Canadian police threatened to arrest truckers blocking the US border at Alberta, in protest against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s vaccination mandate. If they don’t leave Tuesday, the lawyer for the drivers said.

RebelNews spoke to Chad Williamson from Calgary, who is a civil liberties lawyer. After launching a successful crowdfunding campaign, protesters in Coutts contracted his services. Chad Williamson revealed that Royal Canadian Mounted Police representatives gave members of the so-called “‘rebels” the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.On Tuesday Freedom Convoy gave the ultimatum to Trudeau, just a day before Trudeau criticised the dissidents who protested a January mandate placed on truckers.

Williamson said Tuesday, ‘The police basically shut down all negotiations.’ “They indicated they were given marching orders to close the highway.  

The legal eagle stated that they were not planning to talk with the protesters. They have stated that anyone who leaves now is free to do so, while those who stay behind are at risk of arrest.

Speaking to RebelNews, Calgary-based civil liberties lawyer Chad Williamson - whose services were contracted by by protesters in the town of Coutts after a successful crowdfunding campaign - revealed RCMP officials handed members of the ' Freedom Convoy' the ultimatum Tuesday

RebelNews was informed by Chad Williamson, a Calgary-based civil rights lawyer. He had been contracted by the protestors in Coutts following a crowdfunding campaign. Chad Williamson revealed that Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers gave the ultimatum Tuesday to members of the “Freedom Convoy”.

Drivers are seen at the Alberta-Montana border as they protest the prime minister's vaccine mandates

As protest against the vaccine mandates of the Prime Minister, drivers are seen at Alberta-Montana’s border.

Thousands more protesting truckers have convened at the southernmost point of the province of Alberta, forming a blockade between the territory and the US state of Montana to the south

Tens of thousands of protesting truckers gathered in the most southern point of Alberta to form a blockade against the US state Montana.

Williamson continued to say that Canada’s truckers are not protected by the law and that they have been beaten up by the police after four days. 

“They can lay various charges and pieces of legislation against anyone who remains.

“They indicated they were going to seize equipment and that they would reopen highways.

He said that he, along with his 100 or more clients, had decided to wait and see what the RCMP would do.

‘We provided the standard legal charter advice for folks, and we’re going to see how this plays out.

“We really tried to stress everybody to be calm and remain peaceful no matter how it turns out, but these are very tense times.” reached an Alberta RCMP rep Tuesday for comment. Williamson’s comments were confirmed by the force, who issued a statement.

According to it, “What began as a peaceful assembly turned quickly into an unlawful blockade. Although the Alberta RCMP is not in a position for enforcement, they have engaged in dialogue with those protesting at the Coutts Border crossing to attempt to resolve the situation peacefully and safely. While we believed that we could find a solution, the protesters ultimately refused to cooperate.

Roughly 50,000 Canadian truck drivers have showed up in Ottawa to protest against the prime minister's new vaccine mandates and quarantine rules for drivers

About 50,000 Canadian truckers protested the new quarantine and vaccine rules in Ottawa against Prime Minister Stephen Harper. 

‘As this morning, the Alberta RCMP is taking further action as the blockade continues obstructing the ability of emergency agencies to offer full service to residents in the area. It has also negatively impacted the flow of goods and services, and impedes the public’s freedom of movement.’

The Highway was deemed essential infrastructure. The act of willfully interfering with any infrastructure’s construction, maintenance, use, or operation is against the law. 

‘Anyone who actively blocks a highway—or aids, counsels or directs a highway to be blocked—may be subject to arrest and charge under this act.’ 

The growing tension between the two parties comes as Prime Minister Trudeau – who slammed the truckers Monday during a remote press conference as ‘hateful,’ ‘violent,’ and ‘racist’ and vowed to take action against the coalition – found himself embroiled in a storm of backlash after a two-year-old tweet he penned praising the truckers at the start of the pandemic surfaced Tuesday.  

‘While many of us are working from home, there are others who aren’t able to do that – like the truck drivers who are working day and night to make sure our shelves are stocked,’ Trudeau tweeted on March 31 of 2020, during the early days of the pandemic.

