Ottawa: An elderly man was taken into custody for honking his head in support of demonstrators. The arrest came just days before Ottawa’s judge made it illegal to honk.

Two officers stopped Gerry Charlebois (78) for honking his horn and filmed the incident. A witness acted as a cameraman.

“What is he doing wrong?” “What did he do wrong?” asked the witness. ‘None of your f****** concern, man,’ one officer responded. 

Charlebois and onlookers were accompanied by officers who went back-and-forth with them. Charlebois was eventually restrained by an officer wearing a surgical mask in blue. He brought his great-grandfather to his knees on the sidewalk before handcuffing his face against the van.

An Ontario Superior Court Justice temporarily banned honking and air horn blowing for 10 days on Monday, responding to a lawsuit from a downtown resident who measured the noise in her apartment at more than 80 decibels during the protests, which began on January 29.

The protests started on Day 11, and were directed against vaccinations for truckers that enter the country from the land. But, they have since grown to include calls for removal of almost all COVID restrictions.

They intensified on Tuesday, when demonstrators blocked the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario – the busiest border crossing between the US and Canada that carries 25 percent of all trade between the two countries.

Quebec MP Joël Lightbound, a member of Trudeau’s party, resigned Tuesday after accusing the prime minister of dividing the people of Canada, saying the federal government’s pandemic response has become ‘politicized’ and ‘divisive.’     

Justine Trudeau was the prime minister of Canada.

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Gerry Charlebois, 78, was brought to his knees and arrested in Ottawa on Sunday for allegedly honking his horn, a day before a judge outlawed honking in the city

Gerry Charlebois (78) was taken to Ottawa and brought to his knees. He is accused of honking his horn just a few days before the judge banned it in Ottawa.

'What did he do wrong?' a bystander asked. 'None of your f****** concern, man,' one officer responded

“What is he doing wrong?” a bystander asked. ‘None of your f****** concern, man,’ one officer responded

The officer admitted that the man was being stopped because he honked his horn as the city deals with days of ongoing protests, led by truckers, against COVID restrictions

He honked his horn, which was a sign that the officer believed the man was being held back. The city is currently dealing with hundreds of protests against COVID restrictions, including those led by truckers. 

Vehicles displaying protest signs are seen outside Parliament Hill, as demonstrations by truckers and their supporters against COVID vaccine mandates continue in Ottawa

Truckers are protesting the mandated COVID vaccines in Ottawa by displaying their signs outside Parliament Hill.

Roughly 50,000 Canadian truck drivers have showed up in Ottawa to protest against the prime minister's new vaccine mandates and quarantine rules for drivers

Around 50,000 Canadian truck drivers protested against new vaccination mandates and driver quarantine regulations. 

Pick-up trucks and other smaller vehicles, above on Thursday, February 3, have joined the rally, displaying flags and picket signs reading: 'Freedom' and 'No mandates'

Above, pickup trucks and smaller vehicles participated in the rally. 

The massive cavalcade of trucks, pickups, and other vehicles has been wreaking havoc on downtown Ottawa since last weekend, deliberately blocking traffic and honking their horns almost non-stop around Parliament Hill

Since last weekend, a massive truck, pickup, or other vehicle caravan has been wrecking havoc in downtown Ottawa. They deliberately block traffic and honk their horns around Parliament Hill.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said last week he will not be meeting with truckers currently overrunning Ottawa in protest of his vaccine mandate because of their 'hateful rhetoric'

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister, stated last week that he would not meet with the truckers who are currently encroaching on Ottawa to protest his vaccination mandate due to their hateful rhetoric.

The six-minute video was uploaded to Youtube by a viewer. This footage shows Gerry Charlebois being arrested for allegedly honking his vehicle’s horn, in violation of an earlier court decision. 

‘I meant no harm,’ Charlebois told the Toronto Sun in an interview Tuesday. I just gave the trucker an affirmative thumbs-up. 

The video shows Charlebois encouraging Charlebois not to give his personal information and criticizing Charlebois for following the ruling.  

Charlebois tells him, “You don’t need to answer his questions,” The officer responds by saying, “You are abusing elderly men.”

Charlebois and the officer then return to the van’s trunk.

Charlebois says, “Because i tooted the Horn,” 

The officer responds, “That is why we pulled you over.” 

It’s known as communism. It’s communism. There is no need to demonstrate anything. The man behind the camera says, “You didn’t do any wrong.”  

Recording is made by the officer who informs the man it is an offense to blow the horn. 

Ontario Superior Court Justice Hugh McLean granted a 10-day injunction the next day banning horn honking and air horn blowing. 

McLean explained that the only purpose for this (horn blowing), is to draw attention to this demonstration. ‘There’s no need for that anymore. The public is fully aware of what’s going on.’

