Police were seen questioning Mason Greenwood’s neighbours today after the footballer was arrested on suspicion of raping and sexually assaulting an 18-year-old student. 

Investigators visited the homes of several people who were close to the Manchester United forward.  

MailOnline spoke to Maureen Foley (89), a neighbor. They asked me if I had heard or seen anything, but I didn’t and couldn’t give them any details. I’ve seen him, but that’s all.

Another neighbor stated that the police had asked if they’d heard any. He’s been only a couple of weeks. Mason is renting it from an Everton teammate who lived there.

Yesterday, the 20 year-old male was arrested after disturbing audio and photos circulated online claiming that he had attacked an 18-yearold student. He is still in custody today. 

These images showed the woman bruised and bloody. A voice recording was also posted, dating back to October of last year. It purportedly recorded the attack on the woman. 

Club insiders have held concerns about Greenwood’s ego for some time and he has attracted his fair share of negative publicity, although of course none of the issues can compare to the serious allegations made against him on Sunday. 

After Phil Foden and he invited two female guests back to England’s team hotel following their senior debut in 2020 against Iceland, neighbors complained. 

Nike, Greenwood’s sponsor, has stated that it is “deeply concerned” by the accusations and will “continue to monitor the situation”. 

It came as United’s most high-profile players, including David de Gea, Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Pogba have appeared to unfollow Greenwood on Instagram, despite following other squad members.

Marcus Rashford, Edinson Cavani, Fred and Jesse Lingard are also among those not following the rising star, while club captain Harry Maguire and Bruno Fernandes are in a group of 18 squad members who, so far, are continuing to do so. 

Today, police visited several close neighbours of Mason Greenwood, who lives in a rented gated mansion in a upmarket Cheshire village

Police visited Mason Greenwood’s neighbors today. Mason Greenwood lives in a gated rented mansion in an upmarket Cheshire town.

Greenwood, 20, was detained yesterday for questioning after distressing pictures and audio circulated on social media alleging he attacked an 18-year-old student

After distressing audio and pictures circulated online, Greenwood (age 20) was arrested yesterday to question him. He is accused of attacking a 18-year old student.

A policeman carrying out enquiries today. Neighbour Maureen Foley, 89, told MailOnline: 'They asked me whether I had heard or seen anything. But I hadn't so couldn't tell them much. I have seen him but that's it'

Today’s policeman conducting investigations. MailOnline was contacted by Maureen Foley, Neighbor 89. They asked me if I had heard or seen anything, but I didn’t and couldn’t give them any details. He has been seen by me, but this is it.

Private security outside Greenwood's house this morning as he remained in custody over rape and sexual assault claims

Greenwood was held in custody this morning despite being under private security. 


Manchester United’s biggest stars are apparently unfollowing team-mate Mason Greenwood on social media after his arrest over allegations of rape and assault, with nine members of the first team squad keeping their distance today.

United’s most high-profile players, including David de Gea, Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Pogba have shunned Greenwood on Instagram, despite following other squad members.

Fred Lingard and Edinson Cavani are among others who have not followed the rising star. This is despite shocking claims that Lingard attacked an 18 year-old student.

Club captain Harry Maguire is also in the group, while Bruno Fernandes and Bruno Fernandes make up the 18-strong squad who support the forwards on social media. Sportmail It can be.

Greenwood, 20 years of age was detained by the police late at night. After horrifying audio and photos circulated online, he was still in custody this morning.

Images showed the woman bleeding and battered. The audio contained a recording of the conversation between a male and female, recorded in October 2013. This voice record purportedly documented the attack on the woman. 

Greenwood, who earns £75,000-a-week, has been suspended by Manchester United until further notice. 

The breach of Covid rules earned them both a police fine of £1,360, but could have had far more serious consequences for England’s next game against Denmark.

Greenwood issued an apology for the ‘huge mistake’, adding that playing for England was ‘one of the proudest moments in my life’.

Foden went on to play 12 more times for England. Greenwood, however, hasn’t represented Jamaica since then and is still eligible.

He withdrew from England’s squad for Euro 2020 to recover from an underlying injury, according to his club, but has remained absent following talks with Southgate, his family and former United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in August. 

It is understood Greenwood’s message to the England manager was he would rather not be picked if he was not going to play – another worrying sign that his ego was becoming a problem, given that he was still a teenager at the time. 

Concerns have also been expressed about the behavior of the young footballer on and off the pitch.

