Six months after its initial listing, the property of 10,000 acres in New Mexico that Jeffrey Epstein is accused of trafficking several women remains on sale for $27.5million.

In Sante Fe, 35 miles away, the Zorro Ranch was put on sale by Sotheby’s Neil Lyon Group in July. 

The estate remains for sale despite the discovery that the former pedophile financier used it as a playground for his VIP clients half a decade later.

A 30,000-square foot house is included on the property. There’s also a 4,400 foot private grass air strip for accessing and leaving this area. The airstrip can be extended with the addition of a hangar or helipad.

The sex-trafficking trial against Epstein’s girlfriend GhislaineMaxwell is in its midst.

Maxwell, 59, is accused of grooming young girls and sex trafficking them to be ‘served up’ to be assaulted by her powerful boyfriend Epstein.

Last week, Maxwell’s accuser under the pseudonym Jane said she traveled to Epstein’s homes about ten times in New York and New Mexico on Epstein’s private plane and described the décor.  

Federal prosecutors believe the private plane was used by Epstein to shuttle young sex trafficking victims between his sprawling homes in New York, New Mexico, Paris, the US Virgin Islands and Palm Beach. 

In 1993, Gary King (New Mexico’s attorney general) sold Epstein the New Mexico property and private and leased federal land. 

Zorro Ranch, one of the properties of financier Jeffrey Epstein, is seen in an aerial view near Stanley, New Mexico

Zorro Ranch (one of Jeffrey Epstein’s properties) is visible in this aerial view from Stanley, New Mexico.

Zorro Ranch, approximately 35 miles from Sante Fe, comes equipped with a 30,000-square-foot house

Zorro Ranch is located approximately 35 miles away from Sante Fe and features a house measuring 30,000 square feet

The state land commissioner terminated the contract with Epstein after the 2019 allegations about Epstein’s sexual abuse of minor girls surfaced.   

According to Sotheby’s, the three-level house is designed by Alberto Pinto. It includes a gym and large indoor pool.

Epstein was said to have been interested in turning the ranch and human breeding farm into an “embryo” for the “seeding of the human race.”    

Another anonymous contractor claimed previously that Epstein had entertained Bill Clinton at the ranch many years back.

One resident could see through the glass the Sangre de Cristo Mountains or Cerro Pelon from their windows.

The ranch is made from a mix of private lands and federally-leased lands, with 7,575 deeded acres and 423 acres of Bureau of Land Management-leased land.

A small village is also located within Ranch Central – it consists of studio casitas, small homes and garages.

Additional amenities include a greenhouse and a firehouse.

The three-level main house was designed by Alberto Pinto and includes a gym, a large indoor pool, a library and a living room

Alberto Pinto designed the three-story main house. It includes a gymnasium, large indoor swimming pool and living room. 

There are also equestrian facilities, which include an eight-stall barn with a tack room, an arena for equestrian activities and an exterior-gated horse run

Equestrian facilities include an 8-stall barn, a tack area, an arena, and an exterior-gated horse running.

The ranch is made from a mix of private lands and federally-leased lands, with 7,575 deeded acres and 423 acres of Bureau of Land Management-leased land

The ranch is made from a mix of private lands and federally-leased lands, with 7,575 deeded acres and 423 acres of Bureau of Land Management-leased land

Ranch is composed of a mixture of federally-leased and private land, including 7,575 acres of Bureau of Land Management-leased land and 423 acres of Bureau of Land Management deeded land.

There are also equestrian facilities, which include an eight-stall barn with a tack room, an arena for equestrian activities and an exterior-gated horse run.

Epstein’s will plans to use the proceeds of sale “as necessary for compensation claimants, tax authorities and creditors.” According to Sotheby’s International Realty

The property was purchased by Epstein in 1993.

He used Zorro Ranch, a 10,000-acre estate, as his playground. 

In an interview with Eddy Aragon, Albuquerque radio station’s owner, an anonymous contractor said that the ranch was a typical working ranch with a small staff and very little security until Epstein arrived with his friends, often twice per year. 

He claims that there was also a photograph of Bill Clinton and topless, under-aged women at Epstein’s main house.

He says, “It’s huge, it’s almost like a resort, up the hill. You can’t see it from the village down below. There’s also a loop road that leads up to it and he has a small airport.”

Pictured: The master bedroom of Jeffrey Epstein's mysterious New Mexico ranch

Pictured is Jeffrey Epstein’s master bedroom at his mysterious New Mexico ranch. 

Pictured: The master suite of Jeffrey Epstein's mysterious New Mexico ranch

Pictured: Jeffrey Epstein’s master suite at his mysterious New Mexico ranch

This massive chandelier is one of the many furnishings that once belonged in Jeffrey Epstein's ranch

Jeffrey Epstein once owned this huge chandelier.

“It’s fairly secure. Some cameras, six to seven people [working there]. The ranch management was done by a couple. The couple, a husband and wife from New Zealand were married. [and]They managed the ranch. The ranch was their home, they lived at the front. Jeffrey, his family and entourage were the only ones who lived at Epstein’s home.

‘I think that he brought more staff to the event when he was accompanied by his entourage. He would come several times each year with an entourage consisting of around 30 people. You could see them partying there and bringing out the toys, four-wheelers, and all other stuff.

“I saw things at the house and on the computers which helped me decide if I was a good fit to work for him.” His office had many frames of photographs that included young topless girls and him.

One angle of the library in Jeffrey Epstein's New Mexico ranch

One angle of the library in Jeffrey Epstein's New Mexico ranch

Jeffrey Epstein has two angles to the library at his New Mexico ranch.

‘Celebrities, entertainment people, political people, Bill Clinton, he wasn’t shy about having those in the house… I have seen a picture of him and Bill Clinton smoking cigars on pool lounge chairs with underage topless girls.



“He owned strange lamps and sculptures that were sexually explicit, so he encouraged couples to engage in [sex].

Contractor responds to question about large shower room in master bedroom. It is a huge shower. It’s amazing.’

Security: He says that there were many photographs taken and they all were over. [the ranch]. I found video distribution systems in closets, which initially I assumed were for entertainment. But now, I am not sure. [They]Possibly hidden cameras may be in one or more rooms. 

He claims the estate is named Zorro Ranch after the cartoon vigilante. 

Epstein was being tried on charges of sextrafficking when he committed suicide in 2019.

Since then, his estate has been using real estate sales to fund the Epstein Victims’ Compensation Program, which was created in June 2020. 

Epstein sold his Manhattan townhouse for $51million earlier this year. His Palm Beach home was purchased for $18.5 million.

Daniel Weiner, an estate lawyer, claims the program for compensation has so far been paid with $140 Million, according the Wall Street Journal. 

Virginia Roberts is the Epstein accuser. Virginia shared photographs of herself at the property when she was 17 and claimed that she was taken there as an underage slave sex.

As well, Epstein revealed to scientists and close friends that he ‘hoped to seed the human race with his DNA by impregnating women’ at the vast New Mexico ranch, according to the New York Times. 

Epstein’s Zorro Trust shell company purchased lands from the King family in New Mexico. The King family was a strong agricultural and political dynasty, which included Bruce King at the time.

Zorro agreed to lease the Kings public land rights, totaling 1,159 acres that were rented at $872.22 per year. Nearly 8,000 acres of ranch land was included, as well as privately owned.

County records show that Epstein started building a stable and detached garages in 1994. He then began to build his mansion in 1999. Including porches and patios, the mansion came to 57,420 square feet.

Maria Farmer, Epstein’s accuser, claimed that he and Ghislaine Maxwell, his former assistant at the time of abuse on her sister Zorro Ranch underage brother.