Below is a listing of alleged gatherings that have in some cases been admitted.

– May 15 2020: Downing Street garden party

Boris Johnson, Carrie Johnson (his wife, the former chief advisor Dominic Cummings), and Martin Reynolds, Mr Johnson’s principal personal secretary were all photographed in a leaked photograph to The Guardian. The photo shows them sitting at a No.10 garden table with wine and cheese.

The photograph included 15 additional people, however, the Prime Minister insisted that it was a meeting of workers, and said: “Those were meetings between people working, discussing work.”

– May 20 2020: BYOB garden party

In an email leaked to ITV by Mr Reynolds, more than 100 Downing Street employees were invited to bring their own drinks to an evening party.

Numerous reports suggest that the Prime Minister was present at the event along with his wife.

Nov 13, 2020: Senior aides leave party

Reports at that time stated that Johnson delivered a speech of thanks to Lee Cain (his departing director for communications, and an ally of Mr Cummings).

– November 13 2020: Johnsons’ flat party

It is claimed that Mr Cummings was invited to parties by his then-fiancee in the flat. One such party took place on the 13th of November, the same night as Mr Cummings’ departure from No 10.

The claim was dismissed by Mrs Johnson’s spokesperson.

December 25, 2020: Treasury beverages

The Times was told by a Treasury spokesperson that several employees had come into the office to help with the Spending Review.

He explained that it was not unusual for staff to have impromptu drinks at their desks in the aftermath of an event.

December 27, 2020: The second member of staff will be leaving Do?

The Mirror reported the departure speech of the Prime Minister to an aide towards the end November as the lockdown in England continued.

According to other reports, the reason for Cleo’s departure is unknown. Watson was a Downing Street official and friend of Mr Cummings.

Dec 10, 2020: Department for Education Party

The DfE has confirmed that a social event took place after The Mirror reported Gavin Williamson (ex-education secretary) hosted a party and spoke briefly at an event at Whitehall headquarters for his department.

According to a spokesperson, it would have been more beneficial not for the group to gather in that way at that time.

– Dec 11 2020: Delivered wine refrigerator to Downing Street in support of staff’s “wine-time Fridays”.

The back door at No. 10 was opened to receive a refrigerator that holds 34 wine bottles.

The Mirror reports that fridges were required for employees’ ‘wine time Fridays’, held during lockdown. The Prime Minster encouraged parties to help their aides “let off steam”, according to The Mirror.

According to staff, regular social gatherings proved popular in the period between spring 2020 and autumn 2020 because staff had become ‘fatigued’ by Covid restrictions prohibiting socialising.

It was reported that Johnson had attended many of these events.

Parties with Shaun Bailey (Tory London mayoral nominee) and other staff

Shaun Bailey apologised sincerely and unreservedly for not attending the Conservative Campaign Headquarters gathering (CCHQ) organized by his campaign staff.

He tweeted, “It was an error in judgment at a moment when Londoners were making enormous sacrifices to protect us all and I deeply regret it,”

After The Mirror published an image of him at the meeting, he resigned as chair of the London Assembly’s Police and Crime Committee.

– December 15 2020: Downing Street quiz

While the Prime Minister was on screen at the quiz, he insists that he has not broken any rules.

Sunday Mirror published an image of Johnson with two colleagues. One was dressed in tinsel, the other wore a Santa hat.

Downing Street confirmed that Johnson had only ‘briefly attended’ the quiz but denied it to be a real event.

December 16, 2020: Department for Transport Party

The Mirror reports that high-ranking civil servants were seen ‘boozing’ and dancing at the event. This was apparently planned by Grant Shapps’ staff.

DfT spokeswoman said, “Fewer than twelve staff working in this office had a low key, socially distant gathering in the large open plan office after work on Dec 16, where food was consumed and drink was drank.”

“We recognize that this decision was incorrect and apologize for it.”

– December 17 2020: Cabinet Office ‘Christmas party’

Many outlets claimed that there was a meeting at the Cabinet Office on Dec 17.

The Times reported that Cabinet Secretary Simon Case was present at the party, which took place in Room 103 of Cabinet Office. It had been organized by Mr Case’s private secretary and included on digital calendars under the heading “Christmas party!”‘.

According to the Cabinet Office, the quiz was confirmed. A spokesperson stated that the Cabinet Secretary was not involved in the event but had walked by the office as part of his journey to his own.

Christmas 17th 2020: Drinks for ex-Covid Taskforce Head

Former director general of Government’s Covid Taskforce, she said that she regretted leaving alcohol out during the coronavirus restriction days prior to Christmas 2020.

Kate Josephs is the chief executive officer of Sheffield City Council and said that she met with her colleagues that day. She also stated that she was cooperating with Sue Gray’s investigation.

December 18, 2020: Downing Street Christmas Party

This claim is what triggered the rule-breaking claims. It states that on December 18, a party was organized for Downing Street staff.

According to reports, officials and advisors made speeches, shared cheese boards, and drank with each other. Secret Santa gifts were exchanged, but the Prime Minister isn’t believed to have been there.

Allegra Struton, Johnson’s spokesperson, quit the job after she was filmed laughing with his aides during mock press conferences.

Running up to Christmas 2020

The Daily Mirror reported Mr Johnson attending a Christmas party for Defence Advisor Captain Steve Higham.

Although the newspaper claimed that the Prime Minister had given a speech, No.10 did not reply to our request and the Ministry of Defence refused to comment.

Thursday, April 16, 2021: Dance and drinks the night before Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral

The Telegraph reports that civil servants and advisers came together after work on Friday for two different events.

These were intended to commemorate the departure from James Slack (the former director of communications for Johnson and one of Johnson’s personal photographers).

He was promoted to deputy editor in chief of The Sun’s newspaper. Mr. Slack said that he regretted the “anger and hurt” caused by his departure from No 10. Downing Street also apologized to the Queen.

According to The Telegraph, a spokesperson for No. 10 stated that Mr Johnson wasn’t in Downing Street on the day of his arrest and was instead at Chequers.

According to the newspaper, witnesses claimed that alcohol was consumed and that guests danced to popular music. It also reported that 30 people were present at both events.