Take a joke from Joe, President Biden again boasts his love for chocolate chips ice cream in his second Christmas Eve email to Santa.

  • Joe Biden, the President of the United States, reveals yet again his love for chocolate chips ice cream in an email to Santa Clause.
  • Dear Santa: I have chocolate chip ice-cream in my freezer. Biden wrote in love, Joe and left a note with cookies. 
  • Biden made it clear over the years that chocolate chip is his favourite snack. He is fondly enjoying this frozen treat every now and again
  • Biden was criticized for loving ice cream. Many have noticed that the dessert has helped him avoid being asked serious questions. 

The President Joe Biden once again expresses his affection for chocolate chips ice cream in an open letter addressed to Santa Claus, his first Christmas Eve message. 

On Friday, the president posted a video showing him entering a Christmas room with festive decorations and a tray of cookies.

Biden puts the plate near a Christmas tree or roaring fire while he composes a note. 

Bing Crosby’s White Christmas is played as the camera zooms into each page. 

“Dear Santa”: There is chocolate chip icecream in the freezer. It reads, Love Joe. 

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President Joe Biden shared a video message on his Instagram on his first Christmas Eve in the Oval Office

Joe Biden uploaded a video to Instagram from his first Christmas Eve inside the Oval Office 

The video shows Biden leaving a note and a plate of cookies beside a Christmas tree: 'Dear Santa, there is chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer if you would like some. Love, Joe'

The video shows Biden leaving a note and a plate of cookies beside a Christmas tree: ‘Dear Santa, there is chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer if you would like some. Love, Joe’ 

Biden captioned his Instagram video with the following: “Verified Santa gets his fair amount of cookies tonight. So I thought I would give him one of our favorite treats,” 

Biden made it clear over the years that chocolate chip is his favourite flavor and ice cream his favorite snack. 

His love for ice cream has made him a well-known figure. He is often seen enjoying a cone over and over again. Many flavors have been named after the ice cream lover. 

“I’m a true lover of icecream. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. Biden acknowledged that he ate a lot of sugary ice cream in 2016, but he doesn’t smoke. 

Biden began his 2016 speech by opening with “My name is Joe Biden and I love Ice cream.” ‘You all think I’m kidding — I’m not. I have a tendency to eat more of ice cream at one time than any three people. 

The vice president later in the year made a surprise appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. In this interview, Biden and Fallon celebrated Biden’s love for ice-cream. 

He was even given his own custom chocolate chip ice cream flavor named after him at Cornell University ahead of his senior convocation speech at the university in 2017. 

In April 2020, Eater reported that Biden’s presidential campaign had spent more than $10,000 on ice cream up until that point. It was however noted that the purchased ice cream appeared to have been gifts from Jeni’s Ice Cream to donors.

Jeni’s Ice Cream recently reciprocated the love and paid tribute to Biden’s speech and love of ice cream and debuted a new flavor in his honor, White House Chocolate Chip. 

Biden’s love for ice cream may not be viewed as an adorable trait by everyone. 

The media were criticized for not asking hard-hitting questions in May and instead focused on Biden’s choice for ice cream, which was unsurprisingly chocolate chip. 

Biden has discussed his love of chocolate chip ice cream on multiple occasions over the years

Biden has spoken on numerous occasions about his fondness for chocolate chip ice-cream over the years.

The president has flavors of chocolate chip ice cream created in his honor

In his honour, the president created chocolate chip flavors of ice cream. 

The president has been criticized for turning to the sweet treat to avoid serious questions

President Trump has been criticised for choosing to eat sweet treats to dodge serious questions  

‘Mr. ‘Mr. Biden’s first question was “What did you order?” as she left Honey Hut Ice Cream, Cleveland, Ohio.  

Biden merely referred to the sweet treats he had enjoyed when a reporter asked him what message he wanted to send to Republicans opposing the January 6th commission. 

Biden declared, “Eat some chocolate choc chip,” 

The man was again arrested a month later after he discussed his passion for ice cream rather than serious topics. 

Biden posted a tweet on July 18, wishing everyone a Happy National Ice Cream Day. He included a picture of himself taking a selfie in front of an ice cream cone with a family from Moomers Homemade Ice Cream, Traverse City, Michigan. 

The president was criticized by social media for his inconsequential celebration of a national holiday rather than dealing with inflation, rising gas prices and ongoing COVID pandemic.