EXCLUSIVE JITTERY Premier League Footballers Call in SAS Soldiers to Protect Their Families While They Play… After multiple organised crime raids, clubs share intelligence

Panicked Former SAS soldiers are being hired by Premier League players to guard their homes while on duty for their teams.

This follows an avalanche of criminal attacks. SportsmailIt can be revealed that North West clubs, conscious of the concerns of their players, set up a discussion forum where they share their intelligence in order to protect their stars and those closest to them.

Victor Lindelof’s wife, Victor Lindelof, revealed details about a home invasion that took place last week. The couple had their two sons, aged six and seven years old, locked themselves into a bedroom as the intruders broke in to the home while Lindelof was at Brentford. 

Victor Lindelof (right), who shares two children with his wife, Ted Louie and their newborn Francis, was playing for Manchester United when there was a break-in at his home

Victor Lindelof, right, who has two children, Ted Louie (left), and Francis (right), was playing for Manchester United at the time of the break-in. 

Manchester City defender Joao Cancelo was attacked at home by intruders in December

Joao cancelo, Manchester City’s defender was attacked by intruders at his home in December

Growing concern has seen Premier League stars call in the help of SAS soldiers for protection

Premier League players have been calling in for the protection of SAS soldiers due to growing concern

Maja Nilsson-Lindelof later returned to Sweden and described the event as “very scary” and’very traumatizing.

Although these crimes are not new, there is concern that organized gangs may have increased their activities.

Some players are now turning to private security companies that use ex-SAS soldiers as a means of providing a “presence” while they’re away. 

Regular patrols outside homes are also being carried out by external firms and club security staff.

Officials explained that the issue is not new. “But, it’s something that has increased recently.

Lindelof's wife, Maja Nilsson, took to social media to reveal the extent of the traumatic moment

Maja Nilsson Lindelof’s wife took to the social media platform to disclose the severity of the moment

“A lot more players bring in trained dogs, but sometimes they need a physical presence in the home. So they turn to many firms that use ex-special forces men.

Joao Cancelo, City’s full-back was hurt when he attempted to stop four men from entering his house in December. He was also left with severe cuts and jewellery.

Und last year SportsmailThe shocking revelation that Robin Olsen, a Swedish goalkeeper, was then loaned to Everton. His young family was also targeted in an ‘horrific assault’ on their Altrincham, home by machete-wielding robbers.

Since the attack, both Manchester clubs have had conversations with their players. Security has been reviewed. Everton and Liverpool, who also have players who live in the area, are aware of the situation and are part of the intelligence-sharing, as are Burnley.

Robin Olsen, pictured with his wife Mia, saw his family home in Altrincham targeted by machete-wielding raiders last year when he was on loan with Everton

Robin Olsen, pictured with his wife Mia, saw his family home in Altrincham targeted by machete-wielding raiders last year when he was on loan with Everton

Some clubs are now not sharing information with the media when they’re away from home for a set period of time due to fear and concern. This includes when they’re staying in hotels between matches in south-central England.

Clubs inform potential signings about the current situation and conduct security inspections of possible homes.

Sometimes, the club sends their staff home with their players.

Particular concern has been raised about the Hale neighborhood in south Manchester. These gangs could be attracted to it by its proximity to M56, and their ability to move in and get out of the area within an extremely short period.