Frodo is a feline who loves cats and built it an ELEVATOR for his 19 year old pet. He has difficulty climbing stairs

  • A cat lover designed a home elevator for his elderly feline to aid his mobility.
  • You Tuber Liam Thompson recorded feat online. 300,000 views from Friday
  • Later, he declared that his remarkable project success was the ‘greatest day of my life.

One determined man made his cat’s old cat an elevator so that he could climb up the stairs.

Liam Thompson (a well-known YouTuber from Auckland, New Zealand) uploaded a video on Friday that showed off Frodo his remarkable creation.

Thompson’s video explains that Frodo walks down the stairs every day before he relaxes in front of the pool.

You Tuber Liam Thompson has gone above and beyond - building his 'ancient' cat Frodo an elevator to help him climb the stairs at home

You Tuber Liam Thompson has gone above and beyond – building his ‘ancient’ cat Frodo an elevator to help him climb the stairs at home

The project was completed over four days - with the 19-year-old feline using the cart to get up and down the stairs, much to the delight of his owner Liam Thompson

It took four days to complete the project. The feline, aged 19, used the cart to climb up the stairs. This delighted Liam Thompson

Thompson came up with a brilliant plan to save Frodo, his ginger cat.

The two-step project involved building a track and cart.

After assembling his ‘catevator’, Thompson tested out his prototype, which was powered by an electric hoist.

Thompson was joined by his toy dog ‘Jimbo,’ who joined Thompson for the test run. He watched with delight as his project became a huge success.

Frodo was the next cat to arrive. He wasn’t satisfied with his craftsmanship.

Just as the sun was rising, the brave old cat hopped into his special device.

Thompson was thrilled to hear that Frodo eventually used the cart for a casual return down the stairs to get back in.

Thompson has over 58,000 Instagram followers and concluded his video saying that his success was his greatest day, as well as being ‘absolutely fizzing.

Many YouTube viewers found the inventions equally impressive, one commenting that Liam’s ingenious ideas were so great, particularly when they benefit his pet animals.

One person said that Frodo looked very grumpy and this was the cutest thing he’d ever seen. Another added, “This is truly adorable!”

Thompson later said successfully completing the DIY home project for Frodo was the 'greatest day of his life'

Thompson stated that Frodo successfully completed his DIY home renovation project was the “greatest day” of his life.

The social media sensation has 58,000 Instagram followers - and his clip featuring Frodo has already amassed over 300,000 views since Friday

He has over 58,000 Instagram fans and Frodo’s clip has been viewed more than 300,000.