A video captures the moment when a kickboxer chases a thief along his street. He had taken items from his car.

Kian Shakouri (29), can be seen running out of his Bedworth home, Warwickshire in only boxer shorts, after he was alerted by motion-detected security camera movements outside.

He was able to track down the thief, who cowered, whimper and cried when he dropped the items. The stolen items include tools Mr Shakouri uses as a carpenter and keys from his neighbour.

It happened on Sunday morning at around 0:30 AM. The footage was taken by CCTV from the home of the trainer.

Kian Shakouri, 29, can be seen sprinting out of his home in Bedworth, Warwickshire, after being alerted by his motion-detected security cameras of movement outside his home. The thief runs away and drops the stolen tools onto the ground

Kian Shakouri (29), can be seen running out of his Bedworth home, Warwickshire home after being alerted via motion-detected security camera movement outside. The thief flees and leaves the instruments on the ground.

The 29-year-old runs Total Kickboxing Academy and also works full time as a carpenter

She runs Total Kickboxing Academy at the age of 29 and is also a full-time carpenter.

This footage features a man in a black hooded jumper and face mask while rummaging in the trunk of his car, which is parked in front of a driveway.

The burglar appears to not be bothered by the fact that the property’s front light has been switched on. He continues his search through the tool boxes.

After just a moment, the thief takes a few toolsboxes and switches the light off at the front. 

After putting one of the boxes back in their boots, the crook activates the light and walks off with the other two tools. 

Then he tries to open the car’s door handle, but it is too noisy for him.

Moments later Mr Shakouri appears to be running from the property in his boxer shorts. He shouts at the thief, who then drops the boxes and flees.

While Mr Shakouri continues to chase him, he shouts “Come Here” as he vanishes from the camera. 

Audio is picked up by the recording, which seems to show Mr Shakouri’s encounter with the thief.

Shakouri stated that the incident took place at around 6 am on Sunday. He was awakened by his motion detector to see movement outside of his home.

It was thought to be a cat or postman so he didn’t pay attention until it alerted again.

The second alert was followed by a live check of the app’s video, which revealed a man in his back car.

After initially thinking it was his dad, he realized that it was actually a thief.

He fled from the front door without having time to change clothes and ran after them. They eventually caught up with him around 20m down the road. 

The footage shows a man dressed in a hooded jumper, face mask, black trousers and trainers rummaging around in the boot of a car parked on a driveway.

A man wearing a hooded jumper with a face mask and black pants, and sneakers, is seen rummaging through the car’s boot while it is parked at a driveway.

The thief appeared unbothered until he heard a noise coming from the house and then Mr Shakouri running after him

The thief seemed unbothered, until Mr Shakouri heard an unusual noise from his house.

Mr Shakouri said as soon as he caught up with the thief, about 20 metres down the road, he 'cowered, whimpered and cried'

According to Mr Shakouri, the thieves sped away from him about twenty metres further down the road.

He told Metro: ‘He probably thought he’d hit the jackpot, he’d been stealing everything and anything.

‘There was a little pile of stuff outside the front of the house which he’d obviously stolen from other people. 

‘It looked like Christmas presents with perfumes and boxes of Ferrero Rocher, it looked like small gifts for people.

‘But he didn’t get away with anything. He ran away as I chased after him.

The Sun spoke to the kickboxer following the incident.

“Police said that I took his keys, but he was a neighbor’s key.”

“It was great to be able back them.”

Total Kickboxing Academy’s Mr Shakouri posted the video to his Facebook page. He warned others to be vigilant and called himself “captain underneathpants”.

The caption was: This morning, this scumbag stole cars from Bedworth.

“Be alert, lock your vehicles and keep them out of view.

This time the ring cameras, and also captain’s underpants, saved the day.

Warwickshire Police said that attempted theft was reported on Sunday at 6.43am.

The force denied any arrests after being asked for more information.