Prince William has driven Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex, to Balmoral as they raced to be at the Queen’s bedside to join a vigil led by Prince Charles and Princess Anne today.

The Duke of Cambridge took to the wheel of his Range Rover with his uncles and aunt on board after they were flown to Aberdeen from London by RAF jet this afternoon amid deep concerns about Her Majesty’s health.

As the Prince of Wales (heir to the throne), boarded the royal helicopter at Dumfries House, Ayrshire, with Camilla, he was seen carrying a big briefcase.  After royal duties had taken her to Scotland, Princess Anne already arrived at Balmoral.

All the children of Her Majesty are with William, as well as their mother. after doctors revealed they are ‘concerned’ for the monarch’s health and are keeping her under medical supervision. After a mysterious ‘change in plan’, Prince Harry will travel to Aberdeenshire with his wife Meghan Markle.

In an unprecedented statement about the 96-year-old’s health, Buckingham Palace described the Queen as ‘comfortable’ after her doctors examined her this morning, hours after she was advised to rest instead of attending a meeting of the Privy Council on Zoom last night. 

A spokesperson for the royals said that doctors had evaluated Her Majesty and recommended she continue under medical supervision. The Queen is still at Balmoral and feels well.  A crowd of well-wishers gathered at Buckingham Palace and Balmoral to see the rainbow.

Prince Charles and Camilla are there with Queen Elizabeth, whose condition appears to be getting worse. The heir to the throne landed in a helicopter on the Balmoral lawn earlier today. Charles, Charles’ son-in-law, is scheduled to visit the country daily this summer. 

At 4pm a jet from RAF Northolt in London to Aberdeen landed carrying the Duke of York, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, and his wife Sophie, who filed off the plane led by Prince William. At 5pm, their convoy arrived at Balmoral.

Prince Harry was not on board but is believed to be on his way to Balmoral, separately from other royals. According to reports, Meghan will be staying in London but she will not travel as scheduled to the WellChild Awards. A source suggested that the duchess of Cambridge could join Harry in Scotland later, after a change to her original plan, which was meant for Meghan to travel north with her husband.

Kate, Duchess, of Cambridge has not left and was seen in Windsor, driving to collect George, Charlotte, and Louis from their first day at school.

Prince William drives Prince Andrew, Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Prince Edward into Balmoral as millions pray for the Queen

Prince William forces Prince Andrew, Sophie and Countess Of Wessex, Prince Edward, into Balmoral, as millions of people pray for Queen Elizabeth

Prince Charles boards a helicopter from Dumfries House to Balmoral this morning as the Queen's children gather at her bedside after a warning from doctors about her health

Prince Charles boarded a helicopter today from Dumfries House towards Balmoral as her children gathered at her bedside following a warning by doctors regarding her health

The Duke of Cambridge drove his relatives having arrived on a RAF jet but his brother Harry was not on board. Meghan is staying at Windsor

While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in a RAF aircraft, he drove to visit his relatives. Harry was not present. Meghan stays at Windsor

Prince William led the way off the plane (circled left) followed by Edward and Sophie (pictured centre) and finally Prince Andrew (pictured right)

Prince William was the first to get off the plane. He is followed by Edward (pictured left), Sophie (pictured middle), and then finally Prince Andrew (pictured right).

Prince William gets off the plane in Aberdeen today as members of the Royal Family gather at Balmoral after a warning from the Queen's doctors about her health

Prince William boards the aircraft in Aberdeen this morning as the Royal Family gathers at Balmoral following a warning by the Queen’s doctors regarding her health

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and her husband Prince Edward followed Prince William off the plane

Prince William was followed by Sophie, Countess, of Wessex and Prince Edward.

After waiting in the Drawing Room, Liz Truss is received at Balmoral by the Queen. Today she is being monitored by doctors because of concerns regarding her health.

The plane carrying the Queen's children and grandchildren land in Aberdeen - the nearest airport to Balmoral

Aberdeen is where the aircraft carrying the Queen’s children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren lands.

A Royal flight taking family members to Balmoral takes off from RAF Northolt in London this afternoon

Royal family member’s flight to Balmoral is launched from RAF Northolt, London today

Members of the Royal Family and their aides board a RAF jet for Aberdeen to get to the Queen's side amid concerns for her health

Members of the Royal Family and their aides take a RAF plane to Aberdeen in order to reach the Queen, amid health concerns.

