The Tindalls enjoyed a day with their family yesterday when Zara participated in the Houghton Hall Horse Trials. 

42-year old Queen’s grandchild was joined by Mike (43-years-old) and their three children Mia and Lena at three and three years respectively, during the weekend long event in Norfolk. It took place just one stone away from Sandringham. 

Pictures show Lucas the baby learning to ride a bicycle, before being wrapped into his mother for a cuddle.

Mia, on the other hand, was enjoying boisterous behavior and could be seen tearing through the grass while carrying a huge stuffed panda toy. She giggled as her dad, an ex-England rugby player, lifted her into the air. 

Prince William (39), joined the family and chatted with Zara, his cousin, and gave Zara a hug to say hellow.  

This comes just as the Royal Family is getting ready to attend Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations. 

Family day out: The Queen's granddaughter Zara Tindall, 41, was joined by her husband Mike, 43, and their three children Mia, eight, Lena, three, and one-year-old Lucas, for the weekend-long event in Norfolk, just a stone's throw from Sandringham

Family day out: The Queen’s granddaughter Zara Tindall, 41, was joined by her husband Mike, 43, and their three children Mia, eight, Lena, three, and one-year-old Lucas, for the weekend-long event in Norfolk, just a stone’s throw from Sandringham

Here comes uncle William! The Tindalls were joined by Zara's cousin Prince William, pictured left from behind, who spent time with the family. The event was held a short drive from his country home at Anmer Hall, on the Sandringham estate

Here comes uncle William! Zara’s cousin Prince William was also present at the Tindall family’s visit. It was just a few minutes drive away from Zara’s country home, Anmer Hall on Sandringham.

Mummy's boy! Photos show toddling Lucas getting to grips with a bicycle before being wrapped up into his mother's arms

Mummy’s boy! Images show Lucas the little one learning to ride a bike, before being wrapped into his mother’s arms.

Upsy-daisy! Mia was on typically boisterous behaviour and giggled wildly as she was lifted into the air by her father

Mike Tindall with daughter Mia yesterday

Upsy-daisy! Mia was a typical, boisterous child and giggled as her father carried her up into the air.

What's that? Lucas Tindall, who turned one this year, was spotted exploring a bicycle as he joined his sisters at the event

What’s that? Lucas Tindall was one years old this year and was seen riding a bicycle with his sisters.

Growing up so fast! Zara beamed as she shared a moment with son Lucas

Zara Tindall and son Lucas

It’s amazing how fast we are growing up! Zara was beaming as she shared some time with Lucas, her son (left), while carrying him around the event site.

Lucas, a one-year-old, was seen making his first public steps at the fairground. He was then carried by Mia, his big sister, to get money for his rides. 

Lena was beaming as she rode the bungee, her father Mike watching. 

Zara is an Olympian in equestrian sport and an Olympian. She missed some of the excitement because she was so busy participating in the events. 

As a result of her sporting successes, the queen, who doesn’t have an HRH title to her name, has launched her own website. The new glossy site,, does not mention her royal connection. 

Family time: William kept a low profile in a country jacket and cap as he chatted to Zara, right, and her family at the event

Family time. William kept his profile low in a cap and country jacket as he chatted with Zara (right) and her family.

What's that? Little Lucas appeared interested in Prince William's shoes as he played on the grass at the horse trials

What’s that? As Prince William played on the lawn at the horse trials, Little Lucas was interested in Prince William’s shoes.

Hi, Lucas! William, a father-of-three crouched down on the grass to speak to his cousin's one-year-old son, pictured

Hi, Lucas! William, father-of-3, crouched on the grass and spoke to his one-year old cousin.

Hands on: The Duke of Cambridge gave one-year-old Lucas a squeeze as he joined the one-year-old on the grass

It’s a handshake: Lucas, one year old, was given a squeeze by the Duke of Cambridge as he joined Lucas on the grass.

Look how big you've gotten! William has a close relationship with his cousin Zara and is clearly fond of her children, too

See how large you have gotten! William shares a strong relationship with Zara his cousin and clearly enjoys her children.

Palling around: Prince William (centre) enjoyed a little tomfoolery with Mike Tindall (left) at the Houghton Hall trials

Prince William, palling about: Prince William enjoyed some tomfoolery (left) with Mike Tindall at the Houghton Hall trial trials

I gotcha! Prince William (centre) is seen gesturing with his cousin's husband Mike Tindall (left) as Zara looked on

 I gotcha! Prince William is seen indicating with Mike Tindall (left), his cousin, as Zara watched.

Come here! As they were under the careful gaze of the former England rugby star's wife Zara ¿ who is, after all, William's cousin ¿ there was only one way it could end... with a man hug

Please come! As they were under the careful gaze of the former England rugby star’s wife Zara – who is, after all, William’s cousin – there was only one way it could end… with a man hug

Equimi created this website after Zara was made a brand ambassador. Equimi designs websites for equestrians. There is no information about her family and there are no indications that her mother, Princess Royal, lives on the website.

This page also features a Rolex advert as its banner, with links to Equine America and Landrover.

“Her bio says: “Following her birth in January 2014, Zara competed at the highest level again seven months later. She went on to win a silver medal in the World Equestrian Games 2014 in Normandy.

