After Jackie Walorski was tragically killed in an Indiana car accident, Joe Biden led emotions tributes.

According to the President, he was shocked and saddened by the passing of the Republican when his car crossed the road in Elkhart County and drove into the oncoming traffic on Wednesday.

He stated that the 58-year old had spent a lifetime helping the community where she was raised and ordered half-mast flags to be flown in her honour across Washington DC.

Biden and Jill made joint statements to recall the daughter of a cook and a firefighter, who also worked as journalists, missionaries, and director of nonprofits before reaching the heights of the power ladder.

Meanwhile, Mike Pence (Republican) and Steve Scalise (Republican) also thought of a ‘fountain friend who loved the people in Indiana’ prior to her death.

Walorski was struck head-on by Edith Schmucker’s vehicle, and the car crashed into Walorski. The accident occurred around 12.30pm.

The congresswoman, her two aides – Emma Thomson, 28, and Zachery Potts, 27 – and Schmucker, 56, died as a result of injuries sustained during crash.

The accident occurred as Walorski and her team They made it back to Warsaw from there after studying the medical device sector. After Jim Hagedorn (Minn) and Don Young (Alaska), she is now the fifth House member who has died in the course of their term.

Republican Congresswoman Jackie Walorski, from Indiana, died in a car crash Wednesday

Jackie Walorski (Republican Congresswoman from Indiana) was killed in a vehicle accident Wednesday

Emma Thomson, 28, Walorski's communications director, was also killed in the crash

Zachary Potts, 27, chairman of the St. Joseph County Republican Party, was killed in the crash

Emma Thomson (28), and Zachery Potts (27), were both killed in the accident.

U.S. flag flies at half staff over the Capitol after Walorski's death

After Walorski’s passing, the U.S. flag flew at half-staff over Capitol

The collision happened around 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday

It happened on Wednesday at 12:30 pm 

Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer, who was one of the last people to speak with the lawmaker, claims she was in town to learn more about recent successes in the medical device industry. Cars are pictured being towed away from the crash site

Joe Thallemer of Warsaw, the mayor, was the one who spoke with her last. She claims that she was visiting town to hear more about the recent achievements in the medical devices industry. The wreckage site is seen as cars are being towable.

Walorski and her staffers were in Warsaw, Indiana earlier Wednesday visiting Medartis Headquarters. A car is being towed away from the scene after the crash

Walorski, along with her team members, were earlier Wednesday in Warsaw (Indiana) visiting Medartis Headquarters. The scene of the accident is now cleared so that a vehicle can be towable.

Walorski and her staffers' southbound vehicle collided with a northbound vehicle that veered into their lane

Walorski, her employees and a southbound vehicle collided in front of a northbound vehicle which veered into Walorski’s lane.

Schmucker was driving a northbound vehicle that veered over the center line

A collision between her vehicle and the congresswoman's caused all of their deaths

Edith Schmucker (56), the driver of the northbound vehicle, was also shot to death.

Jackie Walorski’s life: From TV anchor to missionary, to Congresswoman

Walorski, a South Bend native, was born in 1963. Her parents were a meat cutter, and a fireman. Before becoming the director of South Bend’s local humane society, Walorski began her career working as a TV reporter. 

Then, she was at Ancilla college before moving to the Chamber of Commerce. 

Dean Swihart was Walorski’s spouse when she married Walorski.

Dean Walorski was her husband and they lived and served as missionaries to Romania between 2000 and 2004. There, the foundation started to aid children. 

Walorski was a five-year resident of the Indiana State House, where she sponsored the state’s voter identification law. This law was later challenged but upheld by The Supreme Court.

Walorski was a 2010 U.S. House member and is currently the Ethics Committee’s ranking member. She is a staunch conservative and voted against Donald Trump’s second impeachment. 

Walorski, her husband Dean, lived in Jimtown in Indiana. They were both members of South Gate Church in South Bend.  

In a long statement, President Biden condoled with Walorski’s family Wednesday. It was a tribute to her “lifelong service” in her community.

He said that Jackie Walorski (Congresswoman from Indiana) and her two staff members died in a car accident on Tuesday in Indiana.

