Jeremy Vine shared footage of a ‘porch Pirate’ stealing Christmas presents from his house after he was delivered by a driver who hid them in a safe place.

  • CCTV captures DHL driver hiding package on agreed spot in Jeremy Vine’s residence
  • The box is then stolen by a thief 40 minutes later.
  • Twitter user @porchpirate was tagged by the presenter who posted the video footage.
  • As the driver concealed the parcel, viewers pointed out that the suspect thief was walking right past the camera.

Jeremy Vine shares shocking footage showing how a thief took a package right in front his house, just minutes after the delivery.

CCTV footage captures a man in mask entering the London property of the Broadcaster and taking the DHL parcel.

The BBC Radio 2 presenter, 55, tweeted a clip of the theft, branding the man who pinched the item a ‘porch pirate’.

The footage was captured during the run up to Christmas. A DHL driver leaves a package inside an unlocked lid container at 11.25am.

Jeremy Vine has shared shocking footage of the moment a brazen thief stole a package from in front of his London home just minutes after it was delivered

Jeremy Vine shared the shocking footage from when a brazen thief took a package in front his London house just minutes after it had been delivered

Vine tweeted: 'I got hit by a Porch Pirate a couple of days ago. At 1125 the @dhlexpressuk guy leaves a delivery in an agreed place; at 1207 the Pirate appears'

Vine tweeted, ‘I was hit by the Porch Pirate just a few days ago. A @dhlexpressuk gentleman leaves a delivery to an agreed location at 1125. At 1207, the Pirate arrives.

Video of the same man in black with a hood walks into the gated garden, grabs the package and then runs off 42 minutes later.

To make matters worse, the thief calls the home to find out if anybody is there before taking off with his package.

Vine tweeted, ‘I was beaten by a Porch Pirate just a few days ago. The @dhlexpressuk man leaves a delivery at 1125; the pirate appears at 1207.

Then he asks his followers how they knew where the “porch pirate” was looking for the perfect package for their smooth escape. 

“Is he following his van around?” Vine stated that Vine knew precisely where he was going. Parcel was stolen and the box that contained it was found by a kind neighbour 100 yards away.

The question provoked a response from sharp-eyed viewers, with some pointing out that the alleged thief had walked past the property as the delivery driver was hiding the parcel.

Sharp-eyed viewers of the CCTV footage pointed out that the alleged thief had walked past the property as the delivery driver was hiding the parcel

The CCTV footage captured by sharp-eyed observers showed that the accused thief had seen the property from the distance while the courier was concealing the parcel.

To add insult to injury, the thief knocks on the door to see if anyone is home before heading off with the package in his hand

The thief also knocks at the front door of the house to check if there are any people home, before he leaves with the parcel in his hands.

Vine tweeted: 'I've now worked out EXACTLY how the 'Porch Pirate' struck my family in Christmas week ... and okay, lesson learned, that's the last time I nominate a large open box as my safe place'

Vine tweeted that he had figured out exactly how the Porch Pirate struck his family during Christmas Week… lesson learned. That’s my last safe-keeping place for large open boxes.

‘Great spot! “Great spot!The last time that I nominated a large, open container as my safe haven’.

The fans were stunned to witness such brazen acts.

“I cannot believe what I am seeing!” It’s hilarious! One fan posted on Twitter, “And to knock at your door and pose for the delivery man.”

Vine has already had some unwanted visitors to his home this year, after the broadcaster reported anti-vaxxers turning up at his front door in October

Vine had already received unwanted visitors this year. He was visited by anti-vaxxers in October, according to a television broadcaster.

Another said, “I don’t get why he knocked.” You could as easily just walked it.

Another commentator said that the third was also right: “Looking at how he passed first, then cycled back but got lost by brakes makes me believe that he took my bike too.”

Vine had already received unwanted visitors this year. In October, Vine was contacted by a television broadcaster about anti-vaxxers appearing at his front door.