Johnny Depp left his libel trial against ex-wife Amber Heard and jetted to England where he surprised concertgoers by performing with Jeff Beck at the guitar legend’s show on Sunday. 

Depp spent Sunday night onstage after apparently flying straight to Sheffield City Hall to rock with Beck, performing a cover of John Lennon’s ‘Isolation,’ according to MSN.

One Instagram user snapped the Pirates of the Caribbean star and said: “Wasn’t expecting that… Although I assumed he was at court, it turned out that he is actually in Sheffield with Jeff Beck. 

“JOHNNY SINGING ISOLATION OMG” was the shout of a Twitter user, who captured a brief video. 

Due to publicity generated by the trial, the song was released in 2020. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the duo performed cover versions of Marvin Gaye’s song ‘What’s going on’ and Jimi Hendrix’s song ‘Little Wing. 

‘Mr. According to a close source to Depp, Depp was in Britain, just like he was weeks ago to fulfill his work obligations. CourtTV

Depp, 77 and Beck were often recorded together in lockdown during the initial Covid-19 pandemic. 

With Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and Alice Cooper, he plays the guitar in the band known as The Hollywood Vampires.

Johnny Depp took a break from his libel trial against ex-wife Amber Heard to rock with sometime collaborator Jeff Beck at the longtime pop star's concert in Sheffield, England on Sunday.

Johnny Depp was able to take a breather from the libel case against Amber Heard and rock with Jeff Beck, a former collaborator at the concert of longtime pop stars in Sheffield, England.

An Instagram user who caught a shot of the Pirates of the Caribbean star wrote: 'Wasn't expecting this... I thought he was in court but turns out he's in Sheffield with Jeff Beck.'

One Instagram user snapped the Pirates of the Caribbean star and said: “Wasn’t expecting that… Although I assumed he was at court, it turned out that he’s actually in Sheffield with Jeff Beck.

Depp performed a cover John Lennon’s “Isolation” on Sunday while the jury continued deliberations Tuesday.

Officially released by the couple in 2020, the song has just entered the charts thanks to all the publicity surrounding the trial.

Depp and Beck, 77, frequently recorded together during the lockdown of the initial wave of the Covid-19 pandemic

Depp, 77 and Beck recorded often together in the Lockdown during the initial Covid-19 pandemic.

Depp, 58, received support from Paul McCartney at an apparent concert in Orlando. McCartney showed Depp a video he had filmed in 2012 for Beatle. 

His 2012 album Kisses on the Bottom featured him performing the song “My Valentine”. Depp stars with Natalie Portman as Natalie.

This visual features Portman singing along to the music and Depp playing an acoustic instrument. It was shown at McCartney’s ‘Get Back’ tour at Camping World Stadium, Orlando. 

McCartney performed the song with the same visual treatment often on his 2022 tour. This was McCartney’s first time in three years. 

TMZ said that the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Famer has not used the video during previous tours. 

Paul McCartney showed a video Depp filmed for the Beatle in 2012 at his concert in Orlando Saturday

Paul McCartney presented a Depp-filmed video that Depp showed at Saturday’s concert in Orlando.

He performed the song 'My Valentine' from his 2012 album Kisses on the Bottom. The video for the song features Depp and actress Natalie Portman

The song “My Valentine”, from Kisses on the Bottom (2012), was performed by Depp. Depp stars with Natalie Portman as Natalie.

Friday’s closing argument was delivered by both Depp and Heard in the massive defamation trial, which has continued for six consecutive weeks. 

Camille Vasquez (Depp’s top-rated attorney), began by labeling Amber Heard as an “abuser.”  

It’s Mr. Depp, not an abuser. Vaquez explained that there is a victim of abuse at this court, but not Miss Heard. Miss Heard is actually the victim of abuse, and Mr. Depp the one being abused.

Vasquez noted that experts had diagnosed Heard as having borderline personality disorder. He called Heard a “deeply troubled individual” who is desperate for approval and attention. 

It was six years ago that Amber Heard, who had filed a restraining or against Depp’s character, made the request. Vasquez stated Depp’s death “ruined” his life.  

“On May 27, 2016, Miss Heard, a woman who had survived domestic violence against Mr. Depp’s family, entered Los Angeles County Courthouse.

‘Today, on May 27th 2022 exactly six years later we asked you for Mr. Depp’s life back. Tell the world that Mr. Depp was not the abuser Miss Heard stated he was and to hold Miss Heard responsible for her lies.

The jury went outside to deliberate at 3 p.m. local time. 

Closing arguments are underway in the blockbuster defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Depp's all-star attorney Camille Vasquez began by labeling Amber Heard an 'abuser'

The blockbuster lawsuit between Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and defamation is now in its final stages. Camille Vasquez, Depp’s star attorney began by calling Amber Heard an “abuser”.

'There is an abuser in this courtroom but it's not Mr. Depp. There's a victim of abuse in this court but it's not Miss Heard,' Vaquez said. 'Miss Heard is in fact the abuser and Mr. Depp is the abused'

It’s Mr. Depp, not an abuser. Vaquez stated that Miss Heard is the victim, but there’s no abuser in this courtroom. Miss Heard, in reality, is the abuser while Mr. Depp is being abused.