In a six minute video posted on YouTube, the man filming is heard criticizing the officers for following the ruling and encouraging the elderly man to not give out his information

A six-minute video uploaded to YouTube shows the filming man criticizing officers for not following the ruling, and encouraging an elderly man to keep his details private.


'This is b******. Communist f****** police,' a bystander yells as police arrest a man for honking in Ottawa on Monday

‘This is b******. Communist f****** police,’ a bystander yells as police arrest a man for honking in Ottawa on Monday

Crowds gather outside the Parliament building on Thursday, February 3. More protestors are expected to descend upon Ottawa this weekend, several area hotels and restaurants have closed for the next week in anticipation of further protests

On Thursday, February 3, crowds gathered outside of the Parliament Building. As protestors continue to pour into Ottawa, more hotels and restaurants in the area have been shut down for the week ahead.

Some participants were seen driving around downtown Ottawa with flags reading: 'F**k Trudeau' and 'Vaxx pass up your a**!'

Some participants were seen driving around downtown Ottawa with flags reading: ‘F**k Trudeau’ and ‘Vaxx pass up your a**!’

The injunction was in response to a lawsuit by downtown resident Zexi Li, 21. Paul Champ, Paul Champ’s lawyer said that her noise levels in her home were comparable to having a lawnmower in her living room 24 hours a days, 7 days a week according to the Ottawa Citizen.

A class action lawsuit worth $9.8million is available to as many downtown residents as possible who live within or near the protest’s “red zone”. 

Charlebois walks away as the officer waits on Charlebois’ ID to be presented.

The officer grabbed him by his arm, twisting him and causing him fall to the asphalt. The officer pushes him against the vehicle and he gets up.

Charlebois then walks back to the patrol vehicle. 

According to the Toronto Sun, he received a $118 ticket due to ‘unnecessary sounds’. He was not arrested but sustained serious injuries to his hands, arms, shoulders, knees, and legs. 

An unintentional witness behind the camera shouts: “They represent Trudaeu as well as Sloly the police chief!”  They are what they represent. Hate, division. You’re not serving anyone and protecting them.

A judge banned honking in Ottawa in response to a lawsuit by aggrieved downtown resident Zexi Li, 21. The $9.8 million class action lawsuit is open to up to 6,000 downtown residents who live in or near the protest's 'red zone'

In response to Zexi Li (21), a suit, a judge has banned Ottawa’s honking. A class action lawsuit worth $9.8 million is available to as many downtown residents as possible who reside in or near the protest area’s “red zone”.

‘This is b******. Communist f****** police,’ the man continues to yell. 

Charlebois said to the Toronto Sun that he was shocked. “When the police pulled me over, they told me that I had been arrested for honking my horn.”

Charlebois claimed he arrived in the area to inspect the trucks, and planned to park his car and then walk up to Parliament Hill.  

He said, “That’s why my wallet was in the back of that van.” ‘I wanted to go there, but once I got there I could see all the chaos. The noise was so overwhelming that I stopped looking at the van, and I started my journey home.

He was there to support other protestors, but he claims he is fully immunized and will get his booster shot shortly. 

Steve his son said, “He’s only four foot 10”, adding that their father might need an Xray on his shoulder. 

‘He wouldn’t hurt anybody.’

Another son, Gerald, said: ‘They didn’t seem to arrest any of those big truckers like that.’ 

He said, “I find this disgusting.” He said, “It was not necessary to be so harsh with him,”

Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, declared last week that truckers currently running through Ottawa protesting his vaccine mandate based on their hateful rhetoric would not be attending. 

‘Over the past few days, Canadians were shocked and frankly, disgusted by the behavior displayed by some people protesting in our nation’s capital,’ Trudeau said on January 31 in a public press conference broadcasted remotely, referring to the unrest in Ottawa.

Trudeau (50) held the conference in isolation after having tested positive for COVID-19 on that same day. Two of Trudeau’s children, the prime minister, also test positive for the virus.

Trudeau refused to answer questions about whether he planned on meeting protesters. 

Long-haul truck driver Guy Meister (pictured) is among the truckers who joined the 'Freedom Convoy' in Ottawa last week after making a 20-hour journey in his big rig from Nova Scotia, and plans to keep protesting until the mandates are scrapped

Guy Meister, a long-haul truck driver from Nova Scotia is one of the many truckers who participated in the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. He had made a 20-hour trip in his trucker from Nova Scotia and planned to continue protesting until mandates are repealed.

Nathan (Jacko) Jack waves flags in front of trucks that are parked in front of Parliament Hill at a rally against COVID-19 restrictions on Monday, January 31

Nathan Jacko wave flags against trucks which are parked at Parliament Hill, during the rally against COVID-19 restrictions Monday, January 31,

The decision to move the prime minister Saturday came after the sergeant-at-arms of the Canadian Parliament warned that protesters might show up at the homes of politicians

After warnings from the Canadian Parliament’s sergeant at arms that demonstrators might be present at politicians’ homes, the Canadian Parliament decided to make Saturday the prime minister.

