A hybrid, gasoline-powered electric vehicle beat every other contender to secure the inaugural major motoring award in 2022. The Kia EV6 was named What Car?”Car of the Year.”

The £41,000 plug-in family car, which has a claimed range of more than 320 miles, trumped every new four-wheeled model at the automotive Oscars ceremony on Thursday evening.

This is only the second year that a zero emission vehicle has been named the best new car at the annual honors. They have been held annually since 1978.

As a way to educate consumers on which motors are best for them, Trophies were distributed across 27 different categories. Below are the models that What Car?The expert judging panel of What Car recommends 2022… 

This is the new king of all cars, 2022. As the What Car winner, the Kia EV6 won the first major motoring award. Gong for Car of the Year

This was the first and only electric car to be awarded the title. It was also a Kia. The e-Niro, a 2019 Korean auto company’s debut What Car? victory. 

It is the third non-European company to be awarded the What Car? top prize, a sign of the remarkable progress made in recent years. It was founded 44 years ago. 

Judges voted for the EV6 because it’set new benchmarks in electric cars’ and was able to do so since the launch of the vehicle late last year.

Prices in the UK start from £40,945 and rise up to £51,945 for the most expensive variant, with cheaper options featuring rear-wheel drive and the pricer specifications powering all four corners.

The most popular version sold so far is the mid-range ‘GT-Line RWD’, which costs from £43,945, and is the specific trim level What Car? This motor was voted the top new motor in 2022.

The single-speed, automatic transmission sends power to rear wheels. It produces 226 bhp.

This SUV is capable of sprinting from a standstill at 62mph to 124mph in just 7.3 seconds. It can also reach a maximum speed of 114mph with a restricted top speed.

All the categories winners of the What Car of the Year Awards for 2022 


Car of Year: Kia E-V6 RWD GT-Line


A small car Honda Jazz SR

Families car Seat Leon 1.5 TSI 130 Evo FR

The small SUV Ford Puma 1.0 Ecoboost Hybrid (mHEV)

Family SUVVolvo XC40 T4+ Recharge T4 Plus (Dark Theme).

An electric SUVKia EV6 RWD GT-Line

A large SUVHyundai Santa Fe 4WD Premium

Luxurious SUVBMW X5 xDrive45e Sport

A sports SUV Ford Puma ST 1.5 Ecoboost 200 Performance Pack

Hybrid plug-in: Lexus NX 450h+ F Sport Premium Plus Pack

The small electric carCupra Born V2 58kWh

The large electric car Tesla Model 3 Long Range

Car for executives:BMW 3 Series 330e M Sport Package (M Sport Pro Package).

Luxurious carBMW 5 Series M Sport (M Sport Pro Package), BMW 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 535e 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Serie 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series 5

Estate: Skoda Superb Estate 2.0 TDI 150 SEL

MPV: Volkswagen Touran 1.5 TSI 150 SE

Pick-up: Ford Ranger 2.0L EcoBlue 213PS Wildtrack auto

Hot hatch:Mercedes-AMG A45S Plus

Cars with performance Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo 4S

Coupé: BMW 4 Series 420i M Sport (M Sport Pro Package)

Convertible:BMW 4 Series Convertible Model 420i (M Sport Pro Bundle)

Sports car Porsche Cayman GTS


Reliability Award Lexus

True MPG Award (for cars that achieve or exceed their claimed MPG numbers)Toyota Yaris Cross 1.5-litre petrol hybrid

Innovation Award:Gridserve provides electric charging stations at its forecourts

Safety Award Nissan Qashqai

Tow Car Award Kia Sorento 2.2 CRDi 3 DCT

The Reader’s Award All-new 2022 Range Rover 

It is only the second time in the What Car? Car of the Year award history that an EV has won the top prize. The last time was in 2019 and was also a Kia - the e-Niro

This is the second consecutive What Car? award. It is the second time in the Car of the Year Award history that an EV won the top prize. Last time, it was 2019 when a Kia won the top prize.

Judges said the EV6 was the unanimous winner having 'stood out for setting new benchmarks for electric cars' from when it hit the market late last year

The unanimous winner was declared by judges to be the EV6. It has’stood out as setting new benchmarks in electric cars’ since its launch late last year.

Kia says the EV6 can cover up to 328 miles on a single charge. When What Car? put it through a worst-case real-world test in cold conditions, it still managed to cover 224 miles

According to Kia, the EV6 can travel up to 328 miles with a single charge. What Car? The car was put through its worst-case test under cold conditions and it managed to travel 224 mi

The EV6 trim offers a range of 328-miles according to laboratory test results, which are quoted in the sales brochures.

