Joanne Hegarty: It’s suits and the city for me

I could never live in New York without my trouser suit. Jacket and trousers by Cos, Shirt by Toteme. Bag by Bottega Veneta

My trouser suit is the best thing I own. Cos jacket and trousers, Toteme shirt Bottega Veneta bag

 I love a dress, a blow-dry and a pair of heels as much as the next gal. And I’m excited for a glamorous party season to dispatch all the bad memories of recent times.

All those lockdowns are why we’re so ready for And Just Like That, the new Sex and the City reboot, which will be hitting TV screens in December and be packed with fabulously frivolous fashion to gobble up.

From the blizzard of social media photos of the show’s famous trio – Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte – filming in New York over the past few months, I feel I’ve seen lots of the wardrobe content already. It’s definitely not short on huge heels or fantastic frocks – the Norma Kamali bodycon dress Sarah Jessica Parker has been snapped in (below right) has already been declared the ‘new Carrie’ frock.

But one thing that’s struck me as odd is how little these kick-ass women in their 50s have borrowed style-wise from the boys. There’s not a crisp shirt without a half-tuck, or tailored trousers in sight.

The Sex and the City reboot is all high heels and fabulous frocks

Sex and the City is back with all its high heels and gorgeous frocks

Apart from Miranda, who occasionally gets to wear the trousers, it’s all looking very girly. As a woman dressing for whatever life throws at me in 2021, I love mixing it up – dress one day, blazer and tailored trousers the next. And who doesn’t love a trouser with a killer heel?

I’d be exhausted (and very cold) if I had to wear Carrie-esque dresses and stilettoes every day. And I’d dearly miss the things that are just too good not to pinch from the male catwalks.

The Sex and City girls, for example, are not allowed to steal a shirt and tank combination. Both men and women have embraced the return of the tank top, worn with trousers, a shirt and fisherman sandals.

There’s also the trend of jazzing up suits with the latest must-have accessory – a brooch. The brooch is a modern update to an old jewellery piece that will give your suit a chic touch.

The girls have also sidestepped the new corpcore style – which is normcore (dressing not to stand out from the crowd) meets corporate styling. You can find key combinations such as baseball caps, suits, briefcases, tees, and blazers with jeans.

A more contemporary-styled Carrie would have been great. But I guess we’ll just have to treasure the tulle.

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A perfect pairing for tailored trousers. Cashmere vest, £99,

Pep up a blazer with this fab piece. Brooch, £245, Pearl Octopussy,

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