Joe Biden has accidentally revealed a cheat sheet giving him basic commands about where to sit and what to do during a meeting with wind-industry executives at the White House.

Inadvertently, the President showed photographers the instructions to take YOUR place.

The 79 year-old also was instructed to thank specific people, speak with them and ask questions before leaving.

Biden isn’t the only one to be caught with a cheatsheet. He was spotted earlier in the year with prepared answers for media members during an address on Ukraine.

This was just the latest of a string of mistakes that has seen him lose his balance, fall over and say things he shouldn’t.

They have sparked major concerns for the President’s welfare and mental capacity as he approaches 80 despite the White House shooting down questions over his health.

Photographers were mistakenly shown the President’s list of instructions, which included ‘take your seat’, brief remarks’ and ‘YOU leave’ 

The 79-year-old was also instructed to speak to specific attendees, ask them questions and thank them before leaving the room

The 79 year-old had to also be instructed to address specific people, thank them for their support and ask questions before leaving.

Biden showed photographers the eight-point plan he had for himself during the meeting with executives of the wind-industry in the Roosevelt Room.

The author of the note, who clearly did not intend to refer to President Obama by his name, instead called Biden ‘YOU’ in bold, upper-case lettering.

These instructions, titled “Offshore Wind Drop by Sequence of Events”, instructed Biden to enter the Roosevelt Room to say hi to all participants.

He was instructed by the paper strip to take his place: “YOU take your seat,” it said. After the reporter arrived, the note instructed the president to take the podium: “YOU make brief remarks (2 minutes)”

Biden was invited to speak with some people present after reporters left. “YOU ask Liz Shuler President, AFL-CIO a question” and then, “YOU thanx participants” and “YOU leave.”

While the meeting ended without incident, photographers who were able to see what was happening quickly saw that President Trump had made some shocking revelations.

President Joe Biden speaks during a meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, on  Thursday, with governors, labor leaders, and private companies launching the Federal-State Offshore Wind Implementation Partnership

President Joe Biden speaks during a meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, on  Thursday, with governors, labor leaders, and private companies launching the Federal-State Offshore Wind Implementation Partnership

Biden points to a wind turbine size comparison chart during a meeting about the Federal-State Offshore Wind Implementation Partnership in the Roosevelt Room of the White House

Biden refers to a chart showing the size of wind turbines during a meeting on the Federal-State Offshore Wind Implementation Partnership held in the Roosevelt Room.

They have been used throughout Biden’s presidency. Sometimes, they are handed to Biden in very public situations.

An aide gave him a note last July that said: “Sir. there’s something under your chin.” The note alerted President Obama that something was on his face during the initial 10 minutes of their virtual meeting.

The yellow spot below his mouth was visible, but he kept talking. A note was presented to him. He looked at the note and immediately began wiping his chin.

Biden kept the note in his hand so that all journalists and photographers could see it. Biden used the notecard as a notecard for scribbling notes at the meeting.

Biden, who used a printed “cheat sheet” of answers to the expected questions in order to address the media about the Ukraine war earlier this year was ridiculed.

Notes read, “If you weren’t advocating to regime change. What did you mean?” Please clarify. You can also read this: “Is it now threatening the splintering unity with your NATO allies?”

Biden had already prepared a response on the card printed: “No.” NATO is stronger than ever before. He frequently used cue cards and was often photographed with them on the campaign trail, before assuming office.

He used to take the Covid daily sums from his pocket, which he referred back to often. These numbers were used to provide precise details in Town Hall meetings before the election.

Biden said that he always carries this card. Biden used many cheat sheets in his presidential press conference. One of them included the names and headshots of journalists he intended to contact.

Biden used notes to accompany Putin on a summit 2021, as he toured the destruction of Hurricane Ida in Louisiana while speaking with reporters at the G20 summit.

After a staffer gave President Biden a note that said: “Sir there’s something on your face,” he was asked to remove the yellow marking from his face in a Zoom meeting on Friday with governors of state.

He showed up the note to the camera during the Zoom conference last July

The note was shown to him during Zoom Conference last July

Images taken during President Joe Biden's first press conference in March 2021 showed him using cheat sheets including one that showed the headshots (pictured) of journalists he planned to call on

Photographs taken at President Joe Biden’s March 2021 press conference showed him using cheatsheets, including one showing the heads of reporters he intended to call (pictured).

President Joe Biden holds notes in hand as he speaks during his first formal press conference of his presidency in March 2021

While speaking during his March 2021 formal press conference, President Joe Biden clutches his notes.

His safety was also in question earlier in this month when he fell from a bike in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

After falling on his back, Biden said that it was okay and that he had taken his bicycle with him. Biden told reporters that he had trouble removing his shoes from the bikes’ pedals, causing the fall.

He had come over to say hello to a crowd that had gathered near the Gordon’s Pond State Park bike trail, with people yelling ‘Happy Father’s Day’ to the president.

His shoes got caught on the bicycle as he tried to remove it. He fell sideways and was rescued by Secret Service agents and journalists.

He’s been repeatedly at the wrong end of many gaffes, including tripping on Air Force One and losing his thoughts during speeches.

Meanwhile earlier this month his welfare was again called into question when he went tumbling off a bicycle in Rehoboth Beach in Delaware

His welfare was once again in doubt when he fell off his bicycle at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware earlier in the month.