One of the Royal Family's helicopters has landed at Balmoral. Charles and Camilla are believed to be there with William on his way from Windsor. Prince Andrew and Princess Anne are both expected

Balmoral has seen one of the Royal Family helicopters land. Charles and Camilla were believed to be with William as he travels from Windsor. Prince Andrew is expected to join Princess Anne.

Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge, leaves Windsor Castle as she stayed behind in England where her three children are having their first day at school

Catherine, Duchess, of Cambridge leaves Windsor Castle. She stayed in England to be with her three children, who are starting their first day of school.

A statement about the Queen's health is exceptionally rare and raises major concerns

Statements about Queen Elizabeth’s health are rare, which raises significant concerns. 

A rainbow appeared over Buckingham Palace this evening as the world held its breath

As the world held its breath, a rainbow appeared above Buckingham Palace tonight

Prince Harry goes to Balmoral ALONE “after change of plans” Meghan Markle stays behind in London 

Prince Harry is headed to Balmoral alone without his wife Meghan amid reports of his grandmother The Queen’s worsening health.

They were due to be at the Wellchild Awards in London tonight, but they are now confirmed as having cancelled. Tonight’s award ceremony, which honors brave acts of children who are seriously ill, was scheduled for the prince to give a speech. 

According to reports, Meghan will be staying in London but she will not travel with Harry to the WellChild Awards. According to a source, Meghan could possibly join Harry in Scotland later on, after the plan change.

Harry and Meghan weren’t expected to visit any other Royal Family members during this week’s California trip.

PM: “The entire country will be deeply worried about Her Majesty”

Premier Minister Liz Truss declared that Buckingham Palace news this afternoon will concern the entire country.

“My thoughts, and those of many people in the United Kingdom, are with Her Majesty and her family during this difficult time.”

Her ‘immediate family’ were informed, Buckingham Palace revealed, with her heir, the Prince of Wales, and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, rushing to her bedside from their Scottish home Dumfries House in Ayrshire by helicopter.

The Duke of Cambridge flew up from Windsor to be with the 96-year-old monarch. 

However, Kate stays at Adelaide Cottage as George Charlotte and Louis begin their first school day today.

Following an engagement in Scotland this past week, the Princess Royale, Princess Anne, arrived at Balmoral. 

William received the Earl and Countesss Of Wessex, as well as Duke of York, this afternoon.

The Duchess and Duke of Sussex had been scheduled to attend WellChild Awards London, but they changed their plans last-minute.

 and are heading to Aberdeenshire, their spokesman confirmed, as millions of Britons and Her Majesty’s subjects around the world pray for her recovery.

The monarch is not often asked for information about her health, which suggests that it is serious. Experts say it’s all the worse because Prince William, Prince Harry and her other children are all either with her or on her side.

Royal biographer Nigel Cawthorne said: ‘It leads us to believe the situation is much more serious than we’ve been told’.

Worried Britons have already assembled at Balmoral’s gates to offer prayers and respects.

Minutes before the Buckingham Palace statement, the new Prime Minister Liz Truss was handed a note in the Commons informing her of the development as she was revealing her plans to cap energy bills for the next two years.

Ms Truss, who was at Balmoral with the Queen on Tuesday when she became PM, said ‘the whole country will be deeply concerned by the news from Buckingham Palace this lunchtime’ adding ‘my thoughts – and the thoughts of people across our United Kingdom – are with Her Majesty The Queen and her family at this time’. 

On doctors’ orders, the Queen had to cancel yesterday her Privy Council meeting.  After a hectic Tuesday where she met Liz Truss at Balmoral and Boris Johnson, the Queen, 96, was told to go home.

Today, Buckingham Palace announced that Balmoral has been visited by doctors following concerns raised this morning.

Charles, it was reported that he had been visiting his mother every morning since the summer. She continued to be unable to walk and Charles made regular visits. The unplanned visits were considered unusual. 

The Archbishop of Canterbury said that the “prayers of England” are being offered to Queen Elizabeth II, head of Church of England. Justin Welby tweets, “My prayers, as well as the prayers of many people in the Church of England, the nation and around the world, are with Her Majesty, The Queen Today.”

‘May God’s presence strengthen and comfort Her Majesty’s family and those caring for her in Balmoral.

The new Prime Minister was due to take the oath of First Lord Treasury, and the Cabinet ministers will have been sworn in and made privy counselors, if they were not previously appointed.

People gather outside Balmoral Castle following the statement from Buckingham Palace

After the Buckingham Palace statement was made, crowds gathered outside Balmoral Castle

Members of the public outside the gates of Buckingham Palace in the September rain

In September, members of the general public gathered outside Buckingham Palace’s gates.

