Kim Kardashian has urged Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt to spare the life of death row inmate Julius Jones who is due to be executed in three days after the governor refused to see his mother.

Jones (41), is to be executed for the 1999 murder of Edmond businessman Paul Howell in a carjacking. 

Jones insists that Jones is innocent. Jones claimed that Christopher Jordan, a friend from high school and codefendant of Jones, was the one who framed him. Jordan testified against Jones after Jones was sentenced to 15 years.

Kardashian, who is a prominent advocate for criminal justice reform, stated that all of them are anxiously awaiting a decision by Governor Stitt. 

Pardon and Parole Boards of the State voted 3-1 for Stitt to give clemency and reduce Jones’ sentence.

However, the time is running out for the execution. His mother Madeline Davis Jones, along with other supporters, visited Monday’s state Capitol in hopes of meeting Republican Governor to ask her son his pardon.

Charlie Hannema, Stitt’s Chief Communications Officer, said that the governor couldn’t meet them. Therefore, Davis-Jones was asked to complete a form.

Madeline Davis-Jones (centre), mother of death row inmate Julius Jones, fills out a request for a meeting with Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt with the help of Rep. Jason Lowe, left, at the Oklahoma Capitol in Oklahoma City on Monday

Madeline Davis Jones (right), the mother of Julius Jones on death row, completes a request to meet with Oklahoma Governor. Kevin Stitt, with Rep. Jason Lowe’s help, fills out a request for a meeting with Oklahoma Gov.

Jones, 41, is scheduled to be executed Thursday for the 1999 shooting death of Edmond businessman Paul Howell during a carjacking

Jones, 41 years old, will be executed on Thursday in the case of Paul Howell’s 1999 murder. This was during a carjacking.

Paul Howell was killed in the driveway of his parents’ home in Edmond

Julius Jones was found guilty of the murder of Paul Howell (pictured below).

Hannema, his hands in his pockets and his mouth open, said to the family, “We have received your letter. The governor will take it.” [the letter] into consideration. It’s a process and not going to be meeting.

The Jones family member asked the Jones person: “Are you saying he refuses to meet?”

The spokesperson then left the room and locked the doors. 

Kardashian wrote: This is the cold machinery for the Death Penalty. 

An innocent man might be sentenced to death. My heart is broken for Julius as well as so many other victims of this tragic error of justice.

“We all eagerly await a decision by Governor Stitt. You have the choice to accept or reject the Parole Board recommendation. This will allow Julius to be granted clemency/life with parole possibilities, or have Julius executed on Thursday 18th. 

“Julius and his family, as well as everyone else on the team, are hopeful that Stitt will make right-minded decisions.” 

Stitt's Chief of Communications Charlie Hannema said the governor wasn't able to meet Jones' mother (right) and requested Davis-Jones, who had written a hand-written letter to Stitt, fill out a form for visitors

Charlie Hannema, Stitt’s Chief Communications Officer, stated that Jones was unable to visit Jones’ mother. He also requested Davis-Jones to fill out an application form for visitors. Davis-Jones had previously written Stitt a letter by hand.

Hannema, with his hands in his pockets, told the family: 'We've received your letter, the governor is going to take [the letter] into consideration. We got a process, not gonna be meeting.' A person with the Jones family then asked: 'Are you saying that he's refusing to meet?' The spokesperson then left and closed the door

Hannema, his hands in his pockets and his mouth open, said to the family, “We have received your letter. The governor will take it.” [the letter] into consideration. There is a process and we aren’t going to meet. One of the Jones relatives asked the speaker: Are you saying that he won’t meet with me? After the spokesperson left, he closed the door.

Jones’ mother, who has now received an invite to her son’s execution, said that she and her family will keep praying after Stitt refused to meet them. 

Davis-Jones said to KOCO News that God brought his beautiful and wonderful son, so it is His responsibility for me. Und ich glaube in God und vertraue in Gott. 

Jimmy Lawson is a family friend to Jones and said that they were disappointed not to be able meet up with Stitt, but they would come up with a plan B. 

Oklahoma News 4 reported Lawson that Mama Jones wanted Oklahoma News 4 to know her innocence and give him some information he’d never known before.   

“We will use this time to meet with our team, and then come up with our plan B.” 

Both state and county prosecutors claim that the evidence against Jones has been overwhelming. 

