Laurence Fox says he has been visited by Lord Covid. He is now using Ivermectin to treat the’manflu’ Omicron, four days after posting a photo of himself wearing a T-shirt that stated ‘no vaccine required’. I am immune to the disease.

  • Laurence Fox, 43 years old, posted January 26th that he no longer needed the coronavirus jab
  • He then revealed that he was positive for HIV, but was using over-the-counter treatments.
  • He railed at vaccine-takers  ‘huge shout out’ to the ‘brave vaccine guinea pigs’

Laurence Fox has admitted that he had caught Covid but said he would treat it with hot toys and other over-the counter medications, such as worming tablets.

The controversial actor turned activist, 43, contracted the virus days after posting a T-shirt stating ‘no vaccine needed. My immune system is strong.

Fox who was in Mexico doubled his opposition to the isolation jab.

His Covid test results were posted on Twitter by him, and he initially appeared to doubt whether they were accurate. He also asked if “The LFT can be trusted”.

He later described himself as “so happy” to have joined the natural immunity club. 

Then after he was mocked for taking Ivermectin, Panadol and Ibruprofen to relieve his symptoms, he posted a video to his account, railing against the vaccine.

Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic medication used to treat worms in animals and humans, is also known as Ivermectin.

American Food and Drug Administration approved it for use in treating intestinal strongyloidiasis and Onchocerciasis. It also treats pediculosis and Rosacea.

FDA warns people against using Ivermectin as a treatment or prevention of Covid.

Some well-known people have taken it, such as Joe Rogan (controversial podcast host) who was afflicted by the virus. 

Fox was confident on January 26 that he did not need a vaccine, according to his new T-shirt

According to Fox’s new T-shirt, Fox felt confident that he didn’t need any vaccines on January 26, according to Fox.

Last night after catching Covid he turned to whiskey and honey for hot toddies to try help

He turned to whiskey to make hot toddy to get help after the catch of Covid.

Fox last night posted a photo featuring Jack Daniels Honey and called it the ‘final piece’ of the puzzle. 

Fox – who described catching coronavirus as ‘A visit from Lord Covid’ – said in a video online: ‘I don’t often read the replies to my tweets but I saw that there were loads of them.

‘The thing that made me laugh the most – the absolute most – was people criticising me for taking Panadol and Ibrupofen while saying my immune system “I thought you had an immune system mate”. 

Mr Fox posted a picture of his lateral flow test on his public Twitter which showed his result

Fox uploaded a picture from his lateral flow test to his Twitter account, which displayed his results

After he was mocked by some social media users he posted a video in response to some

He posted this video as a response to being mocked on social media.

In the one-and-a-half minute clip he gave a mocking shout-out to those who had got the jab

The one-and-a half-minute clip featured him giving a mocking shout out to anyone who got the jab.

Bon Iver? What is the best way to treat Covid with worm medicine?

Ivermectin, a common drug that is used to treat headlice by many British families in shampoo form, is commonly found in the hair.

This product, which was initially introduced in 1981, is routinely used to fight head lice.

Ivermectin blocks the proteins that worms use to destroy our immune systems.

However, it was initially believed that the drug could be helpful in Covid. The FDA of the United States has now ruled out the use of the drug to prevent or treat the disease.

Joe Rogan (podcast host) is known for taking it when he was diagnosed with Covid.

“So I wanted to say a big shout out to all those people who, when they feel ill, are open to trying mRNA treatments with no data.

‘I feel a bit man flu-y but that’s only to be expected because you know men whinge more.

‘But you know I am going to fight this and to you brave vaccine guinea pigs, I fully commend you and your desire not to take Panadol ever again or Ibruprofen, because that’s some dangerous sh** – you stick to the vaccines.’

Fox was recently engaged to a prep school teacher Arabella Fleetwood Neagle, 28.

According to Miss Fleetwood Neagle, she supports him in his political campaigning. She was seen with him aboard the battle bus of Reclaim Party during last year’s unsuccessful attempt to become London Mayor.

Fox – whose acting dynasty includes his father James and cousin Emilia – was dropped by his agent in 2020 after a string of social media comments.

Because he opposed the Covid vaccination program, he claimed he could take his children out of school.

He indicated that he will educate them at his home, rather than letting them get vaccinated.

Fox and Miss Piper share custody of Fox’s boys. He divorced Piper in 2016.