This is the frightening moment a ringleader for ‘Kill the Bill” attempted to set fire to two police cars before telling an officer inside he was going “go bang”.

Ryan Roberts (25), played a leading role in the Bristol protests on 21 March this year. Footage shows him holding a piece or cardboard that had been burned under a police van.

As it was turning away from rioters, the police van contained seven officers.

The 25 year-old was also seen trying start a fire under an arch in a police van that had an officer inside. 

Yesterday Roberts was found guilty in five of the offences he committed in connection to the March ‘Kill the Bill’ protests. He will be sentenced at an unknown date. 

A 34-minute video was shown to the jury, which included CCTV footage, mobile phone footage, and officers’ body-worn camera footage.  

Roberts was dressed in dark hoodie. He was seen on the roof at the Bridewell Police Station, leading offensive chants about officers to a jeering audience.

Ryan Roberts (pictured), 25, was found guilty of attempted arson with intent and intent to endanger lives, and attempted arson reckless as to whether life may be endangered. He was also found guilty on two counts of arson recklessly as to whether life is at risk.

Police officers were then subject to Roberts throwing  missiles at them and kicking their shields before he struck one and attacked the station.   

 At one point he is heard threatening the officer who is inside the van which he is trying to set on fire, suggesting his van is going to explode.

Roberts was then captured repeatedly hitting an officer using a police baton, before he damaged 3 police cars. One of them he tried rolling over with other people before starting to build a fire.   

Roberts tried to set fire to a police van while officers were inside (pictured)

Roberts attempted to set ablaze a police van that contained officers (pictured).

You can see more video clips of Roberts moving the bin next to a police car, before setting it on fire and throwing items at police officers lines.

Roberts, a man without a fixed address was found guilty of attempted arson with intent and intent to endanger the life of others, and riot.

He was also found guilty on two counts of arson recklessly assessing whether life is at risk.

He was filmed hitting police cars, trying to set them alight and chanting inflammatory remarks

He was caught on camera hitting police cars, trying set them alight, and shouting infuriating remarks. 

James Riccio, senior investigating officer, stated that Ryan Roberts played a major role in one the most shameful nights of Bristol’s recent past.

“He denied all the offences, and blamed police for their actions. But the footage we found of him in the riot spoke volumes.

“He repeatedly targeted officers, hitting and kicking and throwing large objects at them. He also attempted to set fire and steal vehicles with officers inside.

“The most disturbing aspect of this offense is that he wasn’t just trying to burn the vehicles. He was knowingly endangering the lives of officers and others in the area.

“These are officers who come into work every day to protect and serve the public. They should never face assault or threats to their lives.

Protesters gathered outside court during the four-day proceedings at Bristol Crown Court

During the four-day proceedings at Bristol Crown Court, protestors gathered outside of court

James Le Grys (Crown Advocate for CPS) said that the incident is still shocking six months after it happened due to the violence used in order to hijack a peaceful protest.

“Ryan Roberts” was one of the main criminals. His violence even extended to trying to lighten an occupied police car.

“Today, he was convicted for his role in the horrendous scenes that were captured on video.

“We’ve worked closely together with the Police to deliver a coordinated reaction and support what was a complicated investigation.

“We respect the right of legal protest, but when people resort violence and destruction to cause damage, we will charge them with offences that reflect their severity.”

Around 500 people marched on Bridewell’s police station in March. 

During the four-day proceedings at Bristol Crown Court, protestors gathered outside. 

Other defendants are still facing criminal charges in relation to the disruption that occurred on Sunday 21st March.