'Freedom Convoy' truckers and protesters continued late Monday to block a border crossing into the US at a village in southern Alberta - one of the country's busiest border crossings - in solidarity with their brethren in Ottawa who have shut down the nation's capital

Truckers from the Freedom Convoy and other protestors continued to block the border crossing in the US late Monday at a rural village in south Alberta. It is one of America’s busiest borders crossings. The action was in solidarity in Ottawa, where they have closed down the capital.

‘When you can, please #ThankATrucker for everything they’re doing and help them however you can.’

However, nearly two years later, the PM seems to have changed his tune, publicly criticizing the tens of thousands of his country’s truckers and other protestors in Coutts and Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, 2,00 miles away for their ‘hateful rhetoric’ and ‘violence to fellow citizens.’

Trudeau went on the offensive against truckers Monday in the presser. It was broadcast from an undisclosed locale following Trudeau’s COVID-positive politicalo’s evacuation form his Ottawa residence. After the Downtown neighbourhood found itself clogged with about 50,000 rigs, Trudeau’s orders that Canadians must undergo a 14 day quarantine after crossing from the United States.

Trudeau declared that Canadians were shocked by and disgusted by protestors’ actions in Ottawa.

Trudeau called truckers heading for Toronto a “small fringe minority” before the convoy of more than 100 vehicles reached 45 miles as it headed towards the capital. 

'While many of us are working from home, there are others who aren¿t able to do that - like the truck drivers who are working day and night to make sure our shelves are stocked,' Trudeau tweeted on March 31 of 2020, at the start of the pandemic

‘While many of us are working from home, there are others who aren’t able to do that – like the truck drivers who are working day and night to make sure our shelves are stocked,’ Trudeau tweeted on March 31 of 2020, at the start of the pandemic

Traffic was backed up Tuesday on a bridge between Gatineau, Quebec, and Ottawa, due to a road blockade formed by the tens of thousands of truckers

Traffic was backed up Tuesday on a bridge between Gatineau, Quebec, and Ottawa, due to a road blockade formed by the tens of thousands of truckers

Vehicles continue to block downtown streets in Ottawa as truckers and supporters continue to protest Trudeau's mandate

As truckers, supporters and others continue to protest Trudeau’s mandate, vehicles continue to block Ottawa’s streets.

The second protest convoy, consisting of two truckers, went eyeball to eyeball with the SWAT Team at Alberta’s border. On Tuesday they allegedly pressured the staff at the nearby shelter for help and offered them food.

A GoFundMe page supporting the Freedom Convoy reached $9,675,560 that same day. This is $500,000 more than the combined efforts of all the Canadian major political parties and $325,000 shy of its $10,000,000 goal.

BJ Dichter (Freedom Convoy organizer) and Tamara Lich (Truckers protestors) say the money will pay for fuel and food for the truckers. The group has been in action for more than four days with no signs of slowing down despite being told by Royal Canadian Mounted Police they would arrest any dissenters.

The two authors wrote that the current government was implementing mandates and rules that were threatening the foundations of businesses and industries, and their livelihoods.

“We are a peaceful nation that has protected nations around the world from dictatorships and oppression, and now it seems we’re doing it here.”  

Rebel News journalist Ezra Levant is also spearheading a fundraiser to raise money for drivers along the border. This will help pay legal fees for any driver who ends up in prison. Levant had received almost 5,000 donations as of Tuesday.

Levant was enlisted by truckers at the Alberta-Montana crossing Monday, after SWAT teams sealed off the motorists by setting up police check points around the town Coutts, which boasts a population of less than 500.

Levant wrote an online letter to Rebel News, stating that “They asked me whether we could help them right away.” “Of course,” I replied. “Of course,” I said to them. 

‘I promised the truckers we’d take the case and crowdfund it all the way. Even though it may take years to get through court.

Trucks sit parked Tuesday along a once-bustling street in Downtown Ottawa, creating a de facto roadblock

On Tuesday, trucks are parked on a busy street in Downtown Ottawa. This creates a real roadblock

Trudeau had called the tens of thousands of truckers and other dissenters headed for the capital a 'small, fringe minority,' before the convoy of hundreds of vehicles grew up to 45 miles long

Trudeau described the thousands of truckers, and others, heading to the capital as a “small, fringe minority”, before the convoy grew to over 45 miles in length.

