Joe Rogan is a comedian and Spotify’s most popular podcaster. In an episode in which he uses the N-word more than 20 times, Rogan apologizes and calls it “the most shameful and regretful thing I’ve ever had”

Progressives and other groups have been urging Rogan to cancel his $100 million deal with The Joe Rogan Experience, the largest streaming platform in the world, for misinformation concerning the COVID-19 virus vaccine. 

The temperature was turned up further when Grammy-winning R&B singer India Arie posted the problematic clips Friday afternoon, while explaining why she decided to part ways with the world’s most popular streaming service and calling for her followers to ‘delete Spotify,’ using the hashtag.

In the first story in a series posted to Instagram, the singer said “Hey ya”ll.” “I will leave a brief message about why my music was pulled from Spotify.

‘Check this out,’ Arie adds, before relaying a barrage of more than 20 clips of the longtime UFC commentator using the slur on his podcast – which then were posted to YouTube before Rogan signed with Spotify in 2020 – over the years, on several separate occasions, to her nearly 1 million followers. 

Rogan, in an Instagram video posted early Saturday, responded to the resurfaced clip by admitting ‘it looks f***ing horrible. So, even to me.

Although the UFC commentator claimed that the video contained ‘out-of-context’ clips from his show, he said it was actually the same video. “The most shameful, regrettable thing that I have ever been forced to speak publicly about.”  

He stated that “It is not permitted for a white person to speak that word publicly or on a podcast. It’s something I’ve not said in many years.

Joe Rogan posted a nearly 6-minute video to Instagram Saturday in which he spoke about a video of him that resurfaced clips of him saying the N-word on his podcast

Joe Rogan uploaded a 6-minute Instagram video Saturday that spoke out about the video of him saying “N-word” on his podcast.

He claimed that the slur fascinated him and used it often when quoting Standup routines by Lenny Bruce and Red Foxx.    

“It is a very uncommon word, but I don’t use it,” he stated. ‘I never used it to be racist, because I’m not racist, but whenever you’re in a situation where you have to say ‘I’m not racist,’ you’ve f***ed up, and I clearly have f***ed up.’

Rogan responded also to the clip of Rogan calling Philadelphia’s black neighborhoods that he had seen a film in “Planet of the Apes.”  

He said, “I was trying make the story interesting.” ‘I did not, nor did I ever say that black people are apes, but it sure f***ing sounded like that. While it was not a racist tale, it did sound terrible.

‘I’ve said a lot of f***ing stupid s**t, which is okay, but not when you’re talking about race.’ 

Rogan ended the six-minute video by apologizing three more times, hoping that it would serve as a “teachable moment” for anyone who doesn’t understand how offensive the word is coming from a white person’s lips. 

Following her recent Spotify announcement, the singer posted a series of messages. The reasons for her decision to leave Spotify were Rogan’s podcast’s hosting and Rogan’s ‘language about race’. 

The Joe Rogan Experience netted the comedian a $100million deal from the premier streamer

Joe Rogan Experience got the comedian a deal worth $100 Million from the world’s premier streaming site

India Arie shared resurfaced clips of Spotify's premier podcaster Joe Rogan repeatedly using the N-word, after pulling her discography from the popular streaming platform earlier in the week

India Arie tweeted resurfaced footage of Joe Rogan (Spotify’s most popular podcaster) repeatedly using the N Word after she removed her discography on the streaming service earlier this week.

The series of posts from Arie follows her announcement earlier in the week that she would leaving Spotify, citing the platform's hosting of Rogan's podcast and his 'language around race' as the reasons why she pulled her music from the platform

Arie posted a series of posts following her announcement earlier this week about her decision to leave Spotify. Arie cited Spotify hosting Rogan’s podcast and his language around race as reasons for her pulling her music off the platform.

‘I was actually, to be honest with you, surprised that my statements were picked up, because I thought people weren’t really going to listen to me, because that’s what I’m used to in the industry,’ she said, ‘but I am glad that I am being heard – and for that reason, I wanted to clarify my statements.’ 

