Prince William, Kate and their Christmas message paid tribute to those “who are lonely or have to live apart from their loved ones”.

The royal couple will not be joining the Queen for Christmas this year, instead spending the festive season in Norfolk, where they will be joined by some members of the Middleton family. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge jointly penned a tweet, which they signed off ‘W&C’ to indicate they had written it themselves, and posted online on Christmas morning.

After a sudden spike in Covid cases over recent weeks, people were forced to seek refuge from their loved ones. 

The message read, “This Christmas will not be the one we had planned.” From those who are alone or having to isolate away from loved ones, to the incredible people supporting our NHS and caring for those most in need – we are thinking of you. W & C.’

Last night the Duchess of Cambridge gave millions of Britons a Christmas treat on TV as she played the piano to accompany singer Tom Walker with a poignant song performed by candlelight at Westminster Abbey.   

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge jointly penned a tweet, which they signed off 'W&C' to indicate they had written it themselves, and posted online on Christmas morning

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge jointly penned a tweet, which they signed off ‘W&C’ to indicate they had written it themselves, and posted online on Christmas morning

The Duchess of Cambridge accompanies singer Tom Walker on the piano during a performance of his song For Those Who Can't Be Here

During a performance by Tom Walker of “For Those Who Can Not Be Here”, the Duchess of Cambridge is accompanied on piano by Tom Walker.

It is believed William and Kate (pictured) will all spend the holiday season at Anmer Hall, in their home on the Sandringham estate

The couple said they recognised it is 'different to what so many of us had planned' following a spike in Covid cases in recent weeks, forcing people to isolate away from their families

William (pictured) and Kate (pictured), will spend their holiday season in Anmer Hall at Sandringham.

Kate (seen far left) and Tom Walker (centre) gave an emotional performance by candlelight at Westminster Abbey

Kate (seen at the left) and Tom Walker, (center) performed an emotive performance in candlelight at Westminster Abbey

Kate, who has tickled the ivories since she was a child, recorded the song with Walker in the Chapter House of the Abbey, one day before a community carol service on December 8 which was shown on ITV on Christmas Eve.

After the Duchess met Walker in October and heard him perform at an event for charity, she had the idea to play his Christmas song ‘For those Who Can’t be Here’ with them. 

Walker sang ‘Leave a Light On,’ a song about addiction at the event of The Forward Trust in London.

The 30-year-old male singer was approached by Kate to perform for the Christmas carol service. Kate, 39, had come up with the idea to accompany him on the piano, after the music provided ‘great comfort’ during lockdowns.

The Duchess was said to be ‘quite nervous’ during her first rehearsal ‘because she hadn’t played with another musician in a very long time’, reported Mirror Online. 

Walker stated that the two had to be on opposite ends of the room in order to perform the Covid-related emotional performance. 

Walker praised Kate (pictured playing the piano during Friday's aired ITV performance) for being an 'amazing musician' and said that although she was quite nervous when they first rehearsed in a studio, she went away and 'invested a lot of time and energy into getting it right'

Walker was kind enough to praise Kate (pictured on Friday playing the piano at Friday’s ITV show) as an “amazing musician”. She also said that even though she was nervous about performing in a studio for the first time, she soon got away from it and put a lot of effort into getting it right.

Walker gave the Duchess a backing track to practise with before the performance and said he was 'shocked at how much better she was' when it came to the actual show, which left him 'really impressed'

Walker provided a backing track for the Duchess to practice with prior to her performance. He said that he was shocked at the improvement she made when it came time to perform, and was left’really impressed.

MailOnline received a statement from him confirming that their entire plan was secret and that both of them were scared to mess it up.  

Prince William and Kate will be joined by their three children, George, eight, Charlotte, six, and Louis, three, in Norfolk for Christmas this year.

According to some reports, they’ll all be staying at Anmer Hall on William and Kate’s Sandringham estate during the holiday season. 

The family of Kate is unknown. 

Since 2016, when William and Kate visited Bucklebury, George, Charlotte, and Charlotte, the Cambridges has not been able to celebrate Christmas with them. 

According to the Mirror, although William and Kate won’t be present with Queen Elizabeth on Christmas Day they will still see her during the Christmas period.  

This comes just as the Queen faces her first Christmas without Prince Philip since April, when he died. 

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Prince William are both staying in the States for the holiday. This means that the Queen may not meet Lilibet her granddaughter. 

However she will be joined on Christmas Day by Prince Charles and Camilla at Windsor Castle, in a boost for the monarch after Princess Anne had to drop out.

