As he’s convicted for murdering his 24-year-old friend, 21-year old Chilling Moment Killer flees with a huge hunting knife

  • Sean Bulle, 21 years old, was filmed using a large hunting knife in Wolverhampton. 
  • Paulius Petrasiunas had just 24 minutes earlier entered the property as the killer.
  • Bulle and Petrasiunas shared laughs, and they went shopping that morning. 
  • Bulle then launched a terrible attack against his friend at the Heath Town Flats

This chilling footage captures a killer running from a crime scene with a large hunting knife just moments after stabbing his friend in broad daylight.

Sean Bulle (21 years old) was armed with the weapon all day, just before he attacked Paulius Petrosiunas (24) after an argument.

Video footage captures the couple laughing, shopping and chatting just hours prior to the attack at 5.20pm on the 13th of July last year.

The video shows the two friends walking into an apartment block off Chervil Rise in Heath Town, Wolverhampton.

Bulle, now holding the terrible blade he had used in the murder of his friend, sprints off the flats.

Pictured is Sean Bulle, 21, of Heath Town, Wolverhampton, who will be sentenced for the murder of Paulius Petrasiunas, 24

Sean Bulle 21, from Heath Town (Wolverhampton), is shown here. He will be sentenced in the case of Paulius Perasiunas’s murder, 24

CCTV caught the pair laughing and joking with one another earlier in the day, before Bulle (right) launched his terrifying attack

CCTV captured the two laughing and having fun with each other earlier in the day before Bulle (right), launched his horrific attack

Bulle (pictured above) was later caught sprinting from the murder scene in Heath Town, Wolverhampton with the murder weapon in hand

Bulle (pictured above), was seen sprinting away from Heath Town in Wolverhampton, with his murder weapon in hand.

Bulle had attacked Paulius by stabbing him in the chest. This horrific attack was seen by his partner and friends.

Bulle was identified by detectives. The West Midlands Police then launched an extensive manhunt.

Two days later, he was located at a Shrewsbury house and found that a bag containing blood contained the victim.

Bulle, also known as Switch, claimed that someone had injured Paulius.

He said he was having epileptic seizures, and stumbled upon the scene of the crime. 

Then, he changed his story to claim that he had been with Paulius’sparring knives’ prior to being killed.

Minutes before his death, Paulius Petrasiunas (left) enters the block of flats with Sean Bulle closely behind him

Paulius Petrasiunas (left), enters the block de flats just minutes before his death. Sean Bulle is close behind.

Bulle casually discarded the knife he used to murder Petrasiunas with before he made his way to Shrewsbury where he was arrested days later

Bulle casually left the knife with which he killed Petrasiunas behind before making his way to Shrewsbury. There he was taken into custody days later.

CCTV footage showed Bulle running from the crime scene, with the knife he believed to have hidden under his jogging pants.

Bulle tried to cover the weapon. However, police found the weapon months later underneath a pile between a wall and fence.

Experts inforensics discovered that it had been soaked in Paulius’ blood.

He was sentenced to death after his trial at Stoke Crown Court, on Thursday.

Bulle from Clover Ley (Heath Town) will be sentenced at the beginning of next year

Paulius Petrasiunas (pictured) was stabbed to death by his friend Sean Bulle after the pair had argued

Sean Bulle, Paulius’ friend, stabbed him to death after they had disagreed.

Bulle holding a bloodstained hunting knife when he fled from the scene of murder on CCTV

Detective Sergeant Damian Forrest stated that this was the murder senseless of a young man.

“Bulle appeared to be annoyed by a call Paulius made and then he whipped out the hunting knife.

“It left Paulius suffering from serious chest injuries, and he was dead within seconds.

The aftermath of this attack was unfortunately witnessed by Paulius’s partner, as well as his closest friends, who courageously presented evidence during the trial.

Bulle, despite all he had done, was calmly taken away by police and fled from the scene.

He was immediately identified as the prime suspect. Intelligence that was received following our appeal was sufficient to place him under arrest in less than two days.

“He gave different stories to the events, but with diligence from our staff we reviewed large amounts of CCTV footage and compiled strong evidence.

“This allowed us to get a better picture of events, and we were eventually able find the murder weapon.

“Bulle, who was rightly convicted for the murder of his wife, will spend many years behind bars.”