Today, polls revealed that Boris Johnson’s popularity dropped to nine points. This was after a string of scandals and an angry backlash about a Christmas party that was held at Downing Street last December. 

Opinium Research’s poll of intentions found that 41% of respondents would vote for Keir Sterner’s Labour, an increase of 3%, while only 32% (a decrease by 4%) would vote For the Tories.

Johnson’s popularity plummeted sharply. 59 percent disapprove of Johnson’s job, while only 24 percent approve – an average score of minus 35 per cent. 

Boris Johnson's popularity fell to a new low today as polls showed Labour taking a nine point lead over the Tories after a series of scandals and amid furious backlash over a Christmas party that was allegedly held in Downing Street last year. Pictured: Mr Johnson arriving at Hospital after announcing the brith of this daughter

Boris Johnson’s popularity plummeted to an all-time low as polls show Labour leading the Tories by nine points. The result was due to scandals, and furious backlash from a Downing Street Christmas party last year. Pictured: Mr Johnson arriving at Hospital after announcing the brith of this daughter

Keir Starmer, the Opposition leader, also saw his approval drop by 2 percent. However, he held a clear advantage over his opponent on the question about who would be the best Prime Minister. With 29 percent selecting Labour’s leader, and 22 percent selecting Mr Johnson,

Both were defeated by the “none of these” option. It was chosen by 35% of 1,175 respondents.

Johnson is being criticized on many fronts these weeks, from funding the renovation of Downing Street to the claim that he intervened in order to evacuate pets from Kabul in the chaos of Western withdrawal.

Reports that Downing Street hosted a party during a lockdown for Christmas 2020 have been the most problematic. This week’s video shows staff laughing about the incident.

57% agreed that the Prime Minister should step down, an increase of 53 percent from earlier this week. Only 26 percent said he should remain. Three quarters of the people who indicated they voted Tory during the previous election suggested he should step down. 

Political commentators have indicated that there is growing dissatisfaction about Johnson’s leadership in Conservative lawmakers. They are expected to vote against Johnson’s plans for new measures to counter the Omicron virus. 

Labour’s nine point lead is the largest from any pollster since May 2019, and the biggest lead from Opinium since February 2014, it said.

The poll of voting intentions (pictured), carried out by Opinium Research for The Observer, found that 41 percent would vote Labour (an increase of 3 percent), while just 32 percent (a decrease of four percent) would vote for the Tories

Opinium Research, for The Observer conducted a survey of voters (pictured). It revealed that 41% of respondents would vote Labour (an additional 3%) while only 32 percent would vote For the Tories (4%)

Responding to a question about which one of three Covid scandals have engulfed senior ministers in the past two years, 51 percent answered that the accusations of No. 10 Christmas party on December 2020.

This was followed by 28 percent who said the Dominic Cummings Barnard Castle trip, and 21 percent who said the Matt Hancock/Gina Coladangelo affair, that saw the then-health minister resign in disgrace.

According to political commentators, there has been a growing dissatisfaction among Conservative legislators with Johnson’s leadership.

Many will likely vote against the plan to implement new measures to stop the spread of Omicron coronavirus.

“The results of the latest Opinium poll show a dramatic fall in support for Conservatives as well as approval for the Prime Minister,” said Adam Drummond (Head of Political Polling at Opinium).

Johnson, he warned, was the “king of comebacks” who has recovered from challenging polling situations in the past.

He said, “But, unless Conservatives turn these numbers around fast, backbenchers may start to ask if the party’s over for the prime Minister.”

Opposition leader Keir Starmer's (pictured in the House of Commons last month) approval also fell by two percent, but he took a clear lead over his rival on the question of who would make the best Prime Minister, with 29 percent choosing the Labour leader and 22 percent picking Mr Johnson

Keir Starmer, Opposition leader (pictured at the House of Commons in December last month), also saw his approval fall by two percent. However, he still has a clear advantage over his opponent on the question of the best Prime Minister. With 29 percent selecting Labour, and 22 percent selecting Mr Johnson,

Anxiety in Tory Party has been elevated by three lost council seats in Rotherham & Bracknell this week. Three more in Tonbridge are also in doubt. 

Senior figures tell MailOnline that they are ‘astonished” if Owen Paterson’s resignation does not trigger a mood of despair’ about the chances of holding the North Shropshire Commons seat.