The trial transcripts reveal that Jones was the shooter. The murder weapon, as well as a bandana containing Jones’ DNA were also discovered by investigators in the attic above Jones’ bedroom. 

Jones claimed that Jones was the one who placed the murder weapon in Jones’ home after Howell had been shot.

Kim Kardashian has urged Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt spare the life of inmate Julius Jones who is due to be executed in three days after the governor refused to see his mother

Kim Kardashian urged Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt not to execute Julius Jones in Oklahoma. Jones is set to die in just three days because the governor has refused to visit his mother.

Kardashian, who has been an outspoken advocate of criminal justice reform in recent years, said they are all 'anxiously waiting' for a decision from Governor Stitt (pictured)

Kim Kardashian has long been a strong advocate for reforming criminal justice in the recent past. She stated that they’re all anxiously waiting to hear from Governor Stitt.

From left to right, Quinita Jones (no relation), Rep. Jason Lowe, Madeline Davis-Jones, mother of death row inmate Julius Jones, and Dionne and Rev. Marcus Carruthers wait on a bench outside of Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt's office, hoping for a meeting with him, at the Oklahoma Capitol in Oklahoma City, on Monday

Quinita Jones (no relationship), Rep. Jason Lowe and Madeline Davis Jones-Jones are left to right. Madeline is the mother of Julius Jones death row inmate, Dionne, and Rev. Marcus Carruthers sit on a bench in front of Oklahoma Governor. Kevin Stitt hopes to meet with him at his office in Oklahoma City’s Capitol.

Kardashian outlined the challenges Jones faces ahead of Thursday’s execution. 

Kardashian posted, “I want to tell you about the Oklahoma execution process.” #JuliusJones was on death-watch for over 2 weeks. He is in prison alone, just feet from the executioner’s chamber as he prepares for his execution Nov. 18.

Kardashian noted how Jones ‘has been strip searched, x-rayed, and issued a new set of clothes, shoes, mattress & bedding,’ and ‘is being closely monitored by staff,’ as ‘every meal he has and every liquid he consumes is logged.’

Kardashian claimed that Jones was ‘designated to receive his remains’ as well as his personal property’ after his execution. Kardashian also stated that Jones’ organs are not allowed to be donated under state law.

Kardashian stated that Oklahoma officials are so determined on revenge that they will do everything to get Julius killed – even reviving Julius in the event that he goes into cardiac arrest before execution.

He will receive his final meal and his phone privileges will end at 9:59 p.m.

“He will be monitored every fifteen minutes during the final four hours of his existence.” Then, the execution will take place.

Charlie Hannema (Stitt’s spokeswoman) didn’t reply to queries about Jones’ supporter’s plans for a meeting, although Jones attorneys stated they had met with Stitt last Thursday.

Hannema released a statement saying that the governor is taking his role seriously in this case and carefully reviewing the recommendation of Pardon and Parole Board as he would in any other situation.

Madeline Davis-Jones (right), mother of death row inmate Julius Jones, makes her way to Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt's office on Monday

Madeline Davis Jones (right), the mother of Julius Jones on death row, walks to Oklahoma Governor. Kevin Stitt’s office Monday

Also, the governor met with Howell relatives who insist that Jones is responsible for the killing.     

Following Jones’ clemency hearing, Paul Howell’s brother Brian said: “We are confident that Governor Stitt will see beyond Jones propaganda and understand who Julius Jones is,” “The evidence is overwhelming that he is guilty.”

Viola Davis, who produced the 2018 documentary The Last Defense and which was broadcast by ABC in 2018, brought national attention to this case.

Kardashian was not alone in urging officials to commute the sentence to avoid execution. Blake Griffin and Trae Young are also notable NBA players.

Oklahoma lifted a six year moratorium on executions, which was imposed by concern over the state’s methods. It did so last month. John Marion Grant (60) convulsed as he was about to be executed on October 28.

Grant may have vomited for reasons that are still unclear, however medical professionals agreed that Oklahoma and the other states used a large dose of the midazolam in executions protocols. This is in contrast to what surgeons use.

Grant was executed for the first-time in Oklahoma since flawed lethal injections that were administered in 2014/2015.

Kardashian had previously collaborated with federal officials to free Alice Marie Johnson. She was sentenced in 2016 for a nonviolent drug offense conviction.