Judge sentences serial sex abuser, born as a man, to a women’s prison, despite the fact that he is not legally recognized as a woman.

  • Sally Dixon (58), was found guilty of 30 counts related to child sexual abuse.
  • For two consecutive nine year sentences, she was sentenced to a lengthy prison term. License
  • Dixon will be serving a minimum 12 year sentence at HMP Bronzefield women’s prison 

An adult child sex predator was today sentenced to minimum 12 years imprisonment and sent to a women’s jail, even though she isn’t legally considered a female.

Sally Dixon (58), began to transition 18 years ago. She committed the crimes against seven children between 1989 and 1996, while still a man. 

Her 30 counts of indecent attack or indecency of a child with seven victims were found to be guilty in July. She was the youngest victim, seven years old. 

The jury deliberated for 17.5 hours in order to find her guilty and not guilty on all three of the remaining charges.

Ryan Richter was the prosecution and described eight-years of offences against five girls, two boys, and one boy.

According to him, the defendant was a brazen, callous, sexual predator who lived in late 1980s and 1990s.

“He exploited young men and fostered a toxic relationship between female children, whom he repeatedly abused through their childhoods.”

Sally Anne Dixon, who was born John Stephen Dixon in 1963, married twice and began transitioning to live as a female in 2004.

Sally Dixon, 58, is to spend her  prison time at a female prison after she began transitioning in 2004

Sally Dixon, 58, is to spend her  prison time at a female prison after she began transitioning in 2004

Dixon spent six months behind bars in 1997, for the sexual abuse and neglect of a teenager. But it wasn’t until 2019 when Dixon’s long history of crimes were revealed. 

Judge Van Der Zwart claimed that there were missed chances to put her in jail earlier. 

Lewes Crown Court, East Sussex, heard Dixon would be sent to HMP Bronzefield for her sentence. She will not legally recognize herself as a woman.

Dixon, wearing a pink jumper, and her hair dyed pink, frowned, and shaken her head at the sentencing hearing.

According to the judge, all victims have been vindicated.

After a complaint by another victim, the Sussex Police have reopened an investigation into him for his previous offending.

Victims, now adults, read heartbreaking victim statements to Dixon, which described the horrific abuse they suffered.

One woman stated that she felt constant anxiety after her childhood abuse.

“I was hopeful that he would be kind and let me go through this trial, but he did not.”

“He was a coward and did not provide evidence.”

“He wasn’t happy to make us go through that, but he did it for our benefit.”

Dixon lived in Crawley, Bexhill and worked as a TV repairman and DJ at local clubs and caravan parks.

He abused children in lock-ups and caravans on the coast, according to the court.

Dixon received nine consecutive years of custodial sentence with two one-year extended licences. Dixon will be serving at least twelve years before becoming eligible to apply for parole. 

Amy Pooley, Detective Constable of the Sussex Police Complex Abuse Unit, stated that Dixon came to know each child through their family connections and then used this trusted access to abuse them all for sexual pleasure, sometimes for many months.

“Only in 2019, when one of Dixon’s victims finally reached us, was the distressing and terrible nature of Dixon’s many years of offending finally exposed. 

“As one victim escapes this predatory interest another will take their place. But sometimes, multiple victims are offended simultaneously.

“This case is yet another reminder that no matter when the event occurred, we will continue to follow-up on such reports to help victims and see if justice can be done for them, wherever there is evidence.

In July, His Honour Judge Mark Van Der Zwart learned that Dixon didn’t have a Gender Recognition Certificate.

Even though she doesn’t have a gender certification certificate that would allow transgender individuals to legally be recognized as alternate genders, she will spend time in the women’s jail. It is understood she will have all the normal opportunities other prisoners at the jail have.