A woman has claimed that Donald Trump, a ‘Girl Hound’ and Jeffrey Epstein, would go wild at beauty pageants as a team.

Jill Harth is a celebrity make-up artist who was also a former organizer of pageants. She claims Trump tried to rape her and harass her sexually over five years, according to a 1997 lawsuit that she filed. It was eventually dropped.

Epstein spoke out for the first times about Trump’s friendship with her. DailyMail.com reports that the two were friends and they had a lot of chemistry. 

“They both seduced women with their money. Trump was a hot guy. “They had no difficulty,” she said. 

They were playing a competitive game, trying to get the girl to their house and find a hook-up partner. Both were competing with one another. Both were girl hounds. 

Celebrity make-up artist and former pageant organizer Jill Harth tells DailyMail.com that Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump were close friends who shared a love for women

Jill Harth, a celebrity make-up artist who was also formerly a pageant organizer, tells DailyMail.com Jeffrey Epstein (and Donald Trump) were good friends and shared a passion for women.

Harth filed a lawsuit against Trump in 1997, which was later dropped. She claimed Trump attempted to rape and sexually harass her over a five-year period

Harth brought a suit against Trump in 1997. It was dropped later. She claimed Trump attempted to rape and sexually harass her over a five-year period

Harth met Trump through her participation in the American Dream Calendar Girl beauty contest across the U.S., which she ran with George Houraney. Trump offered to promote the events in his casinos and hotels around the globe and was eager to be involved. 

Harth claims Epstein was Donald Trump's 'wingman' and they would run wild together at beauty pageants

Harth claims Epstein was Donald Trump’s ‘wingman’ and they would run wild together at beauty pageants

Epstein attended Harth’s events prior to Trump’s arrival. Harth met Epstein at Mar-a-Lago in January 1993. Trump insists that Harth bring all calendar girls. 

Harth claims Trump sexually assaulted Harth during this dinner.

Harth states that Epstein was more of a low-key wingman than Harth, and Donald the pushy guy.

“I knew Epstein from some other people who attended our events. They told me that Epstein was working for Les Wexner, Victoria’s Secret. This was the hottest thing in the nineties and they also said that Epstein managed his money as well as being a model scout.

Harth said, “It wasn’t a big deal that he came to an event. He would fly in on a private plane.”

Jeffrey was never aggressive in my experience. Trump was a pushy, foreboding man. His dominance was overwhelming. Jeffrey was not like this. He wasn’t flashy, but he was very quiet and did not say much.

Jeffrey thought he was his wingman. However, Jeffrey actually used the Victoria’s Secret connection. He was a magnet for that connection. Donald brags: “You know Jeffrey?” I can help you get into Victoria’s Secret. My friend is a good friend. He was able to do that with all the girls. 

“Those two were close friends. They lived just two blocks apart in New York.

He’s trying to play it down, because Epstein is now considered an adulterer and doesn’t wish to be referred in the same way. 

“They had always had women close to them. They were even clamoring to be heard by the girls. Although they weren’t all teens, I did have some teenage girls at the event. However, most were aged between 18- and 30-years old. Some were underage. I was always hesitant about taking them because they would be watching me like hawks.

“I was wary of anyone new coming in as I suspected their intentions. This was me. They were all my women. Some were very young.

Donald enjoyed the pageant industry because of that. He simply wanted to get his pick of litter.

Harth came to know Trump from running the American Dream Calendar Girl beauty pageant across the U.S. with her former husband George Houraney. Trump was keen to get involved, promising to host and promote their events at his hotels and casinos all around the world. Trump is pictured with the pageant contestants

Harth met Trump through her participation in the American Dream Calendar Girl beauty contest across the U.S., which she ran with George Houraney. Trump offered to promote the events in his casinos and hotels around the globe and was eager to be involved. Trump is seen here with pageant contestants 

'It was a game to them to catch the girl and see who they were going to hook up with. They were in competition with each other... girl hounds,' Harth claims

“It was their game to catch the girl, and to see who else they could hook up with,” Harth said. Harth says they were competition against each other… girl-hounds.

Harth says she doesn't think Trump cared that Epstein was involved in underage girls. She says of her own abuse,  'I don't like to be called a victim and neither do the other women. I don't consider myself a victim, I don't feel that way'

Harth claims that Trump doesn’t care about Epstein being involved with underage girls. She says of her own abuse,  ‘I don’t like to be called a victim and neither do the other women. “I don’t see myself as a victim. I don’t feel this way.”

She says that Epstein judged two of her pageants after she met him at Mar-a-Lago.

