Two oil terminals were attacked by Eco-mob Just Stop Oil as part of their ongoing month of action.

According to green activists, production was halted at Kingsbury Oil Terminal in Birmingham this morning, after they gained access.

They have also prevented access to Grays Inter Terminals, Thurrock, Essex.

Meanwhile, a video was posted to Twitter by one of the activists ‘tanker-surfing’. This is when he stands on top an oil tanker near Navigator terminals.

The group’s eco-zealots are responsible for it They were glued to the tanker lorry’s top on one LondonYesterday’s most busy roundabouts

The protest happened in Chiswick, west London, just after 8am ahead of a busy weekend for travel for Easter.

Meanwhile, video posted on the group's Twitter page shows one activist 'tanker surfing' - standing on top of an oil tanker - near to the nearby Navigator terminals

Video posted by the group on Twitter shows an activist “tanker-surfing” on top of an oil-tanker, near Navigator Terminals.

The green activists claim production has been halted at Kingsbury Oil Terminal, near Birmingham, this morning after activists gained access to the site

After activists gained access, the green activists claimed that production at Kingsbury Oil Terminal near Birmingham has been stopped.

Four people were seated on the top of Eddie Stobart’s vehicle and stuck their hands to it.

The group surrounded the truck before they disabled the controls. They then climbed onto the vehicle and stuck their fingers on it.

Cameron Ford, a former Insulate Britain spokesperson, mocked openly the officers just feet from him.

Only after 4 hours did a crane have to be used for their removal and transport. 

Ford posted a video in which he declared “Welcome To Black Planet”, with David Attenborough Jr. Jnr.

‘Here we have the strange homosapiens that wear the yellow jackets and the black jackets and they follow the orders knowing full well that the orders that they’re given will ultimately kill everything they love.

“They continue to defend the cans and demands for fossil fuels because they love money so much.

‘We hope one day these strange homosapiens will realise they are actually f****** everything up including their own lives and they will turn around to the government and say “No more, no more”.’

Police on the spot seemed to have no idea that the man in front was humiliating them.

Hounslow Police tweeted: Road closures are currently in place at the Chiswick Roundabout.

“Diversions” are available. If possible, please avoid this area.

Yesterday hundreds marched up to Buckingham Palace, while dozens of Extinction Rebellion supporters clung to their hands at the London headquarters of Shell. 

XR shared video of two activists laying down at a desk, with Shell’s logo visible behind them. Another photo shows three others holding signs from XR that say: ‘Insiders Wanted’.

XR shared the video on Twitter, saying: “Ordinary people have glued at the reception Shell HQ London” as protestors surround and fill the building’s lobby.

A police officer tries to unglue the hand of a demonstrator on top of a fuel tank truck, during a protest of Just Stop Oil

In protest of Just Stop Oil, an officer of the police tries to release the grip on the demonstrator’s hand from a top-of-a-fuel tank truck.

Police officers remove a demonstrator during a protest of Just Stop Oil, at thr roundabout in west London

Officers remove protestor from Just Stop Oil demonstration at the West London roundabout

The Just Stop Oil protest at Chiswick roundabout hot rush hour and is causing traffic chaos

Traffic chaos caused by Chiswick’s Just Stop Oil protest is at the heart of Chiswick’s hot rush hour

Activists from Extinction Rebellion at Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Extinction Rebellion activists at Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy 

Pictures show three people holding a sign saying: 'Insiders wanted', at the reception of Shell HQ building in London today

Photos show three men holding a sign that says: ‘Insiders needed’ at the Shell headquarters building in London.

The video shows one protestor saying: “We are here for HR to discuss our concerns. We feel that it’s not worth speaking to anyone at this corporation because they clearly don’t understand what’s happening.”

The security guard arrives, asks the protestor if they’ve glued their hands to the desk.

One hundred people representing XR held up a sign with the name and title of a Shell employee. Activists handed out flyers asking staff to’switch on the right side history before Shell turns toxic to your CV.

A second group placed a trampoline from a fireman below office windows with the message “Jump Ship” 

While protests were taking place outside and inside the Shell Building, another group, who claimed to be scientists, superglued themselves at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. They continue their call for urgent action to combat climate change. 

