One mother of two who was married to a tree said that the pair were still strong, and they are now celebrating their third Christmas together.

Kate Cunningham (37), who changed her name to Elder after she tied the knot with the elder tree in 2019, in Sefton on Merseyside says that the two are closer than ever during this holiday season.

In addition to her work as an environmental worker, the mother also visits her son’s tree five times a week.

And she will spend Boxing Day with her bark-covered other half – leaving the rest of her family at home in Melling, Merseyside. 

Kate wed the tree in protest of plans to construct a bypass through the park she lived in three years.

Kate Cunningham, who changed her surname to Elder when she and the elder tree tied the knot in 2019 in Sefton, Merseyside, said the pair are more loved-up than ever this festive season

Kate Cunningham changed her name to Elder after she tied the knot with the elder tree in 2019, in Sefton (Merseyside). She said that the two are now more in love than ever during this holiday season.

Kate, pictured, who changed her name by deed poll to Kate Rose 'Elder', married the tree protest against plans to build a bypass through her local country park at the time

Kate, pictured, who changed her name by deed poll to Kate Rose ‘Elder’, married the tree protest against plans to build a bypass through her local country park at the time

According to the mother-of-1, she feels complete and their love is only growing since September 2019 when Rimrose Valley Country park was established.

She described her tree as a part of her family.

Kate even signs her Christmas cards as ‘With Winter Wishes, from Mr and Mrs Elder’.

Former teaching assistant confessed that she can sometimes make up to five visits per week. This pace accelerates during lockdowns.

For her 'wedding' day, Kate, right, wore a flower crown and a dress made of bark to mark the event

Kate was right in a floral crown and bark-covered dress for the ‘wedding day’. 

She plans to visit the tree on Boxing Day to make sure it isn’t left out of her festive celebrations.

She said: ‘It’s our third Christmas together now so it almost feels like tradition to get the decorations out for it.

“When I put them up, it was just as beautiful to me in December sunlight as the trees were when they were planted.

“I created the wreath using holly, pine, ivy and red winterberries that I found on a weekend walk.

The one she's pining for: Kate said she was instantly attracted to the tree at Rimrose Valley Country Park

Kate screams for the one she loves: Kate stated that she fell in love with Rimrose Valley Country park’s tree.

Kate, showing her wedding ring, visits the tree five times a week

The mother-of-two said their bond is still going strong

Kate (left) shows her wedding band. Kate says she visits the tree 5 times per week. 

“Plus, I also added some festive glitter.”

Kate, from the nearby village of Melling, immediately knew the elder tree was ‘the one’ due to its earthly energy drawing her towards it.

She fell in love with the older woman as soon as she saw Rimrose Val Country Park.

This tree-loving mom has felt connected with nature her whole life, but she was more deeply attached to the tree than any other person in the park.

Kate has decorated the tree for Christmas and plans on leaving her family at home on Boxing Day to spend some quality time with him

Kate is planning to decorate the tree at Christmas, and she will leave her family behind on Boxing Day so that Kate can spend time with him. 

Wood you do it? Kate married the tree in order to safeguard the Rimrose Valley Country Park in 2019

Wood you do it? Kate wed the tree to protect the Rimrose valley Country Park in 2019. 

Kate, pictured on her 'wedding' day, said she was in love with the tree and that it changed her life for the better

Kate is pictured here on her wedding day. She said she loved the tree and it has changed her life. 

The park’s large, light-colored bark and its size attracted the woman.

She stated, “People ask me questions and remain unsure about my motivations.”

I get the question, “Has being married made your life better?” Yes, it has.

“Do you love trees?” “Yes, I love the tree!”

Kate’s family and friends fully support her marriage as they know she has always felt deeply connected to the earth.

Kate believes trees can be compared to people because they are full of energy and have the ability to build bonds with others.

But her union with the shrub can’t be said to be entirely monogamous – as Kate has a boyfriend that has been with her every step of the way.

He is supportive of Kate’s decision and joins Kate at some visits.

It is proudly worn by her, her Grandad’s wedding ring.

Kate has gained confidence through her marriage, which she uses to support climate activism. 

Kate's boyfriend has been supportive of her choice of husband, and sometimes visits the three with her

Kate is supported by her boyfriend, who sometimes comes to visit her and the other two. 

The mother-of-two's husband has reportedly not been phased by Kate's cuddling and smooching the tree

According to the reports, Kate’s husband was unaffected by Kate’s cuddling or smooching of the tree.

This marriage was part of an effort to stop Rimrose Valley Country Park being turned into a National Highway bypass.

Residents campaigned against the construction of a three-mile bypass through Rimrose valley and to the Port of Liverpool.

The dual carriageway, they argued, would obliterate large areas of green and redirect polluting to an eco-hub.

Kate explained that her love for people asking her questions is because she can share her marital happiness and help raise awareness about Rimrose Val Country Park.

Mexican women married trees many years ago and inspired her to speak out against illegal logging.