Chicago journalist, Lisa Davidson, deleted her Twitter account on Friday following multiple jokes suggesting Queen Elizabeth had to die instead of Betty White.

Nylah, who is a Bustle journalist and a sexual assault prevention specialist’, was as shocked as anyone else, but she added a strange twist to it. 

BETTY WHITE IS DEATH! It could have been Queen Elizabeth. Burton sent a tweet from this now defunct account. 

Initialy, Burton took offense to the outrage and decided to retweet it Friday night.    

“Why Queen Elizabeth?” Burton observed to someone who criticised her that “the universe chose the wrong white lady smdh.” 

Burton's bios say she works as a 'sexual assault prevention specialist'

Burton - who has also written for Vox, Bitch Media and Shondaland - set her account to private initially, but eventually took it down completely later Friday

Nylah Burton is a Bustle writer who acts as a “sexual assault prevention specialist”. She reacted to Betty White’s passing, but added a strange twist.

Burton – who has also written for Vox, Bitch Media and Shondaland –  set her account to private initially, but eventually took it down completely later Friday.   

Piers Morgan, commentator, ripped apart the comments, saying, ‘Delete that, disgusting piece. 

Caoimhin Thomas wrote, “What a disgusting word to say.”

Leigh Keystone tweeted, ‘Just sneaked in as the most offensive and vile tweet of 2021.’ “Nylah sent a hateful tweet filled with pure hatred and nastiness.

The tweeters continued, “You need to be sorry for these people who think that such tweets should be acceptable.” “Again, the hate and mental illness of leftism strike. 


Burton’s work has also been seen in The New York Times, Business Insider, HuffPost, MSN South Africa, The Independent and Yahoo and Refinery29, where she wrote such pieces as ‘What We Lose When We Focus On Whiteness in Interracial Relationships.’

She focuses on identity politics, social justice and mental health.

Chris Sauve said, “Shame upon you.” ‘Delete your miserable account.’ 

Dan Wooton joined the fray with: “And that.” She doubled down after I said that she had done an awful thing (which ought to have been obvious for any human being). 

Bobby Dazzler added, “Bye bye career.” 



Queen Elizabeth was last seen delivering her Christmas message in the wake of beloved husband Prince Philip's death

Last seen was Queen Elizabeth delivering the Christmas message following Prince Philip’s passing.

White, 99, who capped a career of more than 80 years by becoming America's sweetheart after Emmy-winning roles on television sitcoms, is believed to have died of natural causes at her home on Friday morning, law enforcement confirmed

White, 99. White was America’s favorite after her Emmy-winning role on sitcoms.

Norman Blair termed the tweet racist and suggested that Vogue should comment on it by saying, ‘racists or persons who like offend are not welcome in Vogue’s publications’ 

Many were calling on Twitter to remove Burton’s account from Friday.  

Goodman Gaming wrote that they would likely say it did not violate any of their rules. It was about a white man. 

White, 99, was America’s Sweetheart and capped an 80-year career by winning Emmys for her roles in sitcoms. Law enforcement confirms that she died from natural causes on Friday morning.  

White was best known for her role as Rose Nylund, a batty, in the classic sitcom The Golden Girls. She is also the final of four lead characters to pass away, despite saying that she had been healthy all her life. 

White wanted to invite her fans at 100th Birthday Party by filming it for the documentary Betty White 100 Years Young: A Birthday Celebration.

White was to be followed in every day life of the film and it was scheduled to air at approximately 900 cinemas across the country. Cinemas will show footage from White’s actual birthday party after the documentary. 

The future of the screenings is unknown.

The Queen was last seen delivering her most emotional Christmas message ever, paying tribute to her ‘beloved’ late husband Prince Philip and revealing how the Duke of Edinburgh’s ‘mischievous, enquiring twinkle was as bright at the end as when I first set eyes on him’.

The monarch described that there was ‘one familiar laugh missing’ during the festive season this year as she made her most fulsome public tribute to her husband of 73 years and the nation’s longest-serving consort since his death in April aged 99.

The 95-year old head of state wore the sapphire brooch that she wore on her 1947 honeymoon and for her diamond anniversary.

An intensely private woman, the Queen has touched upon her devastating loss on a handful of occasions since Philip’s death.