

Prosecutors say that she undressed herself in front of the girls and asked sexual questions to ‘normalize the abuse’ later. 

The prosecutors claim that she not only assisted Epstein, but also took part in some of the abuse. 

This alleged abuse of sex includes “sexualized group massages”. 

According to the indictment, Maxwell also encouraged Maxwell to encourage Maxwell to spend money on Epstein to pay for her education.