Oh, my! People reveal the craziest things they’ve come across while lingerie shopping – from men trying on bras to accidentally sending underwear to WORK

  • All over the globe, people have written about their bizarre experiences buying lingerie.
  • One person from Potters, Hertfordshire, bumped into mother-in-law buying bras 
  • The man confessed that he had worn his girlfriend’s lingerie while she was traveling for work. 

It’s not an easy task to buy lingerie, but this group has taken the purchase to another level. 

Shoppers from the UK, Nevada, and Minnesota have anonymously posted the strangest things that they found while shopping for lingerie at Whisper. 

An elderly woman in Hertfordshire said that she accidentally bumped into her mother, who was shopping for lingerie.

A shocked customer witnessed another woman trying on bras in the middle of the store. 

And one man admitted he bought his girlfriend lingerie so he could try it one while she travelled. 

From the UK to Nevada and Minnesota, shoppers have anonymously shared the wildest things they've come across while buying their lingerie on the confession site Whisper. One person admitted to sending a big order of lingerie to their workplace by accident

Shoppers from all over the world have shared their wildest experiences while shopping for lingerie online, including those in the UK and Minnesota. One individual admitted that they accidentally sent a large order of lingerie from their home to their work place. 

Meanwhile, a shocked customer from the Netherlands, said their jaw 'hit the floor' when another woman tried on a bra in the middle of a store

A shocked Dutch customer said that their jaw hit the ground when another woman attempted to put on a bra at the store’s middle.

One man from Silver Springs, Maryland, admitted he bought his girlfriend lingerie so he could try it one while she travelled

Silver Springs man, Maryland: One of his friends admitted that he purchased lingerie for his girlfriend to try while he was on vacation. 

A man revealed he liked to buy lingerie for strangers online and requested they sent a picture to him

The man said he bought lingerie for strangers online, and asked that they send him a photograph. 

Awkward! One woman, from Hertfordshire, recalled a difficult experience when she ran into her mother-in-law while shopping for lingerie

Awkward! It was awkward! 

Cutting! One curvy woman buying lingerie revealed how she was fat-shamed by another client, but stood her ground

Cutting! Cutting! 

One US shopper admitted to having sex with a salesman from the mall where she was buying lingerie

A US customer admitted that she had sex with an American salesman at the shopping center where she bought lingerie 

Another man admitted he liked to buy himself some nice lingerie, including thongs and shorts -  and asked whether this was normal

Another man admitted he liked to buy himself some nice lingerie, including thongs and shorts –  and asked whether this was normal 

No privacy! One woman revealed her shock after seeing a man putting on a bra over his shirt in the middle of a shop

You have no privacy! After seeing a man wearing a bra in the middle of a store, one woman was shocked. 

Another woman, from Phoenix, Arizona, shared her exasperation at the fact her husband was 'embarrassed' to be shopping for lingerie with her

Phoenix woman shared her dismay at finding her husband shopping for lingerie. 

One man recalled how he had once gone lingerie shopping with a girl who used her boyfriend's credit card to pay for their sexy pieces

One man remembered how he once went lingerie shopping together with a girl, who used his boyfriend’s card to purchase their sexy clothes  

One married man from Standale, Michigan, admitted he liked to buy lingerie for other women and that his wife had no idea

Standale, Michigan – A married man admitted that he bought lingerie for his wives and liked buying it. 

A shopper based in Gobles, Michigan revealed that the salesperson at the store where she was buying lingerie couldn't help but comment on her body

Gobles, Michigan shopper said that the woman at the store she was purchasing lingerie could not help but make comments about her body. 

A new mother was left red-cheek when she started to produce breast milk while buying more bras

One mother who became a breast-feeding mom while shopping for bras was made haughty. 

One woman was left horrified after another woman went up to her while wear nothing but lingerie and asked her if she 'still looked sexy'

A woman who was wearing nothing but lingerie approached her and asked if she looked “still sexy” 

A mother from Hershey, in Pennsylvania, revealed she took her son with her when she went shopping because she was a single mother

One mother in Pennsylvania from Hershey revealed that she brought her child with her to shop because she was single.