Kwasi Kwarteng, British Business Secretary, said that Britain must develop its own homegrown, sovereign renewable energie system’ to end dependence on other countries.

  • Kwasi Kwarteng argued that the UK must be both a producer and an exporter of renewable energy.
  • Business Secretary: Britain must not be a customer and importer’ for energy
  • He stated that the UK needs a ‘homegrown sovereign energy system’ based on renewables.

Kwasi Kwarteng urged the UK to end its dependence on imports of energy. He said that the nation must shift to a ‘homegrown system’ based on renewables. 

The Business Secretary stated that Britain must push for a’sovereign energy system to ‘protect peoples and businesses in the future. 

He stated that it was important for the UK to become a producer, exporter, and consumer’ of energy and not a customer, and importer’. 

The comments were made as the UK prepares for the COP26 Climate Change Summit in Glasgow.   

Kwasi Kwarteng has warned the UK must end its reliance on importing energy as he said the nation must move to a 'homegrown' system built on renewables

Kwasi Kwarteng warned the UK to stop importing energy and said that the country must switch to a ‘homegrown system’ based on renewables.

The Business Secretary said the UK can secure its own 'energy independence' by increasing the roll out of domestic nuclear, wind, hydrogen and solar energy production

According to the Business Secretary, the UK can achieve its own energy independence by increasing the production of domestic nuclear, wind and hydrogen energy.

In the Sunday Telegraph, Mr Kwarteng wrote that the summit would be a ‘pivotal 2 weeks’ during which nations attempt to agree on a plan to reduce harmful emission and limit global warming up to 1.5 degrees.     

Cabinet minister stated that the summit “will require each country to step up, and take responsibility”. 

He stated that the volatility in gas prices had ‘brought home’ an urgent need. to end our dependence on fossil fuels, especially foreign oil and gas’.

Mr Kwarteng stated that ‘rElying on foreign countries for energy is’simply inextensible’, arguing that it leaves the British people at risk of excessive global price fluctuations that we cannot control’.

According to the Business Secretary, the UK can achieve its own energy independence by increasing its domestic nuclear, wind and hydrogen production. 

He stated: “If we want to protect people, businesses, and the future, then the solution is obvious: We need to move to a domestic, sovereign energy system that can power our country with renewables generated in this country. 

Mr Kwarteng stated that the UK should be a producer, exporter, and not a buyer and importer of energy. 

Boris Johnson stated that the COP26 summit would be the ‘world’s moment of truth’ about climate change. 

The Prime Minister has pressed fellow world leaders to seize the moment and deliver on the target of preventing global temperatures from rising by more than 1.5C degrees above pre-industrial levels.

Downing Street stated that COP26 would be the largest event the UK has ever hosted with 25,000 delegates from 196 countries and within the European Union.

Boris Johnson said the COP26 summit will be the 'world's moment of truth' on climate change

Boris Johnson stated that the COP26 summit would be the ‘world’s moment for truth’ about climate change.

The two-week conference, which begins tonight, will see participation by ministers, climate negotiators and civil society leaders.

Johnson, who will fly from Rome to Glasgow for the G20 on Sunday evening, stated that “Cop26” would be the world’s moment to truth. Everyone is asking whether we seize the moment or let it slip away.

“I hope world leaders will listen to them and come to Glasgow ready for decisive action.

‘Together, we can mark the beginning of the end of climate change – and end the uncertainty once and for all.’