Reports surfaced that he hosted parties on a rented house and neighbors complained of the loudness during lockdown. 

The 3-storey, three-story property was rented by the young striker through Airbnb “five to six” times during the pandemic. Nearby residents complained that the loud music kept them awake into the night.

A neighbour told MailOnline: ‘Mason Greenwood has been holding these raucous parties down our road for months. 

“He invited so many people to his house and the noise was unbearable. I’ve been there several times, asking them to stop.

The music is loud and booming, so it can keep me up until 5am. It shakes the place and you can hear people laughing and raising their voices. 

United previously had the opportunity to talk to Greenwood regarding his attitudes around training and his time-keeping. There was speculation that it may have been the cause for his inability to attend the October 2020 Champions League match against PSG.

Although Greenwood appears to be a confident young man, insiders say he is quiet and keeps to himself at the training field.

Mason Greenwood (pictured with England manager Gareth Southgate) is at the centre of a police investigation and has been arrested on suspicion of rape and assault this weekend after allegations appeared on social media

Mason Greenwood, England manager Gareth Southgate and himself are at the center of an investigation by police. He was arrested this weekend on suspicion for rape or assault after allegations surfaced on social media. 

Manchester United today removed any mention of Greenwood from its online store. A search for the footballer prompted the result 'sorry, your search did not match any products'

Manchester United has removed all mentions of Greenwood in its online shop. Searching for the footballer led to the following: ‘Sorry, but your search didn’t match any items’ 

Before allegations were made, Utd had an option for customers to purchase shirts that featured ‘Greenwood on the back’. Now, this option is gone 

Jesse Lingard

Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford (right), and Jesse Lingard left – seen at training today — are two of the Utd stars not following Greenwood via social media. 

David De Gea

Cristiano Ronaldo

David De Gea (left) and Cristiano Ronaldo (right) also no longer appear on Greenwood’s list of social media followers 

His uneasy relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch has been noted since the five-time Ballon d’Or winner returned to Old Trafford in the summer.

When the Portuguese mentioned that young players are reluctant to listen to advice during an interview, many assumed he meant Greenwood. 

Plain clothes officers conducted interviews at the family home of the woman who made these accusations against Greenwood yesterday afternoon. 

Manchester United issued a statement within hours, stating that it had received the messages and was investigating the circumstances.

The statement added, “Manchester United doesn’t condone violence of all kinds.” 

Greater Manchester Police spokesperson stated that officers had initiated an investigation following being made aware of images and videos on social media by a woman who reported incidents of physical violence.

“Following inquiries, we can confirm that a man aged in his 20s was arrested for rape as well as assault. For questioning, he remains in custody. He is still being questioned.

Forensic officers also arrived at Greenwood’s £2million mansion in an upmarket Cheshire village yesterday evening.

Manchester United suspended the rising star, who earns a reported £75,000 a week, shortly before news of his arrest emerged.

A second statement was made by the club hierarchy, stating that the player wouldn’t be returning to training or participating in matches until further notice.

News of Greenwood’s arrest and suspension is likely to threaten his lucrative Nike sponsorship deal. Yesterday, a spokesperson for Nike stated that they are ‘deeply disturbed by these disturbing allegations’. They would also be closely monitoring the situation. 

Nadia Sif Lindal Gunnarsdottir, 20, who was invited back to the England hotel after a game in Reykjavík in 2020

Her cousin Lara Clausen (above), 19, who was also invited back to the England hotel after a game in Reykjavík in 2020

After Greenwood’s senior debut in 2020 against Iceland, Gareth Southgate sent him home. He had invited Phil Foden from Manchester City to join them at the hotel. Nadia Sif Lindal Gunnarsdottir, 20, is pictured with her cousin Lara Clausen (19), who spent the night in the hotel. 

A police crime scene investigation van parked outside Greenwood's house on Sunday evening after he was arrested

On Sunday night, Greenwood was detained by police at his home.

The posts allegedly implicating the suspect were only online for about an hour before being removed.

The father of the woman told Daily Mail that his daughter believes her Instagram account has been hacked.  

Speaking from his £1million home in an upmarket Cheshire village, the company director, 61, described the allegations as ‘dreadful’.

He said, “I’m only coming to terms” with it. “As a father, you shouldn’t know that things such as this happen to your child. It is devastating. However, she is secure. The police have it now.

The older sister of the woman told Sun that she was stunned by the news, and described the online audio clip as disturbing.