He told press 'I'm good' after falling over and taking his bike with him. Biden told reporters that he had trouble removing his shoes from the bikes' pedals, causing the fall

After falling on his back, Biden said that it was okay and took his bicycle with him. Biden claimed to reporters that his shoes were stuck on the bike’s pedals and causing him to fall.

Biden’s talk with wind-industry executives today resulted in him launching a formal partnership with 11 East Coast governors to boost the growing offshore wind industry, a key element of his plan for climate change.

Biden, Deb Haaland, Interior Secretary, and other high-ranking administration officials met Thursday with governors, officials in the wind industry, and labor leaders at the White House.

This session was focused on expanding important sectors of the offshore sector, such as ports, manufacturing, and training and developing workers.

‘Together we´re stepping up. We´re about to build a better America,” Biden said. “It’s more about now than it is the future. It´s about right now.”

This partnership includes governors representing both sides from Connecticut and Delaware as well as Maine, Maryland Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey New York, North Carolina Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and North Carolina.

Virginia is the only state that has not been included in this compact. Virginia’s Republican governor. Glenn Youngkin moved to remove Virginia from the regional carbon-limiting initiative to fight climate change.

Spokesperson Macaulay Porter claimed that Youngkin supported the offshore wind sector, and that his administration had participated in phone calls on the topic with the White House.

‘The commonwealth is already a leader in offshore wind, and the Youngkin administration is focused on … this emerging sector in a way that is consistent with promoting jobs for Virginia and its right-to-work philosophy,” Porter said, referring to a state policy that promotes a worker´s right not to be required to join a labor union.

Youngkin is ‘fully committed to Virginia´s current offshore wind project’ and will continue to support any future project ‘that meets Virginia´s economic needs and protects ratepayers from high energy costs,” Porter said.

Working with both the public and state sectors, the White House stated that it would ‘provide Americans cheaper and cleaner energy’, provide good-paying work, and invest billions to create new American energy supply chains.

Biden set the goal to deploy 30 gigawatts offshore wind power in 2030. This will provide enough electricity for 10 million households, create 77,000 new jobs, and stimulate $12 billion in annual private investments in offshore wind.

Offshore wind is a key component in the Democratic president’s plan to make the nation´s electric grid carbon free by 2035.

Offshore wind is a key component in the Democratic president's plan to make the nation´s electric grid carbon free by 2035

Offshore wind is a key component in the Democratic president’s plan to make the nation´s electric grid carbon free by 2035

Biden, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland and other top administration officials met with governors, wind industry officials and labor leaders Thursday at the White House

Biden, Deb Haaland, Interior Secretary, and other high-ranking administration officials met with governors as well as representatives from the wind sector and labor union leaders at Thursday’s White House meeting

The White House is launching a formal partnership with 12 East Coast governors to boost the growing offshore wind industry. It's a key element of President Joe Biden's plan for climate change

To support the growth of offshore wind, the White House has formed a partnership with 12 East Coast governors. This is a crucial element in President Joe Biden’s climate change plan.

The Biden administration has approved two large-scale wind projects, Vineyard Wind in Massachusetts and South Fork Wind off New York and Rhode Island. Both are under construction with union labor (file photo)

Vineyard Wind, Massachusetts, and South Fork Wind (New York and Rhode Island) were both approved by Biden’s administration. Union labor is used in construction of both (file photo).

Two large-scale wind farms were approved by the Biden administration, Vineyard Wind in Massachusetts (New York) and South Fork Wind Off New York (Rhode Island). Both projects are being built with union labor.

Another 10 projects offshore have been reviewed by the Interior Department. If approved they would generate 22 gigawatts clean energy.

Danish wind developer Orsted signed a project labor agreement last month with a national union representing 3 million people in the building trades to construct the company´s U.S. offshore wind farms with an American union workforce. Orsted has six projects offshore in five different states.

A national agreement signed with North America´s Building Trades Unions covers contractors working on those projects and future ones, with no termination date on the project labor agreement.

The terms and conditions of union workers building offshore wind farm are set. There are also targets to guarantee a diverse workforce.

The plan includes provisions to train them in the construction of complex infrastructure that can cost billions.

David Hayes from the White House Climate Advisor stated that “We acknowledge that states are major players here.” Hayes stated that the Biden administration could ‘work together with governors to determine policies and ensure there is an American-made supply network for this new industry’ through a formal partnership.

New Jersey Governor. New Jersey Governor.

This federal-state cooperation comes after the Biden administration announced plans to hold seven offshore wind auctions before 2025. One was held off North Carolina last month and another earlier in the year, both located along the New York Bight.

Additional sales will be made in the Gulf of Maine and in the Gulf of Mexico.

The federal-state partnership was welcomed by environmental and clean energy organizations.

‘Today, there are just seven offshore wind turbines in the United States, and we´re going to need a lot more, done responsibly, to meet our clean energy goals,” said Diane Hoskins, campaign director for the conservation group Oceana. Her call for strong safeguards to protect marine life from the harmful effects of offshore winds was a cry for help.

Heather Zichal (CEO of the American Clean Power Association), an industry group said that the initiative was supported by wind energy developers. Zichal explained that it is crucial to recognize offshore wind’s potential and to have clear, predictable permits for this purpose.