It’s not a mistake by the club: Joe Cole was “surprised” that Kurt Zouma STARTTS for West Ham after his catkicking shame. Hammers boss David Moyes said that he wasn’t considering dropping the defender as he considers him one of our more talented players.

  • Kurt Zouma began West Ham’s Premier League battle with Watford Tuesday
  • This comes shortly after Zouma’s abuse of his cat was posted on Twitter
  • Joe Cole, Owen Hargreaves and others were shocked by the invitation to include Frenchman 
  • His club condemned Defender and officially apologised. 
  • Essex Police said they are investigating the situation

Kurt Zouma, who has been shamefully cat-kicking recently was included in West Ham’s start line-up against Watford on Tuesday evening.

His club, RSPCA, and other animal welfare organizations condemned the French defender after video was released showing him dropping, kick, and slapping a pet cat.

David Moyes, West Ham’s boss made the bold decision to include Zouma against the Hornets in his line-up. This was much appreciated by Joe Cole and Owen Hargreaves of BT Sport. 

Kurt Zouma has been included in West Ham's starting XI despite recent online controversy

West Ham’s start XI has Kurt Zouma, in spite of recent internet controversy

Zouma has been under fire for a video circulating showing defender abusing his pet cat for fun

Zouma was criticized for his video showing him abusing his cat as a joke.

Moyes, West Ham’s boss, reiterated to BT Sport that the video will not affect his decisions on the field. 

Moyes replied that Zouma wouldn’t be dropping because he was one of the better players in our team. It is ongoing, and club officials are dealing with the matter.

Hargreaves & Cole have raised eyebrows over the Moyes decision. They claim they were shocked by it. 

Former West Ham midfielder Joe Cole says he was 'surprised' by the decision to include Zouma

Joe Cole is a West Ham former midfielder who says he was surprised at the inclusion of Zouma.

Cole stated that he understood why West Ham would want to settle the matter, have the game over, and then deal internally with the situation. However, I believe it was a mistake by the club. He could have just sat out this game.

‘But he’s here, he’s starting. This is a unusual discipline matter. I have never seen animal cruelty in football. He’s surprised to be here tonight.

Owen Hargreaves, an ex-england midfielder, was just as stunned as Cole and said: “I’m really shocked.”

Frenchman in training at the London Stadium before West Ham's game against Watford

Frenchman at training at London Stadium, before West Ham’s clash with Watford

Although he is the best centre-back for them, I was expecting him to miss at most a few matches. He and the club will be under a lot more pressure.  

Watford fan travellers booed the Frenchman on Tuesday night. 

Zouma later apologized for his actions, while Essex Police confirmed that they were liaising to the RSPCA in their “urgent inquiries”.