Hundreds of demonstrators also walked along Constitution Hill towards the Queen’s official London residence – although she is currently living at Windsor Castle – waving flags and holding a large banner saying: ‘End fossil fuels now’. 

David Attenborough Jnr Jr. Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain Emotional activist that went on TWO amazing globetrotting trips, covering 12,000 mi in Canada and Europe

The Just Stop Oil protester who calls himself David Attenborough Jnr Jnr is Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain activist Cameron Ford.

On his 31st Birthday, he was seen being taken from the M25 to block it last year. This protest was one of many he’d joined and frustrated tens upon thousands of drivers.

MailOnline reported that Ford had taken two long trips to Europe in the years preceding his activism. 

Ford was open to being asked his thoughts on his travels but he didn’t want to admit he had been a hypocrite.  

Cameron Ford, 31, is a regular on the Insulate Britain protests that have blocked the M25, causing fury and mayhem for drivers

Cameron Ford, 31 years old, is regular at the Insulate Britain protests which block the M25, causing fury for drivers and chaos.

Mr Ford, from Cambridgeshire has repeatedly blocked busy roads causing misery

Mr Ford was pictured on his 31st birthday being dragged away from the M25

Ford was named one of the longest-standing protestors in last year’s spate of motorway blockages  

The trip covered 10,000 miles over Canada in four months. He then traveled another 2,000-mile route across Europe with an old diesel van a few months later.

The fossil fuels burned and the resulting carbon emissions generated by Ford’s two trips would have been more than double the entire annual carbon footprint a single person in many countries produces in an entire year.

But he began lecturing his fellow travelers only a few days after returning from the second visit.

Ford has embarked on two big trips in two years with one driving his old diesel Citroen van from Cambridgeshire to Poland

Ford took two major trips within two years, one of which was driving his diesel Citroen van in the Cambridgeshire-Poland route. 

The Buddhist and his female friend drove hundreds of miles in the old van despite its carbon emissions pumped into the air

His female friend and Buddhist drove the van hundreds of miles, in spite of the fact that it was full carbon emissions.

Ford began his incredible holiday marathon to reduce carbon emissions in autumn 2019. He flew 8,500 miles roundtrip in just four months.

Then he traveled extensively throughout Canada over 120 days. He posted updates from his adventures in Edmonton and Alberta. Later, he sledging in British Columbia. This is just a list of the places he visited, but these alone indicate that he has travelled more than 10,000 miles in Canada.  

While he was on his trip of a life, Ford was posting regularly content that promoted Extinction Rebellion as well as Insulate Britain, its twin pressure group.

This was despite the fact that research published weeks prior to his departure showed that a single long haul flight can generate more carbon dioxide than what an average person from many countries in poorer nations consumes over a year. 

The globetrotting eco-warrior enjoyed an ice bathing experience on his Canada tour in which he flew across the Atlantic

This globetrotting eco-warrior had an amazing ice bathing adventure during his Canada tour, which took him across Canada.

Friend of the earth? Mr Ford claims to be trying to save the planet but his own holidays are not helping Insulate Britain's cause

Mr Ford has been trying to portray himself as a serious campaigner but sometimes with some of his pleasure trips he seems to fall short

Ford has attempted to project himself as an avid campaigner. But sometimes, he falls short.

After finally returning to the UK in January 2020, it was only a matter days that he began to plan his next international trip. He apparently didn’t realize the impact this would have on global warming.

He was looking for advice on which van to purchase for his next travels. It’s not clear what he went on to spend but by August he had clearly not only bought a van but driven it many thousands of miles around continental Europe.

In an album he entitled ‘From Whittlesford to Warsaw’ on August 29 he posted 25 pictures showing himself and a female companion cavorting around a series of exotic locations during the previous weeks visibly enjoying themselves at each. 

The direct trip between the two places would involve a round trip of well over 1,500 miles driving – and it’s plain that Ford took many pleasure-driven deviations. He would have produced at most 380 kilograms of carbon.

Maybe he drove a low-emission modern vehicle. Not at all. The same “lovely little van” he used for the trip, a diesel-powered Citroen, he then offered for sale in January this year by which – no doubt boosted by Ford’s penchant for globe-trotting – it had an astonishing 145,000 miles on the clock.

Ford saw no reason to stop other drivers when he was back in England. Most of them would be driving shorter distances and have more compelling reasons for being able move about.