Here’s how to look different at Christmas. Tatler suggests that you should only fill your stockings with “sustainable” gifts. You also need to make sure that you attend the church service, and don’t open any presents until breakfast.

  • Tatler’s new Christmas etiquette book has been released by the company. 
  • You can find the society bible detailing whether or not you should buy presents for your loved-ones 
  • The article also states that present should be ‘never opened’ before having breakfast 
  • The Magazine stated that rules should be maintained to ensure intergenerational success.

Christmas Day is fast approaching and many Brits will be traveling across the UK to visit family members they may not have seen in years. 

And with friends reuniting and loved-ones catching up, Tatler has released an etiquette guide outlining the correct way to behave on the big day. 

According to the society bible, it has provided advice on how to celebrate Christmas, such as whether you should buy Santa gifts or what you can wear that day. 

Tatler has released an etiquette guide outlining the correct way to behave at Christmas as we approach the big day (stock image)

Tatler’s Christmas Etiquette Guide outlines the proper way to act at the holiday (stock photo) 

The society bible states that attending church during the Christmas season is mandatory – just like Sandringham’s royal family.

It is recommended that the entire family wake up at a reasonable hour to be able to attend Christmas Eve Masses and Christmas Eve Carols. 

It described: ‘You needn’t stay long afterwards but it is polite to say thank you to the vicar, exchange pleasantries and ideally partake in a mince pie and sherry.’    

This glossy magazine had previously described when gifts should be opened.

The report noted that opening gifts prior to breakfast was uncouth and vulgar. It was better to wait until the ‘lull’ between lunch and morning church services. 


  • Do not start with the stale, “Thank you for your support of XYZ.” You should instead choose to say, “What a truly jazzy pair! Thank you so much…’
  • A party favor or gift can be wrapped on one side only with a single sheet of correspondence paper. For a weekend getaway, two sheets of correspondence paper are sufficient.
  • A present you received for Christmas or birthday is a good time to send your letter.
  • You have 48 hours from the time you receive hospitality to send your letter in the mail.
  • Although it is more pleasant to receive a slightly late thank-you note than none, don’t let this become a regular practice. 

The society bible, which outlines the guidelines for this year’s guideline, was also used. Stockings can only be allowed when they’re ‘filled up with sustainable treasures.

Tatler suggests that you take cues form the host if your are unsure what to wear.

The glossy magazine recommended that guests wear their Sunday best, with extra sparkle, as a guideline. However, if the hosts want to go all out, they should allow for flexibility.

To ensure guests are comfortable with any modifications or adaptions to lunch menus, it is important to first check that the changes and adaptations have been discussed with them.

Instead of serving nut-roasted nut dishes, the magazine suggested turkey as the “best choice”. 

If the hosts are willing to do so, they can suggest an adventure Christmas dinner such as ‘Ottolenghi, your sprouts, or Heston Blumenthal, your Christmas pudding.  

Tatler advises you to send out thank you cards for Christmas after the big day. It says that it takes ‘just below two weeks’ to get the notes sent so they can arrive before January 6.

In previous years,  Tatler released an etiquette guide detailing the things to say if you don’t like your presents. 

The first is “how much fun”, followed by “oh wow, I found this in a magazine” and “this is just too much”.

To remedy the situation, you may also use more white lies such as “useful presents are best” or “I didn’t even realize how much I wanted it until now”.

Ramping up the amateur dramatics another notch, the publication suggests you could exclaim ‘wait… are you psychic OR WHAT?’ You could also say, “This is a good idea for the one you already have!”‘.

This is the end of our list of fake words to help you get out of a gift-receiving pickle.