She finished 3rd on High Kingdom at Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event in April 2017. After that, she went on to have her second child, Spring 2018.

Watching the action: Zara held onto her son Lucas as they watched the eventing alongside eight-year-old Mia, pictured

As they watched the action, Zara and Lucas held on to their sons as they looked at the events with Mia, eight years old.

Horsing around! At one point Mike Tindall picked up his eight-year-old daughter Mia and carried her across the grass

Horsing around! Mike Tindall took Mia, his 8-year-old daughter, and carried her over the lawn.

Giving it a whirl! Adventurous Mia tried out an electric bike at one of the stalls while brother Lucas explored below

It was worth a try! While Lucas, her brother explored the below area of the market on his electric bike, Mia was more adventurous and tried it out at one of their stalls.

Zara has her hands full! Zara was keeping an eye on Lucas while daughter Lena, three, took a seat in his buggy behind

Zara is busy! Zara kept an eye on Lucas, while Lena (three-year-old) took a place in the buggy.

Busy day! Mike Tindall carried one-year-old Lucas on his back while three-year-old Lena waited for her parents

All day busy! Mike Tindall carried Lucas one-year old on his back, while Lena three-years-old waited for her parents

Tearing around: Eight-year-old Mia was carrying a panda teddy, while three-year-old Lena (right) went exploring with a stick

Tearing around: Mia, eight years old, was holding a panda toy while Lena (right), went out exploring with a stick. 

Royal rider! Zara Tindall was competing in the Houghton Hall Horse Trials, just a stone's throw from the Sandringham estate

The Royal Rider! Zara Tindall competed in the Houghton Hall Horse Trials. This was just one stone throw away from Sandringham Estate.

“Since that time Zara has competed regularly at National events and International ones.”

Zara lists her eight horses, current or former, on this page as well as links to her results as well as a news page that updates you about her career.

Zara is the Queen’s oldest granddaughter but she doesn’t have a title of HRH and is not a working monarch.

Zara and Mike managed, through their work, to live a normal life, at the very least, within royal circles, and to be able to share their lives with their daughters, while still enjoying the lucrative connections that were made, at least partially, by their position within the royal family.

Tindalls are also known for their generosity and keep their phones stocked with celebrities’ names.

Mia Tindall, eight, joined her siblings Lena, three and Lucas, one (pictured) on rides including the teacups as their father Mike watched on at the funfair in Norfolk on Saturday

Mia Tindall (aged eight) was joined by her three-year-old siblings Lena and Lucas, as they rode on various rides. Lucas watched from the sidelines, Mike observing at the Norfolk Funfair. 

The Tindalls¿ one-year-old son Lucas was seen taking his first steps in public at the funfair, before being carried off by his eight-year-old sister Mia

The Tindalls¿ one-year-old son Lucas was seen taking his first steps in public at the funfair, before being carried off by his eight-year-old sister Mia

Lucas Tindall, the Tindalls’ 1-year-old son, was seen walking in public at the fair (left), followed by Mia (8 right).

Mike (pictured left) teamed a grey jacket with a cap and jeans for the fun day out, while wife Zara competed in the Houghton Hall Horse Trials

Mike (pictured left) teamed a grey jacket with a cap and jeans for the fun day out, while wife Zara competed in the Houghton Hall Horse Trials

The former rugby player was seen walking around the grounds with one-year-old son Lucas

Former rugby player, Lucas (pictured right), was seen on the ground with Lucas, a one-year old son. Lucas was eager to have fun with his sister. 

Lucas was spotted taking his first steps in public as he walked confidently alongside father-of-three Mike and crowds watched on

Lucas took his first steps out of doors as Mike, a father-of-3 boys, watched from the crowd. 

Lucas looked adorable in dark trousers and a turquoise sweater as he showed an eagerness to get involved in the funfair activities

Lucas walked alongside father Mike

As he eagerly participated in funfair activities, Lucas looked charming in dark pants and a turquoise sweater. 

Mia smiled proudly as she continued to bounce on the bungee ride after successfully completing a somersault

Mia laughed proudly while she continued on her bungee ride, having completed a somersault. 

Mike placed Lucas on his shoulders as he watched three-year-old Lena enjoying her time on a bungee ride

Mike sat Lucas on his shoulders while Lena, a three-year old girl, was enjoying a bungee-ride. 

Mia was spotted getting her baby brother Lucas involved as they went on different rides

Mia was seen with Lucas, her baby brother, as she rode on various rides. 

Former rugby player Mike entrusted Mia money to pay for the rides as she explored the funfair with her siblings

Mia led her siblings throughout the day

Mike was a former rugby star and gave Mia cash to cover the costs of the rides while she went on funfair adventures with her siblings.

Mia and Lena were spotted trying their luck on a card game, while Mike and Lucas cheered their efforts

Mia and Lena tried their luck at a card game while Mike and Lucas cheered them on. 

Lucas looked keen to try winning something for himself as he stood alongside Mia at a hoopla stall

The one-year-old held on to balance while taking his first steps in public

As he stood beside Mia in a hoopla booth, Lucas seemed eager to win something. 

Mia, Lena and Lucas appeared to be having fun as they gathered together on the tea cup ride

Mia placed her arm around Lucas as they enjoyed the ride

As they rode together in a teacup, Lucas, Lena, and Mia seemed to have a lot of fun