Katie Price, a former glamour model and actress has her West Sussex home transformed into an auto lot.

Price has parked a variety of cars, including a Mercedes and Range Rover Beetle, on her driveway despite her driving ban.

According to The Sun, it has been reported that Price’s 32-year-old boyfriend Carl Woods (car salesman) uses the site for storage.

A spate of cars including a Mercedes, Range Rover, Beetle and Jaguar are parkedoutside Katie Price's mansion in West Sussex

A spate of cars including a Mercedes, Range Rover, Beetle and Jaguar are parkedoutside Katie Price’s mansion in West Sussex

Model Katie Price pictured with her boyfriend Carl Woods, 32, in May

Katie Price models with Carl Woods, her 32-year-old boyfriend, in May

Katie Price's partner Carl Woods previously ran his secondhand car lot from his dad's home in Essex - but now he's has his business address listed as Horsham on Auto Trader

Carl Woods was Katie Price’s business partner. He used to run his secondhand car dealership from the Essex home of his father. However, he now lists his address as Horsham in Auto Trader

Freedom: Katie Preice's family headed out for a country walk in West Sussex yesterday and were pictured collecting holly to make a festive arrangement

Freedom: Katie Preice and her family went on a walk through West Sussex yesterday. They were photographed collecting holly for an festive arrangement

Price released a statement via her Instagram page in which she apologised for causing the traffic accident and said she was 'sincerely grateful nobody was hurt'

Price issued a statement on her Instagram account in which she apologized for the traffic accident. She also said that she is sincerely thankful nobody was injured.

Price received a suspended 16-week sentence on Wednesday and a two-year driving ban for turning her BMW X5 uninsured into a hedge, while she was disqualified from driving on a country lane close to her home.

A Crawley Magistrates Court judge handed down Price’s sentence. He said that Price had committed her ninth motoring offense and told her, “You should spend Christmas behind bars.”

The drink-driving advocates claimed they are ‘gobsmacked” by the sentence. However, the judge stated that Price will not be sent to prison because she had completed her stint at The Priory celebrity rehab center and has remained out of trouble.   

Hey boyfriend Mr Woods previously ran his second-hand car business outside of his dad’s home in Essex but is understood to have relocated it to Price’s luxurious home, which is currently under threat from her bankruptcy proceedings. 

A friend pointed out that the pad of her house looks almost like a garage. It’s ironic given she’s not allowed behind a wheel.’

The £2million home suffered a collapsed ceiling and flooded kitchen earlier this year.

Katie Price smiles as she spends quality time with her children and terminally ill mother

Katie Price kicks back with family in West Sussex


Price with Mr Woods leaving Crawley Magistrates' Court in West Sussex on Wednesday afternoon after her sentencing

After her sentencing, Price and Mr Woods left Crawley Magistrates Court in West Sussex Wednesday afternoon.

Katie Price pictured with her children, with whom she shared an emotional reunion on Wednesday night hours after being handed a suspended prison sentence for drink driving

Katie Price picture with her children after she was handed a suspended sentence in prison for drinking driving

Price issued a statement after her court appearance saying that she’s sincerely sorry for any injuries and is grateful to everyone who helped.

In an Instagram statement, she apologized profusely and stated that she was sorry for the harm her actions had caused.

Elle added that she wanted to express her gratitude to all of her family members – my parents, siblings, brothers, mum and dad as well as my partner Carl Leigh, Leigh, and friends, who supported me over the past months.

“It was a very difficult time, and I am terribly sorry for my actions. I realize the harm my actions may have caused to not only another family but also to mine.

“I am now spending my time improving mental health. Mental illness is an invisible disease that can strike anytime.

“The triggers of my anxiety or behaviour are something that I have to learn how to manage moving forward.”


Katie Price has been banned SIX times for driving offenses in her long-standing history 

2003Price was not charged with speeding after her Range Rover was reported to have driven 70 miles per hour in a 40mph zone.

2008Price was cited for talking to his mobile phone on April 18 while driving.

2009Price didn’t identify the driver of her vehicle after it was stopped for speeding at over 30 MPH. Price was given four penalty points, a time limit of 99 MPH and four points on her driving licence.

2010Price was convicted of not being in control of her horsebox in February after her vehicle veered off to the side. Price received three points for her driving record, which brings her total score to 10. In December, she was suspended from driving for six month after she drove 83mph within a 70mph zone.

2012Katie was later disqualified from the workforce for twelve months after failing to answer two speeding tickets she received in September, twenty-two years ago.

2018Price received a six month ban for speeding in February 2018. She had also been given 12 points. Pictures of Price driving in violation of the ban emerged in July. After she crashed into a VW Golf at 2am and hit a hedge, she was then arrested for suspicion of drunk driving. She spent 13 hours in jail.

2019A three month ban was placed on Price for driving after she had been disqualified in January. Price was then banned from driving for 18 more months after failing to report that she was behind the wheel in pink Range Rover in a collision in Bexley in South East London.

2021 After having consumed alcohol and taken drugs, Price drove her BMW car onto a country road close to her West Sussex house in the early morning hours of September. Crawley Magistrates charged Price with drink driving, driving under the influence and driving without insurance.