Jeremy Clarkson (61), is branded a “creepy” after Greta Thunberg (18, a climate activist) was called an ‘annoying little bucket o’ego during COP26

  • Jeremy Clarkson, 61 slammed Thunberg claiming that he deserves a’smacked top’
  • He described young activist, 18 years old as an “annoying little bucket” of ego.
  • She was also called ‘a pest’, and she was even worse than a “Swedish death goblin”.

Jeremy Clarkson, an online critic who said Greta Thunberg (18-years-old climate activist) deserves a smacked bottom,’ has come under fire.

The Grand Tour star, 61, who lives in Chadlington, made the comment in a column for The Sunday Times as the Cop26 conference entered its second week – before going on to describe her as an ‘annoying little bucket of ego.’ 

He wrote: “I don’t understand the Thunberg phenomenon.” She doesn’t understand the world and has no way of speaking.

“What she wants is a bump in the bottom,”

But, readers didn’t like the comments and they took to social networking to vent their anger. 

Jeremy Clarkson, 61, has been criticised online after saying 18-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg deserves a 'smacked bottom.' Pictured, in August 2019

Jeremy Clarkson (61) has been criticized online after he said Greta Thunberg (18-years-old climate activist) deserves a smacked bottom. Image taken August 2019,

Climate activist Greta Thunberg speaking on the main stage in George Square as part of the Fridays for Future Scotland march during the Cop26 summit in Glasgow on 5 November

Greta Thunberg is a climate activist who spoke on George Square during Fridays for Future Scotland, which took place on 5 November at Cop26 in Glasgow. 

The comment didn't go down well with readers, with one writing: '61year old Jeremy Clarkson calling for 18 year old Greta Thunberg to have her bottom smacked deserves a far more WTAF???? response than it got' (pictured)

The comment didn’t go down well with readers, with one writing: ’61year old Jeremy Clarkson calling for 18 year old Greta Thunberg to have her bottom smacked deserves a far more WTAF???? The response was more than the received’ (pictured

‘That Jeremy Clarkson thought it was ok to write that Greta Thunberg needs “a smacked bottom”… I simply cannot fathom. Which year did I travel back in time exactly? 

Second penned: Jeremy Clarkson claimed Greta Thunberg needed a “smacked top.” Real normal s**t.’ 

Another: Jeremy Clarkson, 61 year old calling for Greta Thunberg (18 years old) to get her bottom smacked deserves a much more WTAF It got a much better response.

‘Middle aged white men using column inches to have pops at a young girl who is concerned about the environment is just f***ing weird.’

Another who took to social media penned: 'It's a shame he added that bit in, because it's actually a very poignant article which is now spoiled by him needing to sound like his character' (pictured)

A third person who used social media to write: “It is a shame that he added this bit in because it actually makes an emotional article which is now spoilt by him having to sound like his character” (pictured).

A fourth member wrote, “It’s shame that he added that part in, since it’s actually quite poignant and is now spoilt by his need to sound like himself.” 

Another asked the question: “What’s it about Greta Thunberg? Does that make all of us old men angry and defensive?” It is amazing to see young people from Glasgow care about the planet. 

After referring to her as a “pest”, the ex-Top Gear host went further, calling her worse than a Swedish doom goblin. 

He also went on to claim that Greta telling people what they should be doing to lessen their impact on the environment was ‘pointless.’ 

Instead, Diddly Squat Farm owners suggested that the owner go to places where the people are less conscious of the problems. 

He wrote, “What you should do instead is cycle to countries that are perhaps less aware of what needs to be done,” 

For example, “China”. It’s something I want to see. Greta, in Zhongnanhai, with her Glastonbury backpack, her microphone and parka, is lecturing leaders on their coal- and tree-related policies.