‘Born in her beloved South Bend as the daughter of a meat-cutter and firefighter, she spent a lifetime serving the community that she grew up in – as a journalist, a nonprofit director, a state legislator, and eventually as a Member of Congress for the past nine and half years.’

Biden stated that even though he and Walorski disagree on many issues, she is respected by both parties because of her contributions to the House Ways and Means Committee.

She was specifically thanked by him for her contributions to the House Hunger Caucus, and her efforts in planning. First White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health for 50 years.

‘We send our deepest condolences to her husband, Dean, to the families of her staff members, Zachery Potts and Emma Thomson, who lost their lives in public service, and to the people of Indiana’s Second District who lost a representative who was one of their own,’ the president concluded. 

Nancy Pelosi (House Speaker) ordered flags to be raised at half-staff at Capitol to honor Walorski. White House followed the lead. 

On both sides of the aisle, lawmakers offered respects to Walorski as well her staffers.

The Republican Study Committee released a statement saying that they had lost “Today”, one of their greatest members.

“Jackie Walorski was an American citizen who lived and served in public office. She was known as a friend by all.

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy said in a statement after the crash: ‘This news is absolutely devastating. Jackie was a close friend and trusted advisor. She is the epitome of integrity.

“When I saw a vacant position for Republican chairman of the Ethics Committee she was my first contact. Everyone who knew Jackie knows she was tough, but fair – a no nonsense, straight shooter.’ 

Donald Trump, former President of the United States, praised the lawmaker for being a “wonderful lady.”

“We worked closely together, and she was someone I had the privilege to have known for many years. On his Facebook page, Truth social, Trump posted that Zachery, Emma and Jackie’s loved ones would find comfort in this difficult time. They are greatly loved!

@KarenPence, I and we are deeply saddened by the loss of dear friend Rep. Jackie Walorski. In Indiana, she served the Statehouse and Congress for more than two decades with integrity and principle. We will miss her deeply,” former Vice President Mike Pence said. 

Walorski, 58, and her two aides were driving southbound in Elkhart County, Indiana when a northbound vehicle crossed over the line and collided with their vehicle head-on

Walorski (58) and her two assistants were traveling southbound in Elkhart County Indiana, when they encountered a northbound car that crossed the line and collided head-on with Walorski’s vehicle.

Walorski is pictured with her husband Dean and their dog

Walorski is seen with Dean her husband, and their dog. 

Joe Biden has led emotional tributes to Congresswoman Jackie Walorski after she was killed in a horrific head-on car crash in Indiana

Joe Biden paid tributes to Jackie Walorski in Indiana, after her tragic death in a head-on collision in which she was involved in a car accident.

Former President Donald Trump hailed the lawmaker as a 'wonderful woman'

Donald Trump extolled the lawmaker’s talent as a “wonderful lady”

Steve Scalise, House Minority Whip, recalled Walorski to him as a dear friend who enjoyed serving Indiana. Jim Banks, a fellow Hoosier Rep., praised her as a true public servant, selfless, humble and compassionate.

“She was an ardent advocate of life and a dedicated Christian. She also led the Hoosier delegation. Banks wrote in an emotional Facebook post that Jackie was devoted to serving others. “She was a woman with a great heart, and she will be missed greatly.”

He also said that he was deeply sorry for Dean Walorski and his family. 

Rep. Victoria Spartz said she was mourning the loss of ‘good friend and a strong fighter for our country and our freedoms.’ She said, “She will be greatly missed.”

“My heart is broken, and I do not have words to express it. All I can do is pray for her family. Rep. Adam Kinzinger posted on Twitter that “She was a good, honorable public servant.” 

Virginia Foxx, North Carolina Republican Representative, said that Walorski’s passing was beyond heartbreaking. She remembered Walorski as a “staunch conservative,” a dedicated public servant and a close friend.

Rep. Liz Cheney said, “There was no more dedicated and effective member of Congress that Jackie than anyone else,” “I am proud to have been her friend.”

Democrats also praised Walorski for her dedication to the country and her constituents.

Speaker Pelosi declared that the House is ‘completely filled with members.Walorski’s sudden, tragic death has been deeply regretted. She was an advocate for the rights of north Indiana citizens and was greatly respected by her colleagues from both parties. 

