Kentucky high school is being investigated after students appear LAP DANCE with teachers and principal during homecoming week festivities

  • After Hazard High School’s Facebook page shared the photos, they were immediately taken down by a Twitter user. 
  • The photos show cheerleaders wearing uniforms from Hooters and carrying mugs that looked to have alcohol in them. 
  • One shot showed a male student giving Donald ‘Happy” Mobellini, the principal of Hazard’s school, a lap dance. 
  • Susan Combs, Superintendent for Schools, has launched an investigation
  • The school Facebook page promoted this event as part homecoming week 

Kentucky town shocked by photos showing students giving teachers and the principal, who is also the mayor of the town.

The photos were shared by a Twitter user from Hazard High School’s Facebook page. Since then, the images have been removed.

The photos show cheerleaders in Hooters waitress uniforms, carrying what appears to be alcohol, and a male student giving Donald ‘Happy ‘Mobelini – also known as the mayor of Hazard – a lap dance. There were also allegedly a few ‘paddlings” given out. reached out for comment to the mayor as well as his assistant. 

Susan Combs, Superintendent for Schools, has launched an investigation. 

Combs stated that the incident was under investigation. As you know, any information under investigation I really cannot talk about. “Once the investigation is complete appropriate action will taken.” 

The school Facebook page promoted this event as part homecoming week.

Photos show what appear to be a student giving someone a lap dance at a homecoming week event that included a 'Man Pageant'

Photos show what appears to be a student doing a lap dance for someone at a homecoming week event, which included a ‘Man Pageant.

The event also featured cheerleaders wearing Hooters waitress outfits and carrying what appeared to look like alcohol

The event also featured cheerleaders dressed in Hooters waitress attires and carrying what appeared as alcohol

Hazard mayor and principal of Hazard High School Donald 'Happy' Mobelini reportedly also received a lap dance

Hazard mayor and principal Hazard High School Principal Donald ‘Happy” Mobelini was reportedly also given a lap dance

There were allegedly also 'paddlings' given out

A few ‘paddlings were also distributed.

The day included the traditional Powderpuff football game as well as Spirit Day and Twin Day. The ‘Man Pageant’ was the main source of much of the excitement. 

Combs declined comment to say if the ‘Man Pageant’ was an annual event. 

“Um. What exactly is the matter, y’alls? C’mon Hazard,’ Nema Beerwer, cofounder of education advocacy group KY 120 United wrote Tuesday night in a tweet showing the photos. “Get it together.”

Toni Konz Tatman, spokeswoman for the Kentucky Department of Education, stated that they are aware of the incidents at Hazard Independent Schools and have been in contact with the superintendent who informed them that the incident is under investigation. 

Hazard Independent School Board member Aster Sizemore said that he was present at the school Tuesday, but not at the incident.

‘Normally, the principal, Happy Mobelini, is pretty dad-gum strict, so that surprises me, unless someone pulled something out of a hat,’ Sizemore said, the Louisville Courier Journal reported. ‘A kid arrives at school in a short-sleeved dress, you know? He makes them go home and change.

Ralph Butch Asher (Board chairman) said he was aware. He could not confirm if the event was an ongoing one. 

Mobelini was reported to have been investigated twice in 2008 for alcohol incidents involving students.

In 2008, Mobelini was reportedly investigated twice for alcohol incidents involving students

Mobelini was reported to have been investigated twice in 2008 for alcohol incidents involving students. 

The superintendent of schools is investigating the event

The incident is being investigated by the superintendent of schools

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, one photo of him driving students around while they smoked and drank alcohol was posted online. 

Similar criticism was levelled at Mobelini in 2008 when he was caught by police drinking on the school’s football field just moments after leaving. 

Mobelini didn’t get in trouble for either of these cases because he wasn’t aware of the drinking.