It is likely that they will be joined by Prince Andrew, his ex-wife, Sarah, Duchess, and their daughters Princess Beatrice, and Princess Eugenie.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be spending the festive season in Norfolk, where they will be joined by some members of the Middleton family (pictured in March 2020 with Camila, Prince Charles and the Queen)

The Duchess and Duke of Cambridge will spend the holiday season together in Norfolk. They will also be joined by members of the Middleton clan (pictured with Camila and Prince Charles in March 2020).

It comes as the Queen is facing her first Christmas without her husband Prince Philip (pictured together centre) in 77 years, following his death in April this year

This comes just as the Queen faces her first Christmas without Prince Philip (pictured centre), her husband of 77 years. He died in April.

Anne is not expected to attend, although the Earl and Countesss of Wessex will be present with their children James and Viscount Severn.

Clarence House announced that the Prince and Duchess Of Cornwall would be joining the 95-year old monarch today at Windsor.

Charles and Camilla’s plans were not clear until this week. The couple spent Christmas last year at Highgrove, their country home in Gloucestershire. 

A Clarence House spokesperson confirmed that the Prince of Wales, The Duchess Cornwall and Her Majesty Queen will join her on Christmas Day. 

The Queen was given a very festive welcome by Sir Timothy Laurence her son-inlaw, who contracted Covid. Anne and he could not join the festivities. 

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall stand next to the stunning Christmas tree at Clarence House for a photograph posted on their official Instagram account last Friday

Prince Charles, the Duchess and duchess of Cornwall pose next to Clarence House’s Christmas tree in this photograph that was posted by their official Instagram account.

The Queen with Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwll in Braemar in September 2019

In September 2019, the Queen and Prince Charles accompanied by the Duchess Of Cornwll at Braemar

Princess Anne and Sir Timothy Laurence, pictured at Harry and Meghan's wedding at Windsor in 2018. Both will not be with the Queen on Christmas Day after Sir Timothy contracted Covid

Prince Anne and Sir Timothy Laurence are pictured together at Harry and Meghan’s Windsor Wedding in 2018. After Sir Timothy was diagnosed with Covid, both will be unable to spend Christmas Day with the Queen.

Is anyone expected to go with the Queen on Christmas Day for lunch? 

  • Prince Charles
  • Camilla Duchess Cornwall
  • Prince Andrew, Duke and Duchess of York
  • Sarah, Duchess Of York
  • Princess Beatrice
  • Princess Eugenie
  • Prince Edward Earl of Wessex
  • Sophie, Countess Of Wessex
  • James, Viscount Severn
  • Lady Louise Windsor 

Due to rising coronavirus infections, the Queen already cancelled her Windsor pre-Christmas meal for her extended family.

It was discovered that on Monday she also abandoned plans to travel to Sandringham, her Norfolk country estate for Christmas.

Sources claimed that Queen Elizabeth II felt it was difficult for her family to travel between the residences without her staff. 

One stated, “Her Majesty leads always by example.”

She plans instead to enjoy her Christmas at Windsor with her husband Philip, which will be her first Christmas without him.

Many family members will be present with Charles, Camilla and Queen Elizabeth II – Prince Andrew, his family, and the Earl and Lady Countess Of Wessex as well as their children.

However, she also hoped that Anne, the daughter she shares a close relationship, would be available to go with her.

Anne will instead be spending time with her husband, Gatcombe Park (their Gloucestershire estate). 

2019 -- The Queen leaves St Mary Magdalene's Church after a service on December 25, 2019

2019 — After a Christmas service, the Queen departs St Mary Magdalene’s Church.

2018 -- The Queen arrives at St Mary Magdalene's Church in Norfolk on Christmas Day in 2018

2018 — Queen Elizabeth arrives at St Mary Magdalene’s Church, Norfolk on Christmas Day 2018.

2017 -- The Queen leaves St Mary Magdalene's Church after the Christmas Day service in 2017

2017. 2017 — After the Christmas Day celebration in 2017, 2017 saw Queen Elizabeth leave St Mary Magdalene’s Church.

According to a senior royal source, Sir Tim tested positive for Covid. He is now following the proper rules. Christmas Day at Windsor is not possible.

According to reports, Sir Tim was positive for HIV early in the week. This means that he and Princess could fly to the Queen under the seven-day rule.

She typically hosts between 20-30 family members at her Norfolk residence, and crowds of supporters turn out to witness the royals walking to the Christmas Day service at the castle’s church. Mail received information from sources that suggested the Queen, who usually stays in Norfolk until February early, might travel to the UK in January.