Kanye West has said he is open to returning to politics, insisting that he had not been put off by his failed presidential bid in 2020.

According to the rapper, his father was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2018.

He stated that he will promote fresh air and healthy food. 

West declared that Ray was cancer free and was starting a new diet. 

Kanye wrote, “Overcome Fear,” captioning an Instagram picture of the insects. “My dad and me are going to enjoy this meal of bugs in celebration of his victory over cancer. Fear no more. 

In the extensive interview, he spoke out about his relationship with Kim Kardashian. Although they disagreed over some things, they were able to work together on them. 

When West was asked if he has any future ambitions in politics, he replied that he did.

You know what? That time was not in God’s. It’s possible that lives were saved.

He said that ‘I’m certain God made me fall upon the sword’ and added, “This is not the right time,” to ABC News Thursday night. 

“But, he’s the redeemer. He gave me the oxygen I needed, and he also provided me with this platform.

“He has given me new purpose. You have a new lease of life. A new way to breath. A new appreciation.

He also said that he enjoyed spending time with Jared Kushner. 

Kanye West has spoken to ABC News, in an interview that previewed on Thursday night

Kanye West spoke to ABC News in an interview, which was previewed Thursday night

“His brother claimed he’d murder him if he returned to the White House.” When West was asked if that was an honest friendship or just a political move, West answered, “That’s the answer.”

West claimed that he was a friend of Francis Suarez (the mayor in Miami) and thought that Suarez would be a good President.

Linsey wanted to know: ‘In additional to you?

West smiled and agreed. 

Davis sought to know if social media is beneficial for him or not.

In an Instagram series, Kardashian accused him of trying to control his children’s education and lives. 

West stated that he believes social media can be both helpful and destructive. 

West stated, “That’s one my favourite questions from this interview,” 

“We have the option of using a car to transport someone to the hospital. You could even accidentally hit somebody with a car while rushing someone to the hospital.

“It all comes down to how you use it.” 

West, 45, was asked by Linsey Davis about his relationship with social media

Linsey wanted to know more about West at 45.

Davis asked whether he felt social media was helpful or harmful to him

Davis wanted to know if he thought social media was beneficial or detrimental.

West and Kardashian have four children together: North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm

Kardashian and West have four children: North, Saint and Chicago.

West was asked his parenting style and about co-parenting with Kim Kardashian.

The filing for divorce was filed in February 2021. They were separated in June 2018.

They have four children together: daughter North (nine), Saint (6 years old); Chicago (4 years) and Psalm (3 year).

He said, “I have a voice and I disagree with some things as a father and as a Christian.”

“I have a right of control over what my children are wearing, watching and eating.”

He made these comments weeks after accusing his ex-wife, and Hulu (the streaming media giant of the Kardashians), of railroading him in choosing the school where the children attend. 

He said that he was a donor of sperm and quarreled about the fact that his children attended a Los Angeles private school when he would prefer them go to the Donda Academy in his honor.  

“I have a platform and can say things that many fathers cannot. A lot of situations allow the whole family to basically take full control over their children.

“I have met so many people from Chicago that struck me. I’m able to say, yo, it was the exact same experience as yours.

“People will call me to say hi and are you okay? Then I say, “Well I’m okay now because I spoke something.” But, the truth is that I didn’t feel OK in this situation before. That’s why I made a statement.

Kardashian dated comedian Pete Davidson after her split from West. The pair parted ways earlier this year

Following her separation from West, Kardashian dated Pete Davidson. They parted ways in January. 

“And there are very few nuances to what happened before at Gap. Adidas. Also, what was happening back home.

“It was all about a disregard for my co-created.

“I co-created these children. Adidas co-created this product. Gap also co-created this product. 

“And, I also let everybody know that there is actually an over-line and a parallel.

“And that does touch upon discrimination.”

In an Instagram conversation, Kardashian accused him of disrespecting him for being ‘half white.’ 

In one message, he said that ‘Y’all do not have so many over my black children’ and their school. 

But, the Chicago-born singer and businessman said Thursday that he now has a “new respect” for Kardashian. He also stated that he wants her to always be calm. 

“This mother is for my children. I apologize for all the stress caused by my frustration. God has called me to be more powerful,’ he stated. 

I need the person to be calm, less stressed, of sound mind, and as calm possible in order to give birth to the children. 

West posted screenshots of his text conversations with his ex-wife where she begged him to stop mentioning her mother, Kris Jenner, and to stop airing their dirty laundry

West posted screenshots of his text conversations with his ex-wife where she begged him to stop mentioning her mother, Kris Jenner, and to stop airing their dirty laundry

 West posted screenshots of his text conversations with his ex-wife where she begged him to stop mentioning her mother, Kris Jenner, and to stop airing their dirty laundry

He wrote something resembling a poem that alluded to the Kardashians on Hulu while speaking more about his mental health and his children's school

The outburst was also connected to his beleaguered design deals with Adidas and Gap

While he was referring to Hulu’s Kardashians, he wrote a similar poem. He also spoke more about his mental state and the school he attended with his children.

