As President Joe Biden travelled from Edinburgh to Glasgow with his motorcade, he was flashed by an ‘unnappy Scottish man’

According to the White House pool reports, the American leader was en route towards the COP26 summit in an armoured Cadillac ‘Beast. When the naked man snapped a picture from his front window of the president’s fleet of vehicles, the naked man captured the scene.  

The incident occurred as President Biden announced a crackdown against methane emissions, a potent greenhouse, during his second day at Glasgow’s global climate summit. 

Today, Jon Sopel, BBC reporter tweeted: From the White House pool Report on @POTUS Journey from Edinburgh to Glasgow: ‘At one stage when we were still driving on smaller country roads, an unclothed man from Scotland stood in his front windows taking a picture with his phone of the motorcade. Mr. President, welcome to Scotland. 

President Joe Biden had been travelling with his motorcade from Edinburgh to Glasgow when the naked man took a picture of the president's fleet of vehicles

President Joe Biden was on his way from Edinburgh to Glasgow with his motorcade when the naked man snapped a photo of the president’s fleet.

The American leader announced a crackdown on emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, during his second day at the global climate summit in Glasgow today

During his second day at today’s global climate summit in Glasgow, the American leader announced that he would be reducing methane emissions, a potent greenhouse-gas, immediately.

BBC reporter Jon Sopel said the naked man took a picture of the motorcade with his phone, according to the White House pool report

According to the White House pool report, Jon Sopel, a BBC reporter, claimed that the naked man took a photo of the motorcade using his phone.

The exact location of this incident has not been confirmed.

Last night, President Biden’s motorcade could be seen filling up at an Edinburgh petrol station – where he is currently staying before continuing his massive convoy from Glasgow every morning, which is being followed by a helicopter.

Gareth Mackie, a local man, was shocked to see The Beast and its decoy. He also saw at least two other large SUVs that make up the 20-strong presidential motorcade. 

Critics pointed out that Mr Biden was only 45 miles from the capital while he attended a climate change conference at Glasgow.

During the second-day of the COP26 summit, President Biden spoke to world leaders about the benefits of tackling the methane leaks.

It happened soon after he pledged American support to a new global push against deforestation.

His promise of U.S. leadership is tempered by a stalled domestic policy agenda that snarls some of his key climate pledges. 

Biden announced that around 100 countries had pledged to reduce methane emissions.

Biden stated, “It’s going to improve health, reduce asthma and respiratory rate emergencies,”

“It will improve the food supply by reducing crop losses and ground level pollution.

“That’s going boost our economies, saving money, reducing methane leaked, catching methane and turning it into new revenue streams as well as creating good-paying union jobs for our employees.

Republicans criticize Biden for traveling to Europe during a time of rising inflation and rising gas prices at home.

Senator John Barraso is a ranking member of the Senate Energy Committee and stated that the president wanted to eliminate affordable energy sources that Americans needed.

The president's motorcade along the M8 from Edinburgh to the COP26 summit in Glasgow

The president’s motorcade down the M8 between Edinburgh and the COP26 summit at Glasgow

The fleet of vehicles travelling along the motorway near Salsburgh on the way to the UN Climate Change Conference

The UN Climate Change Conference fleet of vehicles traveling along the motorway near Salsburgh

President Biden's motorcade was spotted filling up at a petrol station in Edinburgh - where he is staying - last night

President Biden’s motorcade was seen filling up at a station in Edinburgh last night – where he is currently staying.

During the COP26 summit today President Biden spoke of the benefits of tackling methane leaks to world leaders

 During the COP26 summit today President Biden spoke of the benefits of tackling methane leaks to world leaders

‘The White House’s plan is a recipe for disaster,’ he said.

It will lead to skyrocketing power costs, less reliable energy, and fewer job opportunities for the American people.

‘Shutting down the United States’ economy won’t fix climate change. It will only be a boon for China.

Bill Gates and President Biden also met today at COP26 as Bill Gates flew in from the United States to attend the UN Climate Summit.

Biden is pushing The First Movers Coalition — a clean energy program to combat climate changes, which Gates supports. The project was promoted by the two men.

The president said: ‘We need all of us working together. I know you’re tired hearing that. I want to express my gratitude to the private sector for their efforts. 

Boris Johnson today trumpeted a £14billion deal with 100 countries – including Brazil and China – to protect the world’s forests.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson  and U.S. President Joe Biden during a session on 'Accelerating clean technology innovation and deployment'

 Prime Minister Boris Johnson  and U.S. President Joe Biden during a session on ‘Accelerating clean technology innovation and deployment’

The PM stated that he wanted humanity become less of a ‘conqueror,’ but more of a ‘custodian, as he used the pact to show progress at his COP26 summit.

The gathering in Glasgow was hit again by India, a major polluter, who only committed to Net Zero by 2070, two decades after the UK.

British officials were encouraged by PM Narendra Modi’s pledge to reduce carbon emissions by 2030.

Numerous countries have joined the US-EU initiative to reduce methane emissions by 30% by the end of the decade. This is considered one of the most efficient ways to reduce greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere. 

Johnson, who was also present at an event on building back better’ later with Joe Biden, stated that climate change as well as biodiversity loss were two sides to the same coin and that the ‘great Chainsaw Massacre’ had to stop.

He said, “We can’t address a devastating loss in habitats and species without tackling global warming, and we cannot deal with climate disruption without protecting our natural environments and respecting the rights and responsibilities of indigenous people who are its protectors,”

“It is central to the ambitions of the UK’s Cop presidency to act now and end the role that humanity plays as nature’s conqueror and instead become nature’s custodian.

“We have to stop the catastrophic loss of our forests, these vast teeming ecosystems and three trillion-pillared cathedrals in nature that are the lungs on our planet.