Trucks participating in the 'Freedom Convoy' protest against Trudeau's vaccine mandates carry hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods meant to be transported throughout the country and to the US. Participating trucks have been there, parked, for days - many since Saturday

The trucks participating in the Freedom Convoy against Trudeau’s vaccination mandates are carrying hundreds of thousand of dollars worth goods to transport throughout Canada and the USA. Many trucks participating in the ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest against Trudeau’s vaccine mandates have been parked there for several days, many of them since Saturday

According to the politician, he was a participant in protests and agreed with them. However, the politician dismissed the truckers’ dissent, which was sparked by the policies of the politico, as racist and violent.  

Trudeau stated, “I’ve been to protests and rallies when I was in agreement with their goals and when I supported those expressing their concerns.”

“But I chose to stay away from protests that were characterized by hateful speech, violence against fellow citizens, and disrespect for science.

The movement received an endorsement last week from Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk , who tweeted, 'Canadian truckers rule' and the movement has become a cause celebre for many on the right in the United States

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla SpaceX and Tesla, tweeted that the Canadian Truckers Rule movement and it was a reason to celebrate for those on the Right in the United States.

Flying the Canadian flag, waving banners demanding 'Freedom' and chanting slogans against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the truckers were joined by thousands of other protesters angered not only by COVID-19 restrictions but by broader discontent with the government

Truckers carried the Canadian flag waving banners in support of the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. They were joined thousands of protestors angry at COVID-19 and wider government discontent.

There was an enormous clamor as hundreds of big trucks, their engines rumbling, sounded their air horns non-stop

The sound of hundreds upon scores of trucks, their engines revving, making non-stop noise, created a great clamor.

I want to clarify that we do not fear being intimidated by people who throw insults at small businesses workers or steal food from homeless. We will not give in to racist flag-waving. We will not give in to vandalism and disrespect for the veterans’ memory.

He stated that “freedom of expression and assembly are the foundations of democracy.” Nazi symbolsism, racism, and the desecration or destruction of war memorials is not. It insults memory and lies. “Hate cannot be the answer.”

Trudeau ordered the protesting truckers and thousands who supported them to stop their actions. 

He stated that there was no room in the country for violence, threats or hatred. 

“This behavior must be stopped by those responsible. Anyone who was uncomfortable seeing the symbolism of hate and division displayed on the convoy, please join your fellow Canadians. Speak up and show courage. Don’t stand with intolerance or hate. 

Nearly 2,000 miles away, hundreds of protestor truckers gathered at the southernmost point in Alberta to form a blockade against the US state Montana.

Canadian legislators expressed growing concern about the economic consequences of protests following the partial blockage by truckers at the US-Canada border due to vaccine mandates, and other COVID-19 restraints.

Trucks and other vehicles block the route leading from the Ambassador Bridge, linking Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, on Tuesday, February 8, as truckers and their supporters continue to protest against COVID-19 vaccine mandate

On Tuesday, February 8th, trucks and other vehicles blocked the Ambassador Bridge’s route linking Detroit with Windsor (Ontario) as truckers continued to demonstrate against the COVID-19 mandate.

Trucks blocked traffic on the Ambassador Bridge, the busiest border crossing to the United States. By Tuesday morning, Windsor Police said in a tweet that one lane of U.S.-bound traffic is open and can be accessed via Wyandotte Street West

Trucks blocked traffic at the Ambassador Bridge. This bridge is one of the most popular border crossings to the United States. Windsor Police tweeted Tuesday morning that the Ambassador Bridge was blocked by trucks. It is America’s busiest border crossing.

The owner of the bridge, the Detroit International Bridge Co, said international commerce on the bridge needed to resume. Canada sends 75 percent of its goods exports to the United States, and the bridge usually handles around 8,000 trucks a day

Detroit International Bridge Co. is the bridge’s owner. It stated that the bridge must be reopened for international trade. Canada sends approximately 75 percent of its exports to America, while the bridge handles about 8,000 trucks per day. 

One lane from Canada into the United States opened Tuesday morning, but the US side remains closed

On Tuesday, one lanes opened from Canada to the United States. The US side remains closed.

Traffic was prevented from crossing the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor (Ontario) while traffic headed for the United States was moving. Marco Mendicino, Public Safety Minister, stated that this blockade.

The bridge was described by him as “one of the most significant border crossings in all of history.” 

The United States accounts for 25 percent of trade between Canada’s and America’s.

Omar Alghabra, Canadian Minister of Transport, stated that such blocks will have severe consequences for the economy as well as supply chain. 

“I have already received information from food grocers and automakers.” He said that this is a very serious concern.

Mendicino said, “Most Canadians realize that being exhausted by the pandemic is not synonymous with crossing into another dimension.”

Justin Trudeau spoke out in emergency session Monday evening in Parliament. He stated that the protesters were trying to “blockade” our democracy, and economy.