‘You know, the n***** thing,’ the former Fear Factor host can be heard saying in one of the snippets of the slur-filled supercut. 

‘Boy, he’s a n*****,’ Rogan says in another snippet recorded on an old set of his long-running podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience – now the most listened to program on the Swedish streaming service.

Rogan says the word total of 24 times, in 23 clips. These were all recorded just before Rogan left YouTube to sign a 100 million-dollar deal with Spotify for 2020.

‘He shouldn’t even be uttering the word,’ Arie asserts after airing the contentious compilation. “Don’t say it. It’s not a good idea to say that. It’s my position. That’s where I stand. 

Arie shows her admirers another video clip from the comedian who has been with them for many years. He jokes about it. To a movie theatre in an predominantly black neighborhood called “Planet of the Apes.”  

The snippet shows Rogan telling his two guests about a time when he took a taxi with a friend from home to see ‘Planet of the Apes.’ This was in a neighbourhood that the podcaster described as having “no white people.”

Rogan recalls in the video how he asked the taxi driver to take him to an unknown theater. The driver agreed.

“Is this in a nice neighborhood?” Rogan asked. Rogan recalled asking.

Rogan replied, “He goes,” he said, “yeah… yeah, yeah…” Rogan mimicked a foreign accent while recounting the words of the driver. 

He continued: “He takes us there. We get out. And we’re laughing, ‘We are going to see Planet of the Apes!” We then walk into The Planet of the Apes. We crossed into Africa. When we walked into the building, there were no white people. 

In a series of videos and text posts, Arie explained that she did not want her work to help fund Rogan, and chided Spotify for continuing to support him

Arie, in a series video and text posts explained why she didn’t want her work not to fund Rogan and criticised Spotify for supporting him. 

Rogan made comments about Arie’s podcast, which led to Arie joining a host of artists that have decided to take their music off the site. 

The most notable was Neil Young. Young is a well-known singer/songwriter and announced that he would be leaving the service. Rogan cited’misinformation’ Rogan had spread about COVID-19. Other artists, including Joni Mitchell or Graham Nash followed suit. 

Arie said that Young’s concerns encouraged her, and she to voice her own grievances. 

Spotify saw its market value drop by $2billion due to boycotts by the many musicians who had followed Young’s footsteps.

‘I empathize with the people who are leaving for the COVID disinformation reasons – and I think that they should. Arie states, “I believe Joe Rogan is entitled to speak what he wishes,” and then adds that “I feel that I am also entitled to express my opinions.”

Spotify was founded on music streaming. So they make $100 million and pay the guy $100million. But, they only pay us.003 per penny. Let me take you off. It’s not my goal to earn this much money.

“Just take me off. That’s exactly where I’m located.

The songstress urged her followers to delete Spotify, citing the org's support of Rogan - their most popular podcaster

The singer urged Spotify’s followers to stop using it, citing Rogan as their favorite podcaster.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek initially responded to Rogan’s comments about COVID and vaccines for the deadly disease in an official statement issued Sunday. Ek stated that Spotify would add COVID-19 content advisory to all podcast episodes which include the virus.     

According to the statement, “This advisory will direct listeners directly to our COVID-19 Host, a resource that offers easy access to data driven facts, updated information as shared worldwide by scientists and academics as well as links with trusted sources,”

Ek is yet to respond to Rogan’s clips using the N-word. 

On Thursday, the Swede pushed back at employees demanding Rogan be ousted from the service’s catalogue, saying the controversial podcaster is vital to the platform’s future and it’s not the company’s place to ‘dictate the discourse’ of his show.

According to The Verge’s transcript, Ek stated that Joe Rogan’s statements are offensive and that he said many things that he strongly disagreed with. 

However, if we’re going to have any chance of achieving our ambitious ambitions, this will involve having Spotify content that not many of us are proud to share.

According to him, “Not all things are equal, but we will have opinions, ideas and beliefs with which we do not agree and that can make us sad or angry,” he said.  