On Monday, Trudeau declared that he would not be meeting with truckers overrunning Ottawa due to their ‘hateful rhetoric,’ as hundreds more disgruntled drivers thousands of miles away formed a blockade at the southern tip of Alberta to block off traffic to and from the US. 

Trudeau (50) held the conference in isolation after testing positive for COVID-19 on that same day. The virus was also detected in two of three children from the Prime Minister.

Trudeau refused to answer questions about whether he planned on meeting protesters. 

According to the politician, he was a participant in protests and agreed with them. However, the politician dismissed the truckers’ dissent, which was sparked by the policies of the politico, as racist and violent.  

Trudeau stated, “I’ve been to protests and rallies when I was in agreement with their goals and when I supported those expressing their concerns.”

“But, I also chose not to go near any protests that have displayed hateful rhetoric and violence towards other citizens and a disrespect both of science and of frontline workers in health and frankly the 90% of truckers who have done the right thing for Canadians to put food on their tables.

Nearly 2,000 miles away, hundreds of protestor truckers have gathered at the southernmost point in Alberta to form a blockade against the US state Montana.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared Monday that he will not be meeting with truckers currently overrunning Ottawa in protest of his vaccine mandate because of their 'hateful rhetoric' - a stark contrast from the praise he showered them with two years ago during the early days of the pandemic

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared Monday that he will not be meeting with truckers currently overrunning Ottawa in protest of his vaccine mandate because of their ‘hateful rhetoric’ – a stark contrast from the praise he showered them with two years ago during the early days of the pandemic

The double-pronged effort from the coalition of more than 50,000 Canadian truck drivers – which has remained largely peaceful – was spurred by recent policies implemented by Trudeau’s office that declared that by January 15, all truckers in the country who are unvaccinated must take a COVID-19 test and quarantine when driving back from the states. 

According to the new guidelines of the progressive politician, Canadian drivers without a vaccination are prohibited from traveling into the US until they get it. American drivers cannot enter Canada at the moment unless they present a certificate that proves they are vaccinated.

This policy is in sharp contrast to those of its neighbor, the South. Drivers returning to the USA are not subject to testing or quarantine.

Trudeau admitted that he understands the frustrations expressed by the Canadian people about COVID-19. However, he stated that some behaviour seen during recent protests at Canada’s capital such as the use of Confederate flags and swastikas to desecrate memorials is unacceptable. 

“I just want to make it clear that we don’t fear those who abuse small-business workers and take food from the hungry. We will not give in to racist flag-waving. We are not going to give in and allow vandalism to take place.

He stated that “freedom of expression and assembly are the foundations of democracy.” Nazi symbolism and racist imagery are unacceptable. This is an insult both to truth and memory. “Hate cannot be the solution.

Trudeau called upon the truckers protestors and thousands of supporters to stop their actions. 

He said that there is no place for hatred, violence, or threats in this country. It must stop for the people responsible. If you were part of the convoy but felt uncomfortable by the display symbols of hatred or division, then join the Canadians. Stand up for your rights and be courageous. You must not be a supporter of intolerance, hatred, and complicity with it. 

Trudeau continued his attack on conservative politicians in Canada for their support of the protests by truckers, warning them that they must ‘think hard and about the consequences’. 

The prime minister’s address was followed by a series on social media posts in which he reiterated his position. 

The progressive politician pleaded for the protests to cease Monday afternoon, both in his address and on social media

Progressive politician, he pleaded with the protesters to stop Monday afternoon in both his speech and via social media.

Trudeau’s speech, delivered more than 24 hours after the prime minister fled his home in Ottawa as protesters convened on the capital, came as another formidable force of protesters more than 1,800 miles away, in Coutts, Alberta, were met with backlash from local law enforcement, who ordered the drivers Monday to stand down and stop blocking trucks and other international commuters from crossing the currently gridlocked dividing line, RebelNews reported.

The outlet reported that drivers along the border refused budge after a vote on Monday afternoon. Despite heavy police presence, however, the border is still closed for the moment.