“A Hoosier for a lifetime, Congresswoman Walorski was a dedicated Hoosier. She served her community by representing Indiana in the Indiana Statehouse, serving as a representative of Romanian children, or caring for the impoverished in Romania.

‘May it be a comfort to Jackie’s husband & partner in service, Dean, the Walorski family, the families of all the victims & the office of Indiana’s Second Congressional District that so many join them in mourning & are praying for them at this sad time.’ 

Illinois Democrat Sen. Tammy Duckworth wrote, ‘Horrific News. Jackie was open to hearing my viewpoint, even when we did not always agree with each other. You are in my thoughts and prayers. 

Pete Buttigieg was the Transportation Secretary and previously served as South Bend’s Mayor.

“I was shocked and saddened when I heard about the tragic passing of Jackie Walorski,” said Buttigieg. Buttigieg sent a tweet after the crash: “My thoughts and prayers are for her family and all the victims in this horrible crash,”

Walorski and her staffers were in Warsaw, Indiana earlier Wednesday visiting Medartis Headquarters.

Joe Thallemer of Warsaw, who spoke with Thallemer last, claimed she was visiting the city to hear more about the recent achievements in the medical devices industry.

‘We just had a really good time together discussing issues as they relate again to our community,’ Thallemer told WSBT. 

He claimed that Walorski’s death and those of her staff have been very difficult for him. 

“I’m saddened at the events of today. It’s hard to express the sadness you feel when this happens all at once.

Walorski’s office released a statement following the accident: “Dean Swihart (Jackie’s husband) was just informed this afternoon by Elkhart County Sheriff’s office about Jackie’s death in a vehicle crash. She is now with Jesus Christ, her Lord and Saviour. You are asked to keep her family in mind and pray. No further comments will be made at this moment. 

In Indiana, she has represented the 2nd district of Indiana since 2013. She was also the highest-ranking Republican on the House Ethics Committee. 

Walorski began her career in TV news reporting. She and her husband served four years together as missionaries to Romania where they established a foundation that provided food and other medical aid to the poor.  Also, Walorski spent five years at the Indiana State House. 

Rep. Jackie Walorski leaves the House Republican Conference meeting in the Capitol on Wednesday morning, Sept. 7, 2016

Jackie Walorski, Rep. of the House Republican Conference leaves the Capitol meeting on Wednesday sept 7, 2016, at 05:00 AM

Following a meeting with President Donald Trump, Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY), Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN), House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), and House Ways and Means Committee chairman Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) exit the West Wing of the White House on November 2, 2017

Rep. Tom Reed, Rep. Jackie Walorski and Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the House Majority Leader (R.CA), Rep. Steve Scalise and the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee (R.TX) left the West Wing on November 2, 2017, following a meeting.

Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN, speaks about U.S President Donald Trump's proposed tariffs on auto imports and the impact on auto makers and their surrounding communities, during a news conference on Capitol Hill, on July 19, 2018 in Washington, DC

Rep. Jackie Walorski, R.IN, talks about U.S. President Donald Trump’s tariffs on imports of autos, as well as the effects on surrounding communities, at a news conference in Washington, DC on July 19, 2018.

Thomson was born in Johnstown, Pa. and had worked previously as a communications manager for Reps. John Joyce and Michael Burgess. Her 2016 Marco Rubio campaign was also her work. 

Potts served as a Walorski District Director and chaired the St. Joseph GOP. In 2017, he graduated from Indiana University. 

‘Today Emma Thomson who did an amazing job on my 2016 Presidential campaign lost her life in an auto accident in Indiana She was a smart & talented communicator and an amazing young woman Jeanette & I send our deepest condolences to her family May she rest in eternal peace,’ Rubio tweeted after the crash. 

“For the past two years, I was privileged to have had the honor of working with Emma Thomson. Joyce released condolences in a statement. 

According to her Facebook page, Schmucker was employed at a nursing facility and lived in Nappanee (Indiana). 

“Please pray for me and my family. Edith Schmucker was my aunt. Her mother was almost like my second mom. Erica Miller, Schmucker’s niece, wrote about her on Facebook that “She would do anything to help anyone.” 

Please pray for me and my family during this difficult time. You taught me so many things as a child and you would always run your fingers through mine every chance you saw you and tell me how much I loved you. I will miss you Aunt Edith Schmucker, and I’m so sorry.