What Car? However, What Car? claimed that it drove the 100% EV at ‘near-worst-case’ temperatures – which does not prevent a battery working at its optimum levels but also considers the user’s heating needs – and covered an amazing 224 miles without needing to recharge.

You can charge it superfast at 800 volts. If you find an acceptable rapid charging point, the battery will charge up to 10-80 percent in just 18 minutes. 

Drivers can even use the car as an independent portable power-supply – whether to charge up another car or electric bike, power camping equipment, or boil a kettle to make a cup of tea.

The judges were impressed by more than just the electric qualities of this product. They also voted for its quality and practicality.

What Car? It was praised for its huge space, superior refinement and market-leading 7-year warranty.

Is it possible to fit it in my garage? Kia GT Line EV6 GT 

Available for purchase:Get it now

The price range £40,945 to £51,945 

Length: 4,695mm

Width: 1,890mm

Height: 1,550m

Wheelbase: 2,900mm 

Battery: Polymer 77.4kWh lithium-ion

Wheels: 19 inches

Official range: 332 miles

What Car? Worst-case scenario range:228 miles 

Time for charging from 10-80% in as little as 18 minutes

Power: 226bhp

Transmission:Single-speed manual transmission

0-62mph:7.3 seconds

Speed record 114mph

Modes of driving: There are three types of snow: Eco, Normal and Sport.

Luggage space, seats up: 490 litres

Luggage space, seats down: 1,300 litres  

Prices start from a fraction under £41k, though the most popular version is the mid-range 'GT-Line RWD', which costs £43,945. It was this specific trim level that What Car? recommends

Prices start from a fraction under £41k, though the most popular version is the mid-range ‘GT-Line RWD’, which costs £43,945. This trim level is what What Car? This is what What Car?

A modern and wonderfully-designed cabin helped the Kia EV6 secure the 2022 award ahead of all petrol, diesel and hybrid rivals

The Kia EV6 won the award for 2022 with a modern, beautifully-designed cabin. This was ahead of any petrol or diesel hybrid competitors

What Car? praised it above all its internal combustion engine rivals for being hugely spacious, supremely refined and for its market-leading seven-year warranty

What Car? It was praised for having a huge interior, superior refinement and its seven-year warranty that is market-leading.

What Car? Editor Steve Huntingford stated that the electric Kia has’set an unprecedented benchmark for electric vehicles’. He also said that Tesla and the Korean brand are now the leaders in zero-emission car sales. 

He stated that the EV6 was a great all-rounder and answers buyers’ queries about charging time and range brilliantly.

“Kia’s progress has long been impressive, but it is the way that it has seized the opportunity offered by the transition to electric cars that has made it a leader in the market. 

“Coming on the heels of the e-Niro win in 2019, the Car of the Year victory cements Tesla’s position as the world’s most innovative electric car maker.

Paul Philpott from Kia UK responded to the award by saying that it was a great honour to have been named Car of the Year.

‘The EV6 is a truly exceptional car and it’s just the beginning of things to come from Kia on our rapid journey to electrification. It is a clear recognition that Kia has become a leader in electric cars, having won the award in 2019 with eNiro.

There were more victories for electric vehicles, with the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo trumping every high-powered petrol car to the best performance model for 2022

The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo won more wins for electric cars, beating every high-powered petrol vehicle to become the top performance model in 2022.

The Tesla Model 3 incredibly became Briton's second most-bought car in 2021. It was recommended by What Car? in this year's awards as the best large EV on the market

Incredibly, the Tesla Model 3 was Briton’s 2nd most-bought vehicle in 2021. What Car? recommended it. This year, What Car? voted it the best large EV in its category

The EV6 didn’t beat its petrol or diesel counterparts. Porsche’s Taycan crossed Turismo took the title of Performance car. That’s no small feat, considering it’s entirely powered by batteries. 

Tesla won a trophy after its record-breaking sales year in Britain. The Model 3 was the most registered car in the UK, and it took the Large Electric Car category. 

BMW was also a big winner, winning five categories. 

It won the prizes for the best Luxury SUV (with the BMW X5), Executive car (BMW 3 Series), Luxury car (BMW 5 Series), Coupé (BMW 4 Series) and Convertible (BMW 4 Series Convertible).

Ford came in second place with three categories wins, including the Small SUV (Ford Puma), Sports Utility (Ford Puma ST), and Pick-ups (Ford Ranger). 

Thatcham Research’s expert panel praised Nissan’s Qashqai for bringing ‘high-end safety features’ to the mass market without breaking the bank.

> See the five cars nominated as the safest new models for 2022 – and which motors scored poorly in Euro NCAP crash tests last year 

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