After council officials suggested that planning permission be denied, Jeremy Clarkson was unable to expand his Diddly Squat farm operation.

The former Top Gear host, 61, had submitted a planning application to open a 70-space car park and a 60-seater café at his farm in Chadlington, Oxfordshire. 

The plans were met with anger by local residents. Over 50 objections were lodged at West Oxfordshire District Council. 

Clarkson representatives changed the transportation plans to accommodate the increasing number of protestors. However, they were not able to satisfy everyone. Many councillors felt the need to decline his plan at the next Monday meeting.

After being served with notices following complaints about the farm shop selling souvenirs out of town, the 61-year old presenter faces another potential blow.

Jeremy Clarkson has suffered a blow in his bid to extend his Diddly Squat farming operation after council officials recommended planning permission should be refused

After the council recommended that planning permission not be granted, Jeremy Clarkson was unable to continue his Diddly Squat agriculture operation. 

The former Top Gear host (pictured), 61, had submitted a planning application to open a 70-space car park and a 60-seater café at his farm in Chadlington, Oxfordshire, but the plans faced an angry backlash from local residents

The former Top Gear host (pictured), 61, had submitted a planning application to open a 70-space car park and a 60-seater café at his farm in Chadlington, Oxfordshire, but the plans faced an angry backlash from local residents

Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon Prime is so popular that there are long lines at the Diddly Squat Farm Shop. Neighbors became concerned when hundreds of Clarkson’s Farm fans began queuing up outside of his estate. 

A report was made by West Oxfordshire Council’s planning representative. He stated that the scale and nature of these plans “doesn’t fall within the scope” of farm diversification schemes.

The statement states that the development proposed would be incompatible with existing farm operations or sensitive areas of open country within the Cotswolds AONB.

“The development would visually intrude and be harmful to open countryside character, scenic beauty, and tranquility.

Courtingtons Architecture, the architects responsible for the project, has released revised designs to address earlier concerns. This is in the hopes of gaining more local support.

The new proposals would see the creation of a one way system in and out of the facility for the proposed 70 vehicle car park, which is backed by an additional ‘overflow’ car park field.

To ease local concerns about congestion, the new design includes a driveway and a bicycle parking area.

It came after consultee ERS Pollution said the land is a former quarry which might be ‘contaminated’. 

According to the proposal, it claimed that the site had been used previously as a quarry. Therefore, there may be ‘filled soil’. Before building can begin, further investigation is required. 

Last month, dozens of cars lined the grass verges and people could be seen forming long queues as they flocked to the popular Diddly Squat Farm Shop in Chadlington on the last Saturday before Christmas.

Due to poor weather conditions and the large number of vehicles, the parking lot was called a “sea ofmud”. One customer suggested the shop change its name to Diddly Squelch.

Since the debut of Amazon Prime earlier this year and the popularity of Diddly Squat, fans from across the country have been waiting for over two hours in line to enter the shop.

Photos taken by the photographer on December 18 show poor weather, a large number of vehicles and the car park becoming a mud bath. Hundreds of other cars were parking on nearby grassy verges. 

Police were called out to manage traffic chaos in June, caused by hundreds of Jeremy Clarkson fans descending on his farm in the hope of meeting him and to check out his stock, which includes honey, chutney and T-shirt.

The popularity of Clarkson's Farm on Amazon Prime has led to queues for the Diddly Squat Farm Shop, with neighbours growing concerned after hundreds of enthusiastic fans started queuing outside his estate

Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon Prime was so well-received that queues formed for Diddly Squat Farm Shop. This worried neighbours after many enthusiastic customers began to line up at his estate. 

Clarkon’s traffic problem was the cause of many objections, however planners chose not to cite it as a reason why they recommended refusal.

However, they responded to Maggie Jackman of Chadlington’s concerns regarding breaches in the original conditions.

“Further, to my previous objection comment, I would like to include a complete lack trust that applicants will follow any planning conditions.

“Regarding the farm shop, no conditions have been observed and they are now heavily marketing the shop through social media. They also sell Diddly Squat souvenirs which were unlikely to be manufactured within a radius of 16 miles from the shop.

‘I refer the WODC Notice of Decision. Neither souvenirs are referred to clause 7 of this document. I do not believe that any permitted development further would be allowed.

Clarkson also faces a potential double blow after being served with a notice following complaints that the farm shop (pictured) had breached original planning conditions by selling out-of-town souvenirs

Clarkson may also face a double blow. He was served with a Notice following complaints about Clarkson (pictured) selling souvenirs out of town and violating original planning conditions. 

Planners responded that they have begun investigating claims the farm shop was selling more than ‘goods or produce raised, reared, or produced on the holding, or from local producers’.

It stated that the matter was being investigated, and that a Planning Contravention Notice had been sent.

Chadlington Parish Council also replied to the request to raise several complaints.

One spokesperson stated that the application was extremely divisive in Chadlington.

“Majority of people have real concerns and want to object to this proposal. There are others who do support the planning application.

Local residents have sent around 12 letters of support, stating that Clarkson is a good person and has made the region more visible.

West Oxfordshire District Council is expected to make the final determination on this application.