A sign noting the cancellation of today's guard changing ceremony at Buckingham Palace

Sign notifying the cancellation of Buckingham Palace’s Guard-Changing Ceremony


The moment Nadhim Zahawi briefed Liz Truss about the Queen in the Commons today just before news about  her health emerged

The moment Nadhim Zahawi briefed Liz Truss about the Queen in the Commons today just before news about  her health emerged

Today Prince Charles attended a roundtable hosted by the Natasha Allergy Research Foundation. Charles today is in Balmoral

Prince William, pictured with his wife and children on their first day at Lambrook School yesterday, is also heading to Scotland

Prince William, pictured with his wife and children on their first day at Lambrook School yesterday, is also heading to Scotland

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, pictured in Germany this week, are heading to Scotland

This week’s photo shows the Duke and Duchess Sussex in Germany. They are now heading to Scotland.

Her Majesty is at her Scottish home (pictured today) and is described as 'comfortable' by her staff

Her Majesty is currently at her Scottish residence (pictured today), and her staff describe her as being ‘comfortable.

The Queen’s Health and the Death of Prince Philip 

The Queen holds a walking stick as she attends the Royal Company of Archers Reddendo Parade in the gardens of the Palace of Holyroodhouse in June

While attending the Royal Company of Archers Reddendo parade in the Gardens of the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Queen is holding a walking stick

Over the past year, the Queen’s health and mobility has been under constant scrutiny.

When she made her first appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony as well as at Windsor Castle, she thrilled the crowds. 

The next day, after suffering ‘discomfort’ from previous celebrations, she pulled out of St Paul’s Cathedral’s Platinum Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving. It was regrettable that she made this decision, however it was understood and acceptable due to the distance and time required and the physical demands of the event.

In the weeks before her Jubilee Celebrations she visited many people, such as a surprise visit to the Elizabeth Line and to the Chelsea Flower Show in a golf buggy. However, since last fall, Queen Elizabeth has been suffering from recurring ‘episodic mobility issues’ and is now using a walking stick.

On October 20, 2021 she was the first person to use a walkingstick at a Westminster Abbey ceremony. She was told by her doctors to take a rest after an exhausting autumn program and to cancel her trip to Northern Ireland.

Secretly, the Queen was admitted to hospital in order to conduct preliminary investigations. She spent her eighth overnight stay at hospital on October 20, 2021. She was back in Windsor the next day, performing light duties.

Concern for her health grew when she pulled out of other high-profile events, such as the Cop26 climate summit and Festival of Remembrance. Buckingham Palace said that she was advised to take a break and to not travel on official business. She had intended to attend the Remembrance Sunday service, which was held at the Cenotaph. However, she injured her back.

Her duties were limited for three months. She also had to attend virtual and face-toface audiences at Windsor Castle.

She celebrated her Platinum Jubilee in February 2022 by meeting with charity workers at Sandringham House, and cutting a Jubilee-shaped cake. This was her biggest in-person public event since October.

Many of her duties now take place via video chats. The country’s longest-reigning sovereign made the following observation in February during an audience with in-person observers: “Well as you can clearly see, I can not move.”

Her health was at risk when she contracted Covid and tested positive for it on February 20, 2022. Although she was triple-vaccinated, the Queen experienced mild symptoms similar to a cold. However, she said that it left her feeling tired and exhausting. While she was unable to perform heavy duties at Windsor, the Queen continued with her normal tasks and cancelled some virtual audiences.

The Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey was cancelled in March. It is a crucial date in the royal calendar because of her importance to the family and nations. She rallied and walked slowly with the help of a stick and held onto the elbow of the Duke to support her.

She missed May 2022’s State Opening of Parliament, the first in almost 60 years. Buckingham Palace attributed her lack of attendance to “episodic movement problems”. As Counsellors to State, the Prince of Wales (and the Duke of Cambridge) opened Parliament on her behalf. Charles read the Queen’s Speech in a first-ever performance.

Many things have changed over the last seven months. Buckingham Palace mainly confirms the Queen’s attendance to engagements that day. The decision is dependent on her mood in the morning. The Queen did attend the Windsor Horse Show, and was the guest-of-honour at A Gallop Through History (near Windsor), the first big event in the Jubilee festivities.

Her surprise appearance at Paddington Station opened the Elizabeth line. She looked bright and happy, but her time was only 10 minutes. For her comfort, she was also present at Chelsea Flower Show. She drove her hi-tech golf buggy around the flower extravaganza.