'Whatever I'm doing, it's not working', Kim joked of her approach to romance during a recent appearance on James Corden's Late Late Show

Kim joked that despite what she was doing it wasn’t working during her recent appearance on James Corden’s Late Late Show 

Donda said to children that they should’spread the gospel’ and sing it’  

He stated that his goal was to build a school where kids have the tools they need for navigating the global world. 

In an interview, Musk stated that he wants children to be able to understand space travel through a shoutout to Elon Musk. 

“We need to encourage self-confidence. Many schools remove the self-confidence that future leaders can have. 

Leaders with less confidence are more likely to lie than leaders who believe they can lead.

“We must educate the critical mass about esteem and religion – all religions. The critical mass must be taught yoga and financial literacy. We also need to provide information. 

“We need to teach physics. How does it actually work? What is the actual working of pipes and water? The engineering department is our focus.

DailyMail.com exclusive photos show an eerie campus left abandoned in the middle the day of September 14th, a Wednesday. 

No cars were parked in the lot, and there was no sign of life. 

A school that strives to educate Christians could be observed the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. This saint’s day is celebrated every September 14. It commemorates the discovery of the cross where Jesus Christ was killed. 

The school has around 100 students and 16 teachers. It is unclear where the children were when the photographs were taken. 

On September 14th, West visited New York City for Fashion Week. 

Photos exclusively obtained by DailyMail.com show the eerie campus that was deserted in the middle of the day on September 14, a Wednesday

DailyMail.com photos exclusively show an eerie campus left abandoned in the middle the day of September 14th, a Wednesday

Little was known about the school until Rolling Stone published an expose. The school is named for West's mother, Donda

Rolling Stone revealed little about the school before it was exposed. Donda West, West’s mother is the school’s name.

On the school's website, the Donda Academy says its goal is 'to provide youth with the passion, purpose and spiritual foundations they need to thrive in tomorrow's world

The school’s website states that the Donda Academy’s goal is to provide young people with passion, purpose, and spiritual foundations so they can thrive in the future.

The website describes the school as providing students with 'a world-class education that includes a rigorous core curriculum, and an emphasis on sustainability, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving

Website describes school as offering students ‘an exceptional education with a strict core curriculum and an emphasis upon sustainability, creativity and problem solving.

West is seen leaving the VOGUE World: New York during September 2022 New York Fashion Week on September 12

West seen at the VOGUE New York Fashion Week, September 20,22.

Little was known about the school until Rolling Stone published an expose. 

Donda West is West’s mother. 

According to the website of the Donda Academy, its mission is “to give youth the passion, purpose and the spiritual foundations that will enable them to succeed in today’s world.”

According to the website, students will receive a high-quality education, which includes an extensive core curriculum and an emphasis upon sustainability, creativity and problem solving. 

It offers pre-K through 12th grade classes. The school charges $15,000 annually for tuition. About half the students get financial aid. 

Keyshia Cole, a singer from the Philippines is among those students. 

West said on Thursday that he was continuing his legal fight with Adidas and Gap

West claimed on Thursday that the legal battle against Adidas and Gap was still ongoing

West said Thursday that he will continue to fight Adidas and Gap’s legal battles. 

He was confronted with the infamous 2013 video of him unleashing on journalist Sway Calloway, who asked him, in a radio interview, why he didn’t launch the clothing and shoe brand alone. 

West responded angrily, “You don’t have the answers Sway!” 

He admitted that he was right, and he agreed to resign on Thursday. 

“You know, Sway has the right answer.” The people are going to be like “no!”

He stated that he plans to now sell Yeezy products directly to customers. 

He said that people believe he is crazy because of his faith during the ABC interview.

“When I go to heaven to finally speak to God, then I’m going say: I don’t know why you made all of these people believe I am crazy.

God said, “Well, it was a camouflage.” You were my protection. 

In the past, West was open about his bipolar diagnosis. 

David Letterman spoke candidly to him about how he feels during his episodes. 

“You can have this moment.” [where]Everyone wants you dead. You are unable to trust others. 

This is a hyper-paranoid state. 

“This is how I feel, but other people may have different experiences. Each person is an actor. Everything is part of a conspiracy. 

“You have a feeling that the government has placed chips in your heads. It feels like you are being monitored. 

“You feel all those things.” 

He advocated daily medication at the time. 

“If you aren’t taking medication daily to maintain a specific state of health, your risk factors can increase and can lead to you being admitted to the hospital. 

“And then you become erratic,” as TMZ might put it.