A 27-year-old mother killed her two daughters aged 18 and 3, with an excessive dose of methadone. Then she committed suicide because she believed she brought them into the corrupt world. Inquest hearings 

  • Tiffany Stevens was 27 years old and found unresponsive in her home with her children.
  • Tiffany was accompanied by Casey Lea Taylor, 3 and Darcey Stevens, 18 months.
  • The mother had given them drugs and they overdosed, according to the Inquest.
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After believing she had ‘brought their into a corrupt universe’, a mother committed suicide along with her daughters. An inquest was held.

Tiffany Stevens (27) was found in the same spot as her three-year-old daughter Casey Lea Taylor and Darcey Stevens (18) on January 2019).

Bolton Coroners Court has heard that these youngsters had consumed’massive quantities’ of methadone, a strong heroin-opiod substitution.

According to the Inquest, Tiffany suffered from fatal levels of morphine.

The woman had received insulin and methadone injections, as well Tramadol (and Pregabalin) respectively. She was not prescribed any of these drugs.

A heartbreaking suicide note was found in her Bolton, Lancs. terraced house. It stated that she had made the decision to end her life in the best interest of her children.

Tiffany Stevens, 27, was found dead next to her two young children back in January 2019

Tiffany Stevens (27), was discovered dead in her home near her young children.

Casey-Lea Taylor, 3, and 18-month-old Darcey Stevens were both found beside Tiffany

Tiffany was found with Casey-Lea Taylor (3 years old) and Darcey Stevens (18 months old).

Police were called to the house after relatives had discovered the tragedy after gaining access

The tragedy was discovered by relatives who gained entry to the home and police were dispatched to investigate.

According to the inquest, relatives were concerned about her disappearance after not being able to reach her for over a week. They entered the home through a backdoor.

Kirsty, the paramedic who treated Tiffany and Casey Lea in an emergency room said that they were found on the floor of their living rooms under a blanket. Both were dead.

Little Darcey, a baby girl, was found by her front door in a buggy. Also, she was dead.

Phillip Lumb, the home office pathologist told court that his family was likely dead for approximately a week.

She had injected insulin and methadone, while Tramadol and Pregabalin were also found.

The woman had received insulin and methadone injections, and Tramadol as well as Pregabalin.

Pathologist Dr Phillip Lumb told the court that family had probably been dead for a week

Phillip Lumb, a pathologist, told the court that relatives had likely been dead for at least a week.

Darcey, according to toxicology testing, died due to excess methadone that could have caused death in an adult.

Casey Lea, who was also given methadone at her examination, had had insulin injected into her abdomen.

Also, Dr Lumb found morphine and tramadol. She was also diagnosed with drug toxicities.

Bobby-Jo Stevens asked Tiffany about her mum. Dr Lumb replied that the drugs Tiffany and Ms Stevens had used would have made them unconscious prior to their deaths.

He stated, “I don’t believe there would be any suffering or pain.”

On January 21st 2019, the family was found in their home at Arthur Street, Bolton.

It continues.

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