This lunchtime, there was a lot of activity at the Commons as worries about Queen Elizabeth II were brought to the attention of the Prime Minister. Nadhim Zahawi handed her a note which she then read and added to the document.

Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle interrupts the speech by Ian Blackford, SNP Westminster leader. He said: “I am sure I speak for the whole House when I tell you that we wish Her Majesty Queen all the best and that the royal family and her are always in our hearts and thoughts.” He said: “If we need to update the House on anything else, then we will.” 

Following the announcement of Queen Elizabeth’s health problems, it appeared that the website for the Royal Family crashed. The screen displayed an error message that read: “Gateway Time-out”. 

Ian Blackford of the SNP Westminster Leader said that he was “saddened” to hear about the Queen’s health.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle (Speaker) interrupts Mr Blackford’s energy debate speech to tell the House that it sends the Queen its very best wishes.

After completing his speech, Mr Blackford said to the Commons that he was sad to have heard the news. The thoughts and prayers of everyone will go out for Her Majesty, the Queen, and all the royals.

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, said that she was deeply concerned by reports about Her Majesty’s health.

“My thoughts and best wishes go out to the Queen and her family.”

This comes as a result of a series of health issues for the sovereign who is becoming increasingly frail. She was told not to travel from her Highland home to London this week in order to receive the resignation of the outgoing Prime Minister and to appoint Miss Truss.

The Queen appointed Balmoral’s first Prime Minister for the 70-year tenure.

Instead of making Queen Elizabeth II travel from Scotland, the two political leaders made the 1000-mile trip round London.

Buckingham Palace claimed that there was no constitutional issue with delays to proceedings. These will be rearranged and that Her Majesty’s decision to promote her rest had not required a hospital stay.

The Queen’s health will undoubtedly be a source of concern again with the postponement of the virtual meeting.

According to a Palace spokesperson, “Her Majesty accepted advice from doctors last night after spending a whole day yesterday.”

“This is to say that the Privy Council meeting, which was due to be held this evening, will now be rearranged.”

As the inevitable consequence of her advanced years, she looked happy and alert on Tuesday. However, her face was covered in bruising.

While enjoying her much-deserved annual holiday on Royal Deeside it was also the first public sighting of Miss Truss in public in 47 days. As well as meeting Mr Johnson and Miss Truss on Tuesday, the Queen also had another duty afterwards: Investing her outgoing communications secretary Donal McCabe with the Insignia of a Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order – an honour in the monarch’s personal gift for service to the Royal Family.

A number of red boxes were also handled by her, and many guests left the castle shortly before their first audience began. The Queen often has family members and friends to stay during her annual holiday and is said to have been ‘inundated’ with company this year – although, notably, not her grandson Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, who are in the UK briefly on a visit from California.

According to well-placed sources, the monarch is “old and not ill” according to one source. Another person who has seen her described her as being in “excellent form”. But last week she chose not to attend another staple of the royal calendar, the Braemar Gathering – the most famous event from the Highland Games circuit.

Earlier in the year, the Prince of Wales stepped in as her replacement at the State Opening of Parliament.

Secretly, she spent last October in hospital undergoing tests. She was later given orders by doctors to rest for three months. This meant that she missed the Remembrance Sunday Cenotaph in London and the Cop26 Climate Change talks in Glasgow.

The Queen, who lost Prince Philip – her husband of 73 years – in April last year, then caught Covid in February and suffered from mild cold-like symptoms but said the virus left her ‘very tired and exhausted’.

She is the nation’s longest-reigning monarch, and was able to make two appearances at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, in June.

The Queen invites Liz Truss to become Prime Minister and form a new government as they meet at Balmoralon Tuesday

As they meet in Balmoralon Tuesday, Liz Truss is invited by the Queen to be Prime Minister. 

Queen Elizabeth II leans on a walking stick as she welcomes Liz Truss during an audience at Balmoral in Scotland on Tuesday

Queen Elizabeth II leans back on a walking stick while she greets Liz Truss at Balmoral, Scotland, on Tuesday

On Tuesday, the Queen received an outpouring of love on social media after the Royal Family released images of her receiving Liz Truss at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where she invited the newly-elected leader of the Conservative Party to become prime minister. 

The smiling head looked healthy but tired and was able to use a walking stick. He also received a visit by Boris Johnson, the outgoing prime minister.

This was her first appointment of a Balmoral Prime Minister in 70 years. The first picture of Her Majesty since her July 21 summer holiday visit to Balmoral was taken was this one.

