Katie Price has been pictured today with fiancé Carl Woods driving in Sussex after she was released on bail from Worthing police station on Saturday.

The 43-year-old was arrested on suspicion of breaching her restraining order after she allegedly branded her ex-husband Kieran Hayler’s fiancée a ‘gutter sl*g’ in ‘abusive messages’, MailOnline revealed yesterday.

Sussex Police reported that a woman aged in her 40s was detained at Partridge Green property, West Sussex around 12:15 on Friday night. The investigation is ongoing.

According to a spokesperson, a report regarding an alleged breach in a restraining orders was filed on Friday evening at 5.45pm.

Later on Saturday, Katie Price was seen being driven out of Worthing Police station by her fiancé Carl Woods and has been pictured being driven around again today.

Ex-glamour model Katie Price has been pictured today being driven around by fiancé Carl Woods after her arrest on Friday

Ex-glamour model Katie Price has been pictured today being driven around by fiancé Carl Woods after her arrest on Friday

Price (pictured) was arrested on Friday after allegedly breaching a restraining order by texting her ex-husband's fiancée

Price (pictured) was arrested on Friday after allegedly breaching a restraining order by texting her ex-husband’s fiancée

Price was released from a police station in Worthing on Saturday while inquiries into an alleged breach are ongoing

On Saturday, Price was freed from Worthing’s police station. Meanwhile investigations into a possible breach of trust are continuing

Messages were alleged to have called her vile names, as seen in mocked-up picture above

According to mocked-up photos, messages called her infidelities.

She was seen on the back seat of a Mercedes, with her hand on the headrest, as her fiancé drove the vehicle.

Price is now prohibited from talking to Michelle Penticost, Mr Hayler’s girlfriend, because she verbally assaulted her at school.

Miss Penticost is understood to have contacted Sussex Police on Friday to complain that Price had sent Mr Hayler ‘abusive’ messages aimed at her.

Sources claimed the messages branded Miss Penticost a ‘gutter sl*g’ and a ‘c***ing we piece of s***’, according to The Sun.

Then they added, “The words were absolutely disgusting.” 

Mr Hayler and his fiancée were understood to have been interviewed by police in their home before Price was taken into custody. Under investigation, she has been released.

According to reports, Miss Penticost (39) was left “devastated” and “threatened” by the messages.

Pictured: Katie Price's hand is seen on the headrest of a Mercedes, driven by Carl Woods, as she left the station yesterday

Pictured: Katie Price holds onto the Mercedes headrest driven by Carl Woods as she leaves the station yesterday

Katie Price (pictured in December) was arrested after she allegedly branded Kieran Hayler's fiancée a 'gutter sl*g'

Katie Price (pictured in December) was arrested after she allegedly branded Kieran Hayler’s fiancée a ‘gutter sl*g’

On Saturday, Katie Price was seen leaving Worthing Police station, as she was driven out of the premises by Carl Woods

Katie Price, a Worthing Police officer, was seen leaving the station on Saturday as Carl Woods drove her out of the building.

Sussex Police said that a woman in her 40s was arrested. Pictured: Katie Price is driven out of Worthing Police station

According to Sussex Police, the woman was in her 40s and had been taken into custody. Pictured is Katie Price being driven from Worthing Police station

Price, who lives in ‘Mucky Mansion’ in Partridge Green, is banned from contacting Mr Hayler’s girlfriend Michelle Penticost (pictured with Mr Hayler) under the terms of a five-year restraining order imposed after she was convicted of verbal abuse

Price lives in Partridge Green’s ‘Mucky Mansion.’ Mr Hayler has banned Price from speaking to Michelle Penticost, his girlfriend (pictured here with Mr Hayler). This is in accordance with a five year restraining or, which was issued after Price was found guilty of verbal abuse.

The Sun spoke to Mr Hayler’s spokesperson. She said: “We can confirm an incident that took place Friday, after which Michelle became distressed from a tirade de threatening and abusive insults.” 

Price (43), ex-glamour model and has charged her 34 year old husband with grooming and sexually assaulting a minor girl. The accusations were made before Price’s divorce in 2016. 

A former stripper, Mr Hayler angrily denies the “false” allegations against him and promises to work with police.

According to the force spokesperson, police responded at 5.45pm (Friday 21 January) to a report that a suspect had violated their restraining ordeal. 

Sussex Police (station pictured) said that a woman in her 40s was arrested at a property in West Sussex at around 12.15am

Sussex Police station pictured. A woman in her 40s was taken into custody at West Sussex property at 12.15AM.

“Officers have arrested a 40-year-old woman and released her under investigation. While inquiries continue, 

MailOnline reached out to Mr Hayler and Price representatives for comments. 

Miss Penticost is Mr Hayler’s fiancée. She shared acryptic messages on Instagram. The hashtag #restrainingorder was also shared by her. 

Price claims that she went to police before the divorce — but suggests that the alleged victim has now come forward herself. 

According to Sussex Police, Mr Hayler was not arrested. They described the victim as a “girl” and said that she was 16 years old at the time.

One spokesperson said that they are currently investigating the report that an adult male knew to have raped a girl in West Sussex in 2016. 

Price's ex Kieran Hayler pictured for the first time since allegations that he assaulted a woman on three occasions in 2016

Price’s ex Kieranhayler is pictured in the first time since he was accused of assaulting a female on three separate occasions in 2016.

Pictured: Katie Price seen leaving Worthing police station today

Pictured: Katie Price seen departing Worthing Police Station today

Police are to question Price's ex-husband Mr Hayler over historic rape allegations relating to another woman they both knew

Price’s ex husband, Mr Hayler, will be questioned by police about historic rape claims relating to another female they knew

“No arrests have been made currently. A team of specially-trained officers is supporting the girl.

According to Mr Hayler’s previous spokesman, the Mirror reported that “Kieran is completely devastated by these false allegations and has asked to meet the investigating officers as soon as possible in order to clear his name.

He stated, “He is sure that these accusations are false and have been fabricate by a third person in an act de revenge.” 

“He will fight for his freedom and the justice of those who are responsible.”

According to a source, Mr Hayler told The Sun that police have spoken to Kieran about an allegation dating back to 2016, which was believed to be made by Katie. They were friends with someone while married.

‘Kieran is co-operating and insists he has done nothing wrong — but he’s happy to speak to the cops about it. 

“He is just trying to get out of his marriage with Katie.”