After months of chaos over U-turns, fraud and other scandals, the warning signs will place pressure on the PM. Carrie is the wife of the PM.

Andrew Mitchel, an ex-minister in the Cabinet, warned yesterday that the “mood” of the Conservative Party was “sulphurous”. He said that No10 must take control.

According to Boris, despite the fact that the history of Tory Party has been marred by such ruthlessness in the past, he stated that he was confident that Boris would get his act together. 

Geoffrey Clifton Brownn, treasurer of powerful 1922 Committee of backbench MEPs, gave a thinly disguised warning today, telling Mr Johnson to stabilize the ship through Christmas.

The veteran MP stated that he had to be honest about many of the topics he mentioned in his opening news.

The group is about to leave for Christmas. If he comes back in the new year refreshed, able to differentiate between his private life and public life, and clarify all the issues and then start to do the really big issues that this country needs – restoring the NHS, dealing with carbon emissions and Cop26, how we deal with the economy, helping businesses – we can really get onto that agenda away from these other, sort of, personal issues, then I think he’s fine.

‘But if we go on having these – what I call personal issues, issues of judgment by the Prime Minister – then I think that’s a very different scenario.’

YouGov discovered that nearly three quarters believe there was an illegal Christmas party. The same number believed Mr Johnson made lies about the event afterwards. 

Worse, a fifth of Tory voters believe that the government’s handling of the allegations has made them less trustful.

Survation said of its research for the Daily Mirror: ‘In terms of vote share, were these types of figures seen at the next General Election a Labour lead of this size would easily make Labour the largest party in the Commons with over 300 seats, albeit short of an overall majority.’  

On the by-election hopes, a senior Tory source said: ‘I would be astonished if the Lib Dems don’t win North Shropshire. It is also a Leave strong constituency.

With the controversy over Johnson’s grace-and-favour apartment refurbishment reignited, claims of Lockdown-busting Parties in Downing Street and huge Tory rebellion over Covid, Mr Johnson appears to be facing an unstoppable storm. 

After video of Prime Minister David Cameron’s staff laughing about having such an event last year, despite multiple official denials, the minister accepted an apology. 

Mr Johnson looks to be facing a perfect storm with the row over his grace-and-favour flat refurbishment reigniting, allegations of lockdown-busting parties in Downing Street, and a huge Tory revolt over Covid measures

With the controversy over Johnson’s grace-and-favour apartment refurbishment reigniting and allegations of Lockdown-busting Parties in Downing Street as well as a massive Tory rebellion over Covid, Mr Johnson appears to be heading for a storm.

Last week, the Daily Mirror reported that No. 10 hosted a Christmas party on December 18, last year. London was still under Tier 3 restrictions.

These measures specifically prohibited Christmas parties or lunches where they were ‘a principally social activity,’ as the Government Twitter account explained to the public one day earlier.

Additional sources confirm that there was a party. Staff were seen wearing Christmas jumpers, alcohol and secret Santa gifts. 

Downing Street flatly refuted the claims, with official statements insisting there wasn’t a Christmas party or that rules were violated.

Johnson said to reporters on Tuesday: “I’m satisfied that all guidelines were observed at all times.”

ITV News posted damning footage, hours after the Prime Minister had tried to discredit the allegations.

Video of a fake press conference between Downing Street staff and Allegra Ston (then Mr Johnson’s press secretary) was leaked. It took place on 22 December.

In the bombshell video a No 10 aide asks a question about 'a Downing Street Christmas party on Friday night', to which Allegra Stratton laughed and replied: 'I went home.' Downing Street

The bombshell video shows a No10 aide asking a question about “a Downing Street Christmas Party on Friday night”. AllegraStratton responded with laughter, “I went home.” Downing Street

They discussed the possibility of a fictional Downing Street party, but it was canceled during rehearsals for the televised briefings. This would have taken place on Friday, December 18. 

Johnson issued a warning after the video was posted. He warned that there would be “disciplinary action” against any staff members who break the rules. However, the incident was not about attendance at any parties.

Outside her home in north London, Ms. Stratton made a tearful apology for her comments that’seemed to be light of the rules’.

“To all those who have lost loved ones or suffered from intolerable loneliness, and to all who are struggling with their businesses, I’m truly sorry. This afternoon, I offer my resignation as Prime Minister,” she said.