Instead of making the monarch return from Scotland, the two political leaders made the 1000-mile trip round from London.

As Ms Truss approached her, she saw the monarch with her neatly curled hair, wearing a blouse, cardigan, and Balmoral tartan shorts. 

Some people noticed in the photographs that Her Majesty was holding her right hand, some observers noted it looked bruised or purple.

Social media users expressed support for the monarch. They commented on the way she presented herself, and paid their respects to her incredible reign that has now covered the terms of 15 prime minsters, including Truss. 

The Queen is currently on her summer vacation on Balmoral and will not return to the estate until October.

Yesterday Mr Johnson arrived at around 11.16am and left around 39 minutes later at 11.55am, while Ms Truss arrived at 12.22pm and departed around 33 minutes later at 12.55pm.

A second duty, which was later recorded in Court Circular by Queen Victoria, also fell on her.

Donal McCabe was her Communications Secretary. She presented Donal with the Insignia as a Lieutenant in the Royal Victorian Order. This is a monarch’s gift to honor his services.

Before the audiences started, many guests were also seen leaving the castle. During her annual vacation, the Queen frequently invites family and friends to join her.

The Sun reports that Prince Harry had made regular morning visits with his mother, as her mobility continues to decline. These visits were considered unusual and highly unusual.

For her comfort, she missed Braemar Gathering’s highland games last weekend.

Royal sources confirmed that there were two main issues in terms of the Queen’s attendance – firstly getting her to the games, but also that she would have to sit in public for a long period of time to watch them. 

This decision raised new concerns about Queen Elizabeth’s health just days after Buckingham Palace stated that she would stay in Scotland to appoint Balmoral’s prime minister. 

Since 1848, Queen Victoria, 174 years after her birth, has not missed the Highland Games. This event takes place just a few miles from Her Majesty’s Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire, where she is spending her annual summer. 

And the monarch also remained at home instead of attending the traditional Sunday church service at Balmoral on Sunday.

Prince Charles made a strange appearance when he was unaccompanied by Her Majesty during the Crathie Kilkee weekly service. While he was an avid attendee of the tiny church, he also stayed at the royal estate.

Buckingham Palace declined to provide an ongoing commentary about the health of the monarch.

The Queen was only at Buckingham Palace two times during her Platinum Jubilee Celebrations. First, for her Trooping of the Colour balcony appearance, and second, for the finale.

Her home is 22 miles away from London and she spends the majority of her time there. She lives there during pandemics and major renovations at Palace. It’s also where she can be comfortable.

In October, she secretly spent one night at the hospital undergoing tests. She was later given orders by doctors to rest for three months. This meant that she missed the Remembrance Sunday Cenotaph and Cop26 talks on climate change.

Covid became a problem for Queen Elizabeth in February. Although she experienced mild symptoms, the virus made her feel tired.

Moment Nadhim Zhawi made a note of Liz Truss concerning the Queen’s health, as she revealed her energy plan for the Commons. Angela Rayner also shared this information with Keir Starmer. 

Here is Nadhim Zahawi passing a note on Liz Truss concerning concerns about the Queen’s well-being in the House of Commons.

Just minutes after news broke that the monarch had been placed under medical supervision, the Prime Minister presented her energy plan to parliament.

The premier was informed by Mr Zahawi who, just this week, was elected Chancellor of Lancaster.

Angela Rayner, Angela Rayner’s deputy, also informed Sir Keir Sterner of the developments. 

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Commons Speaker, told MPs that Sir Lindsay Hoyle was speaking on behalf of all House members when he said that the House had sent its best wishes for Her Majesty Queen. He also stated that the Royal Family and she are always in our prayers. 

Buckingham Palace had made this announcement earlier in the afternoon as Prince Charles and Camilla raced to Balmoral for her.

The Queen waits in the Drawing Room before receiving Liz Truss for an audience at Balmoral, Scotland on Tuesday. Today she is under the supervision of doctors amid concerns about her health

After waiting in the Drawing Room, Liz Truss is received at Balmoral by the Queen. Today she is being monitored by doctors because of concerns regarding her health.

Mr Zahawi, who was just this week appointed Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, the portfolio of land, property and assets held by the Queen, was tasked with informing the premier and was seen briefing her on the front bench for several minutes before leaving

Just this week, Mr Zahawi was appointed Chancellor of Lancaster. This is the Duchy of Lancaster’s portfolio of land and property. He was briefly briefing the Premier on the front bench before she left.