She said, “She is an adorable young girl. No one deserves it.” There is something seriously wrong if the police don’t conduct an investigation.

Their ability to deliver the best results has been my confidence. […]”I just wish that my sister is given the justice she deserves. That’s all that really matters. 

The investigation of the “shocking” allegations was welcomed by campaigners as well as women’s organizations.

Nazir Afzal, former chief prosecutor, said that the images and especially the voice notes were “shocking in extreme”. He said that Manchester United had to deal with it, but the issue was also clearly one of police officers.

Today saw Greenwood’s Man Utd team-mates arrive for training, and club captain Harry Maguire looked sombre as Maguire entered the club’s training grounds.     

Harry Maguire was seen arriving at Manchester United training in sombre mood this morning

Harry Maguire arrived at Manchester United Training in a sombre mood. 

He was joined by midfielder Bruno Fernandes in arriving at Carrington to get down to work

Bruno Fernandes, a midfielder joined him in Carrington as he got down to business.

Greenwood was born in Bradford, October 2001. At four, he won a local newspaper’s modelling competition and was awarded a £50 voucher and a year with an agency.

After scoring 10 goals in his first game for the local youth soccer team, he joined Manchester United Academy two years later.

He was 17 years old when he made his debut in United’s Champions League football team. 

Greenwood played 129 games for Old Trafford, scoring 35 goals. Ryan Giggs wore the previous number 11 shirt on Greenwood.

England manager Gareth Southgate gave him his first cap at the age of just 18 in 2020 – a substitute appearance in a 1-0 away win against Iceland.

After he and Phil Foden (also 20, had snuck two Icelandic students into their hotel, the coronavirus rules meant that Foden was disgraced. Foden was then sent home.

Police in Reykjavik fined them both. Greenwood, however, apologised and stated that he had only made a ‘huge oversight’.

Southgate – who described the pair as ‘naive’ – said that Greenwood would not play for England until 2022 after he was forced to withdraw from the squad for last year’s Euros with injury.

Man United spoke with him several weeks later about concerns that he wasn’t turning up for training as scheduled.  

This could be #MeToo football moment. Although this young man may not be proven guilty, certain aspects of his modern morality story seem familiar.

The harrowing audio and video recordings can be seen again, but they will never go away. Mason Greenwood (Manchester United) is the man charged in this case.

Greenwood, one of the most promising young footballers in the nation, was recently suspended by his club, and is now at risk of being fired by Nike. Nike gave Greenwood millions to promote its sportswear line.

Although he is innocent of any wrongdoing, he can still be held responsible for his actions.

We still don’t have enough information about the case to make a good judgment. The summary judgements rendered by the social media court are not the same as the actual thing. However, certain aspects of this morality tale are all too familiar.

We need to be honest – and I say this as a lifelong fan of the beautiful game. English football suffers from misogyny.

There are many Premier League legends that have cheated and lied to their fans. “Scoring off The Pitch” is their cheap way of saying that they have an affair and that they are ‘playing on the field’.

Ryan Giggs

England's Kyle Walker

Back in 2020 Man City star Kyle Walker (pictured right) broke lockdown rules to host a ‘sex party’ with two call girls and another ‘friend’ while Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs (pictured left) was alleged to have had an affair with his sister-in-law

It is ironic that football has made more noises about how it strives to be progressive. The rainbow laces, the pre-match pantomime of ‘taking the knee’ – too often, it looks like lazy and hypocritical virtue-signalling. You should judge these players by how they behave off the pitch.

Manchester City’s 2020 star Kyle Walker broke the lockdown to hold a three-hour “sex party” with two call girls, and one friend. He piously advised his supporters to remain home and support the NHS. He wasn’t following the example of other great football players.

Ryan Giggs, Manchester United’s player, was also alleged to be having an affair with his sister in law. Wayne Rooney is another serial cheater. He used prostitutes when Coleen was pregnant, and yet, the long-suffering woman always took him back.

We can’t forget the washed-up husband-beater Paul Gascoigne. He was once the champion of British football. However, it turned out that he hit his wife Sheryl with a headbutt and fell to the ground. She then fractured her finger.

You could go on and on, but I will just say that it feels so long ago.

They are now adored by everyone from the playground to high school. Their peers love them because they are better at kicking a ball than other children. The girls also like them.

Throw in the hyper-masculine environment of sport and the unimaginable fortunes handed to working-class kids – and before long, too many think they can treat everyone – especially women – like the dirt they scrape from their boots after the game.

