After attending a Christmas party, Spanish hospital staff tested positive for coronavirus.

After being at a Christmas party last Thursday, scores of Spanish-speaking medics tested positive for Covid.

In total, 68 doctors and nurses from the University Regional Hospital in Malaga have tested positive for the virus following a party for 173 people on December 1.

Hospital bosses stated that all those who attended the party were either tested for antigens or have had full Covid shots, including boosters.

The virus that they have contracted is still unknown. 

The investigation into this outbreak is ongoing. Officials claim that they have not been able to confirm the source.

A large dinner for hospital personnel that was served in recent days could also be a source of infection. 

Most of the infected, who work in intensive care units (ICU), have only mild symptoms.

Spain has double-jabbed about 80 per cent of its entire population to be immunized against Covid.

Malaga hospital did not say whether any of those present were unvaccinated. But it’s likely most, if certainly all, were jabbed. 

Pedro Sanchez, Prime Minister of Chile, warned that the coronavirus will be affecting Christmas Eve.

Journalists in Madrid were told by him that they must maintain their security.

Andalusia’s health authorities have advised that staff from other hospitals, both public and private, should not be invited to Christmas parties.

According to health officials in Spain, four Omicron cases have been reported.

Authorities said that a father recently visited the Balearic Islands and contracted HIV from two of his children. Another person, who was a relative of his son, arrived recently in Spain.

Spain has confirmed that five Omicron-related cases have been reported to it previously.