Earlier that morning, after fleeing his home with his family Sunday as thousands of truckers descended on the Canadian capital to protest the country’s vaccine mandate and COVID lockdowns, Trudeau revealed he had tested positive for COVID-19. 

Trudeau, 50, held a press conference from an undisclosed location Monday after testing positive for COVID-19 earlier that day. During the address, broadcasted remotely, the politician bashed truckers protesting his recent vaccine mandate

Trudeau (50) held a press conference Monday from an undisclosed place after test positive for COVID-19 that morning. The address was broadcast remotely and Trudeau blasted truckers for protesting his vaccine mandate.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Monday that he has tested positive for COVID-19

Justin Trudeau (Canadian Prime Minister) announced Monday that his test for COVID-19 was positive

The woke politician posted on social media, “This morning, my test positive for COVID-19.”

‘I’m feeling fine – and I’ll continue to work remotely this week while following public health guidelines. All, get vaccinated. 

Trudeau is now self-isolating in an undisclosed area after fleeing from his Canadian home as protesters gathered. This was four days after he learned he had contracted the virus. 

Trudeau tweeted Thursday morning, “Last night I discovered that I had been exposed to COVID-19.”

“My quick test result was negative. Following @OttawaHealth guidelines, I will be isolating for 5 days. I am fine. Stay safe, everyone – and please get vaccinated.’

He did not give any details about when and how he became infected. His office also hasn’t commented on the positive result, which he stated was on Monday morning.

Also, the police did not disclose whether it was a rapid test or PCR that gave the positive results and have not provided any updates to the public regarding his exact location.

Trudeau’s surprise comes as Ottawa was brought to a standstill by the ‘Freedom Convoy of trucks, joined by thousands more demonstrators on Monday as they protested against the prime minster’s decision. vaccine mandates, forcing the prime minister to flee the city with his family due to ‘security concerns.’

According to CBC, the warning by the Canadian Parliament’s sergeant at-arms that some protesters could show up at politicians’ homes prompted the decision to make Saturday the prime minister move. 

Protesting truckers assert that there is no “end date” and will remain in capital until Canadian government reverses course and removes vaccine mandates. 

Vehicles displaying protest signs are seen outside Parliament Hill, as demonstrations by truckers and their supporters against COVID vaccine mandates continue in Ottawa

Truckers are protesting the mandate to use COVID vaccines in Ottawa by displaying their signs outside Parliament Hill.

The decision to move the prime minister Saturday came after the sergeant-at-arms of the Canadian Parliament warned that protesters might show up at the homes of politicians

Following warnings by the Canadian Parliament sergeant-at arms, protesters could show up at political homes, the Canadian Prime Minister was moved Saturday.

Nathan (Jacko) Jack waves flags in front of trucks that are parked in front of Parliament Hill at a rally against COVID-19 restrictions on Monday

Nathan Jacko waves flags at trucks parked near Parliament Hill during a protest against COVID-19 restrictions Monday

The protester removed the tires from his pickup truck stands in front of Parliament Hill during the proceedings on Monday

During Monday’s proceedings, the protestor removed his tires from his pickup truck and stands before Parliament Hill

Parliamentary Protective Service officers were forced to don headsets for hearing protection during vaccine mandate protests Monday, against the blaring horns of thousands of trucks participating in the cross-country convoy

The Parliamentary Protective Service was forced Monday to use headsets as hearing protection, in protest against the loud horns from thousands of trucks taking part in the cross-country convoy.

Trucks participating in the 'Freedom Convoy' protest against Trudeau's vaccine mandates carry hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods meant to be transported throughout the country and to the US. Participating trucks have been there, parked, for days - many since Saturday

The trucks participating in the Freedom Convoy against Trudeau’s vaccination mandates are carrying hundreds of thousand of dollars worth goods to transport throughout Canada and the USA. Participants trucks were parked for many days, some since Saturday

The truckers say there is no 'end date' in sight and plan to stay in the capital 'for as long as it takes' and until the Canadian government flips and withdraws its policy on vaccine mandates

According to the truckers, there is no “end date” and they plan on staying in Toronto ‘for however long it takes’ until the Canadian government changes its policies regarding vaccine mandates