Kate Middleton’s stylist and PA Natasha Archer welcomes her second baby and shares a sweet snap of her son Theo meeting his little brother taken by her royal photographer husband

  • Natasha Archer (34) has given birth to her second child, with Chris Jackson 
  • Couple announce their birth via Instagram snaps from London.
  • The proud brother of Theo, their son.
  • PA was credited with providing style advice for Duchess-of-Cambridge  

Kate Middleton’s close friend and stylist Natasha Archer welcomed her second baby. 

Chris Jackson, the royal photographer and husband of the 34 year-old royal aide shared the good news via Instagram, sharing a picture of their baby boy. 

The couple’s youngest son Theo was born in 2018 and is seen looking out at his brother who’s sleeping on the bed next to their Christmas tree at Barnes in south West London. 

More than 26,000 people liked the sweet, festive photo and sent good wishes to their parents.

Kate Middleton's stylist and close friend Natasha Archer, 34, has welcomed a second baby boy. Her husband, royal photographer Chris Jackson, shared a picture of their three-year-old son Theo getting to know his sibling, whose name was not yet revealed, at their home in Barnes, South West London, pictured

Kate Middleton’s 34-year-old stylist Natasha Archer has had a second child. Chris Jackson, Chris’ husband, shared this picture showing their son Theo at Barnes, South West London.

The couple, pictured in 2018, announced in September they were expecting their second child

In September 2018, the couple revealed that they were pregnant with their second child. 

Chris captioned the photographs of his two boys, “When Eddie the Elf comes downstairs and you find a baby brother,” 

Theo is seen in the photo looking over at his brother, who’s wearing a red and green festive stripe onesie.

A newborn baby named not was revealed is neatly wrapped in white cloth and appears to be sleeping.

Theo gently touches his brother’s forehead with his hand, while standing before the Christmas tree in their living-room. 

It has been reported that Natasha, who had worked for Kate since 2007, has become one of the Duchess of Cambridge's close confidantes. Pictured together with Prince William in Sydney in 2014

Natasha was a former Kate employee since 2007. It is believed that she has been made one of Kate’s confidantes. Photo taken in Sydney with Prince William and Natasha in 2014.

Chris posted the blissful moment to his Instagram. 

The proud father-of touch shared a picture two weeks ago of Theo, his child, putting stars on their Christmas tree’s top branch. 

As Natasha was helping her baby, she showed off her pregnant belly in the photo. 

Chris smiled as he carried his 3-year-old son, Chris, on his shoulders. 

Theo was just three months older than Kate Middleton’s third baby Prince Louis. He was also born in December, a couple days before the birthday of his younger siblings. 

Since 2007, the stylist works for the Duchess. She was hired initially as a PA before she added styling responsibilities, according to Grazia magazine.

Earlier this month, Chris shared a sweet snap showing him, Natasha and Theo putting on a team effort to decorate their Christmas tree, pictured

Chris sent a picture earlier in the month of him and Natasha working as a team to decorate their Christmas tree.

The 34-year-old mother is often spotted carrying bags and more on royal tours (pictured in India in 2016)

This 34-year old mother can often be seen with bags while on royal visits (image taken in India in 2016).

Theo, her and Chris’ son was born December 2018 just a few months after Prince Louis, Kate and William’s third baby.  

Chris, a Getty Royal Photographer, regularly accompanyes the Queen, Prince William, and Duchess Cornwall to official engagements.

On his Instagram, he has shared beautiful photos of his pregnant wife and Their son Theo.