Rogan posted on social media Monday about the controversy surrounding COVID.

On Instagram, he said that he doesn’t always do it correctly. To try and balance these controversial views with others perspectives, I’ll do my best so that we might find a more positive point of view.

Rogan expressed regret at Mitchell and Young’s decision to quit Spotify. That is something I don’t want. “I’m a Neil Young lover, and I have always been one.   

Spotify's market value dropped by around $2bn after singer Neil Young removed his music from the platform in protest against its decision to host the Joe Rogan Experience

Spotify lost $2 billion in market value after Neil Young, a singer who had removed his songs from Spotify to protest its hosting of the Joe Rogan Experience, took them off the platform.

Singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell also asked to have her music removed from Spotify

Joni Mitchell, a singer-songwriter, also requested that her music be removed from Spotify

Rogan’s Friday return coincided with six dozen podcasts mysteriously disappearing from the site.

Some episodes have been deleted are those from years past, and four podcasts that were created in 2010. 

Other shows were also removed from the archive of over 1,700 programs. They included those that were broadcast in 2018, which clearly did not have anything to do with Rogan’s opinions on the coronavirus epidemic.

The episodes that featured guests who have been controversial include Alex Jones, InfoWars conspiracy theorist.

Spotify had banned Jones from being featured in Spotify content for making ‘hate material’. Rogan interview Jones and uploads the interview to Spotify. Jones was quickly criticized for spreading misinformation.

Rogan is known for his rejection of ‘political correctness” and his stance against ‘cancel-culture’. However, his remarks and the comments made by his guests have led to accusations of Islamophobia and transphobia.

He called MMA fighter Fallon Fox ‘a f**king man’ after she had transitioned in 2006. 

Gavin McInnes, founder of Proud Boys, once spoke on Rogan’s program where he claimed that Muslims are not inbred. Rogan also defends McInnes, the Proud Boys and McInnes in many episodes. These episodes have since been deleted from Spotify.

Alex Jones had been banned by Spotify from appearing in content on the platform for creating 'hate content' but Rogan interviewed him anyway. The episodes have all been removed

Alex Jones had been banned by Spotify from appearing in content on the platform for creating ‘hate content’ but Rogan interviewed him anyway. All episodes were removed

Spotify has also removed a number of Rogan's episodes with far-right figures including Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, as well as former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos, pictured above.  The famously provocative commentator attacked feminism, Islam, political correctness and cancel culture during his brief rise to viral fame

Spotify removed several Rogan shows with far-right figures, including Gavin McInnes and Alex Jones.  Famously provocative, Rogan attacked feministism, Islam and political correctness during his short rise to viral fame.

British-Canadian activist and Vice Media co-founder Gavin McInnes (pictured) who founded the Proud Boys in the months leading up to Donald Trump's election to the presidency in 2016 was also among the episodes scrubbed from Spotify's platform

Gavin McInnes, British-Canadian activist and Vice Media founder (pictured), who created the Proud Boys during the period leading to Donald Trump’s election in 2016, was also included in episodes deleted from Spotify.

Chris D'Elia, pictured, the stand-up comedian who was accused of sexual misconduct had his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience removed

Chris D’Elia, shown here, is a stand-up comedian accused of sexual misconduct. His appearance on Joe Rogan Experience was removed

Spotify removed several Rogan shows featuring far-right figures, including Jones and McInnes. 

The Joe Rogan Experience also features episodes with Chris D’Elia, a stand-up comedian accused of sexual misconduct. 

Rogan boasted, as angry fans called out him, about being able to pass COVID tests in a single episode that Rogan recorded with D’Elia at the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic. It was difficult at the time to get tests.

Other episodes that were removed include those with Neal Brennan, a comedian known for creating Comedy Central series Chappelle’s Show with Dave Chappelle,  Shane Smith, the Executive Chairman of Vice Media and Dan Savage, an author, journalist, and LGBT community activist. 

Rogan, who was worth over $100 million in total, signed an enormous deal with Spotify to include most of his video library.