A 78-year old NHS doctor has been charged with manslaughter following the death of a 48-yearold hospital patient during a routine bone marrow procedure.

  • Dr Isyaka Mamman is charged with manslaughter following death of patient 
  • Shahida Varven, a 2018 patient at the hospital who was giving a sample of bone marrow, collapsed.
  • Mamman “pierced the heart tissue with a hypodermic needle and not breastbone”
  • Tameside Magistrates’ Court, December 30, will be the venue for the appearance of the 78 year-old 

After the untimely death of a patient aged 48 at a hospital, an elderly NHS doctor was charged with manslaughter.

Now 78 years old, Dr Isyaka Mmman is charged with performing a routine procedure that resulted, in 2018, in Shahida Varven’s death.

Patient 48 collapsed while giving Royal Oldham Hospital in Greater Manchester a sample from her bone marrow. Shortly after her procedure, she succumbed to pneumonia. 

Mamman (a haematologist) allegedly pierced Mrs Varven’s soft tissue with a hypodermic needle and not her breastbone.

Dr Isyaka Mamman, pictured previously leaving Tameside Magistrates' Court

Dr Isyaka Mamman pictured leaving Tameside Magistrates’ Court

After an investigation conducted by Greater Manchester Police Mamman from Royton, Oldham has been charged for manslaughter.

This year, he will appear before Tameside Magistrates’ Court on December 30, 2018.

Crown Prosecution Service Special Crime Division authorized the charge. This national unit deals with sensitive and complex cases.

Greater Manchester Police spokesperson said that Royton was charged with manslaughter by Isyaka Mamman, Cumberland Drive. His appearance at Tameside Magistrates Court will take place on Thursday, 30 December 2021.

The 48-year-old patient collapsed whilst giving a sample of her bone marrow at Royal Oldham Hospital in Greater Manchester, a court previously heard. She died shortly after the procedure began, despite attempts to revive her

After giving the sample of her bone-marrow, 48-year-old Patient collapsed. Although attempts were made to revive her, she succumbed shortly after the procedure was completed.

“The Crown Prosecution Service’s Special Crime Division approved the charge. It is one of CPS’s Central Casework Divisions. The division has a national responsibility and deals with the most complicated and sensitive cases.

Royal Oldham Hospital had to perform a medical procedure on Monday September 3, 2018 that led to the death Shahida Perveen, 48.

“Due to the facts of the case, the matter was referred by police to further investigate.”

Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust (which manages Royal Oldham Hospital) was approached for comments.