Harth states: ‘Epstein. I believe that he judged twice. One in Grand Bahamas. The other might have been at Atlantic City with Trump.

“He would judge modeling contests. The girls were scored by you, so we did an evening wear and swimwear event. We also had an interview. It wasn’t just five to six judges. He would also socialize with the girls.

Harth says that Trump is playing down the relationship he had with Epstein, because Epstein 'is now considered a pedophile and he doesn't want to be spoken in the same category'

Harth believes that Trump is trying to downplay the relationship he shared with Epstein. Epstein’s ‘now considered a child pedophile’ and Harth doesn’t want his name being used in this context.

“I wasn’t sure what I should make of Trump because at the time, I was not aware of Trump’s true nature. Because I was too young to run these events I felt a great deal of responsibility.

“But this event started to take a turn after these guys came in. It was not the event I worked so hard for, and things started to change.

It’s why I left there. [the pageant industry]. Trump and Epstein were big cojones among the group. These two were well-known, wealthy, and, in Trump’s case, very famous.

Harth said that she didn’t believe Trump was interested in Epstein getting involved in the underage girl affair.

“No, Trump doesn’t care,” he said. The older you are, the better. Here’s what I think about it right now. It’s me who says, “You are what you surround yourself with.”

Donald also had an affair with Epstein. Because there is no upside, there are many other things that will not come out. There’s none. Harth reveals that the experience had an enormous impact on her life.

In 2016, Harth was sued in 1997 by The New York Times. Other media outlets followed suit.

Trump was accused of various sexual assaults and harassment in the suit. He also accused Ivanka of being pinned against her bedroom door during that Mar-a-Lago night.

Just a month later the case was dismissed. Houraney, her ex-husband, allegedly received a six-figure settlement by Trump for violating the terms of their business agreement.

Trump’s and Harth’s relationship is complex because, after the alleged sexual assaults, they had consensual sex in 1998. She stayed good friends with Trump up until 2016 when the story broke. He even asked his team to apply his makeup during his campaign in several emails.

Trump made public remarks about the NY Times’ ‘false and malicious’ reporting and claimed he had never seen Harth. He also tweeted that he was being targeted by ‘false allegations and fabricated stories concerning women I don’t even know’.

Harth believed she must stand firm and gave a series interviews in which she reiterated her claims.

Trump supporters threatened her with death, she had to close her makeup business, and her family broke up. Her father and sister disowned her because they believed that the public exposure of her story was bringing shame upon the entire family.

Harth isn’t looking to heal old wounds, and he doesn’t dwell on negative things five years later.

As she rebuilds Jillharth.com, her book will be about her experiences with Trump. This used to be a place where clients like Catherine Zeta-Jones or Michelle Pfeiffer were included.

As the impact of media coverage has had a profound effect on their lives, she’s found comfort in her friendship with other victims of Trump’s sexual assault. They meet on Zoom groups and offer support.

Harth would like justice to be done for the accusers of former President Trump, particularly Jean Carroll, who filed suit against Trump for allegedly assaulting her sexually in the middle-nineties.

His fans were insane, particularly at the start. It was frightening when it came out at first. I was naïve. People would believe me when I said the truth. It was like being hit by a tsunami. While I had a lot support from the women I met, I was also bombarded with hate messages and emails.

Trump is seen with Jeffrey Epstein's alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell in 1997 at the Gucci Envy Perfume Launch

Trump can be seen in this photo with Jeffrey Epstein’s claimed madam GhislaineMaxwell at the Gucci Envy Perfume Launch 1997 

“It was extremely difficult, it caused a lot damage to my family and they even disowned me because of this. Harth says that it was absurd in a sense because the family didn’t understand.

“I am not trying to be pityful. Although I was able to get through it, it was difficult. It had an impact on my work. Because I was so well-known, I couldn’t find jobs. I still struggled to get back on my feet, and then the pandemic struck.

“Justice for Jean Carroll and all other women is what I’d like to see now.

“I am in this group together with women who have come out because there are a lot of them, and they were very affected. Zoom can help us all to some extent. Everyone has their own story. However, I have never had a relationship as long as mine – it was a work/personal relationship.

“I do not like being called a victim, and so does the rest of my family. I don’t see myself as a victim.

I’m currently writing a memoir. But it’s not just about Trump. Much of the story is about the pageant industry. My life has been full of experiences and memories that are beyond my wildest dreams. For me it’s therapeutic. It helps me see how this happened.

I want to publish. It’s too much telling. It’s not something I need.

“But I won’t publish it. That’s fine. I’m still writing it.’