It was six years ago that Amber Heard, who had filed a restraining or against Depp. Vasquez stated Depp’s death “ruined” his life.

Depp waved to his adoring fans as he left the courtroom, while Heard was more subdued after closing arguments

Depp waved to his adoring fans as he left the courtroom, while Heard was more subdued after closing arguments

Depp was awestruck as he left courtroom. Heard, however, was less animated after the closing arguments. 

Depp gave his attorney Vasquez a hug after she spoke during rebuttal of closing arguments on Friday

Depp gave Vasquez an hugs after she had spoken during Friday’s rebuttal to closing arguments. 

Vasquez explained that “What’s at risk is the good name of this man, and what’s at issue is his life after he was accused for heinous crime, as well as the chance to live if he is finally vindicated.” 

In his own summation, Heard’s lawyer Benjamin Rottenborn said, ‘If you didn’t take pictures it didn’t’ happen. These photos are false if they were taken. You should not have told your friends that they were fake. If they did, it’s a hoax.

Rottenborn explained that failing to get medical attention did not mean you were injured. Rottenborn stated, “If you don’t seek medical attention then you are crazy.” He also said that if your spouse does everything possible to get rid of his addictions and drinks then he is a ‘nag.

Rottenborn said, “And if enough is enough and it’s necessary to flee to your safety, you are a gold digger.” It’s that message Mr. Depp asks you to transmit.

Johnny Depp stated that you cannot leave Johnny Depp’s world, but that you should if possible’return to him’.He will launch a campaign against you to humiliate the world. 

He will destroy your life and career. This is what they want to make you a accomplice to.

‘Mr. Depp is unable and unwilling to take full responsibility for his own actions.

Benjamin Rottenborn from Heard was the first to speak on Friday. He stated that, “If you didn’t take photographs it didn’t” happen. These photos are false if they were taken. You should not have told your friends that they were fake. Tell your friends if you do.

Heard's legal team told the jury in closing arguments to 'think about the message' Johnny Depp and his legal team are sending Heard and 'by extension every victim of domestic violence'

In closing arguments, Heard’s legal counsel told the jury to “think about what message Johnny Depp and his legal staff are sending Heard” and “by extension all victims of domestic violence”.

Depp sued Heard in the circus trial. He claimed three counts defamation as well as $50 million in restitution.

Heard is counter-claiming $100million for being married to actor in 2015. 

Depp sued his ex wife, in February 2019, following the publication of an Op-Ed by The Washington Post Dec 2018 that Depp claimed caused him significant financial losses.

He also said that he couldn’t act anymore because of her accusations. 

Heard stated in the opinion piece that he had become a “public figure representing domestic violence” and that he was able to see, in actual time, how institutions help men who are accused of such abuse.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have a sexy relationship 

February 3, 2015.

Four years ago, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were co-stars in The Rum Diary. They married in private at their LA house. Depp purchased a private Bahamas island for $3.6million in 2004, and the couple celebrated with an extravagant reception.

April 21, 2015.

Heard violates Australia’s biosecurity laws after she and Depp fail declare their Yorkshire terriers upon arriving Down Under in a private plane for the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell No Tales. Heard is sentenced to a one-month $1,000 good conduct bond after admitting falsifying quarantine paperwork.

April 23, 2016

After 15 months, Heard filed for divorce citing irreconcilable difference. Depp is issued with a temporary restraint order by a judge four days later over allegations of domestic violence. The tabloids published photos of Heard’s injuries, but no crime evidence was found by the LAPD.

August 16, 2016,

Heard and Depp reach a $7 million settlement in their divorce. The actress has pledged to make donations to charities. The ex-lovers said that their marriage was “intensely passionate, at times volatile, and always bound by love.” “There were never intentions to cause physical or emotional harm.”

December 18, 2018,

The Washington Post published an opinion piece by Heard. Heard is an American Civil Liberties Union ambassador for women’s right and urges support for domestic violence victims. The headline reads: “Two years back, I was made a public figure representing domestic violence, and I felt all the resentment of our culture for women who speak up.”

March 1, 2019,

Depp filed a $50M defamation suit against Fairfax Circuit Court Virginia, saying that it implied that he had been an abuser. He was fired from the Pirates of the Caribbean. Depp dismissed Heard’s allegations of abuse as a hoax and claimed he was the victim.

August 10, 2020

Heard countersues her for $100 million. He claimed that Depp, the vengeful lawyer Adam Waldman, and she were targeted with a vicious, defamatory smear campaign. They used media allies and Internet trolls in order to amplify false information about her and derail her acting career.

November 1, 2020

Depp must fight to preserve his reputation following a losing battle against a British tabloid for libel. The paper called him a “wife beater” and put him in danger. London’s judges ruled that The Sun’s 2018 article about Heard was’substantially truthful’. Heard, who is a father of two, had also attacked Heard 12 times. This caused her to be afraid for her safety.

April 11, 2022

Following lengthy delays caused by the Covid pandemic the two former flames are finally at peace in Fairfax County Virginia. Fairfax County was the home of Washington Post servers, which published the dispute op ed. It is anticipated that the trial will last between six and seven weeks. Ellen Barkin, Paul Bettany, and James Franco are among those expected to testify.