This scandal finally shakes the foundations of this sport. A burning question follows: Could this really be football’s MeToo moment?

With cinema’s disgraced predator Harvey Weinstein, first two brave women came forward to allege terrible abuse – then, emboldened, more found the courage to name other names.

When the floodgates opened, a powerful industry was forced to reckon with its toxic history.

If any good comes from this latest allegation, it will be to shine a spotlight into the locker room, where the men trade insults and banter – and learn as teenagers that women are objects for their gratification.

This game will be free-kicking, screaming and carried into the 21st century by nothing else. That will see many girls and men taking long hard looks in the mirror.

Every player can be held responsible for his actions. There is no excuse for any type of abuse.

This sad culture also has created a large number of female fans who want to be a celebrity. These girls have been seen working in nightclubs that football players frequent. They are not to be judged. A top-flight footballer can provide a lifetime of entertainment, regardless of whether you get married.

But by deceiving these men into sleeping with them, and selling their salacious details to The Press, they helped foster the ugly side of football.

The demise of once great games has been witnessed and I have seen the lust, money, and greed that lead to its ruin. This makes me sick.

However, it might not worry as many multi-millionaire stars as some may fear.

They pressured a girl for sex last night. Did she make a small video of the encounter? Was she able to use the recording against me? And if she did – what now?

MARTIN SAMUEL: The moment is now. This moment is crucial for football in terms of how it deals with the rape allegations and the assaults against Mason Greenwood.

It might seem tempting to just look away. It could be the blood, the bruises or the scared, terrified eyes. 

This is the real horror, and instead of confronting it, we will retreat to incongruous worries about careers ending or assets being written off.

However, football can’t look away. The police cannot make football hide behind their processes. 

The female is what it cannot see beyond, and that’s why she has posted the horrific images to Instagram as well as the equally disturbing audio.

This is the moment when the game will be remembered for how it handled the accusations and its view of Greenwood.

After Rio Ferdinand was unable to pass a drugs screening and was therefore removed from England’s squad for a hearing in March 2003, Mark Palios, chief executive of FA, had an intense conversation with Manchester United’s senior figures.

Sport has a double-standard for its biggest stars, with the likes of Mike Tyson still revered

The sport has its greatest stars with a double standard. Mike Tyson and the likes are still respected 

‘We are talking about a £30million asset for this club,’ he was told. Palios, weary, replied that he was talking about something more.

Following Greenwood’s arrest for rape suspicion and assault, the entire world watches as United views Greenwood.

Their initial statement was not a formal one. United stated that they were aware of the allegations and images being circulated on social media. “We won’t make further comments until all facts are established.” Manchester United doesn’t condone any violence. 

It’s good to be informed. Sport creates heroes, and it is always ready to excuse them. Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson and others are still legends in boxing. However, both men have a history of violence against women.

Football players are more than just workers. They are also expensive human resources. Manchester United has a value of Greenwood in the millions.

It was critical that the club make its next move. It was revealed that Greenwood will be removed from the club’s roster until further notice. There will be no matches or training sessions.

This was an acknowledgement of how serious the allegations were. David de Gea, Cristiano Ronaldo, and his team-mates were among those who unfollowed him on social media. This hasn’t always been the case. The clubs used to keep players under suspicion till it became impossible or absolutely reprehensible.

Benjamin Mendy, who is accused of seven counts each of rape or sexual assault against five women in the case against him will be tried this year. Manchester City chose to continue to choose him, until it was unconscionable. He may be subject to severe reputational damage when the trial begins. 

However, this judgment won’t come from the inside of football. City’s plan will be recognised by all clubs in football.

Brighton will continue to support Yves Bissouma. He is currently under investigation in relation to a possible sexual assault. This transfer window, Tottenham, Arsenal Arsenal, Newcastle and Aston Villa have been all linked to him.

The 20-year-old forward is tipped for the top but football must decide where its priorities lie

While the forward at 20 is expected to win, it’s football that must determine its priorities  

There is no doubt that these clubs, such as Manchester United, don’t condone violence. Manchester City is another example of a city that has invested heavily in women’s sports.

However, no PR campaign or slogan can disguise a casual attitude towards violence against women. This must be the turning point in the game. This is Ray Rice’s Ray Rice moment.

Rice was a running back in the Baltimore Ravens NFL team and was taken into custody after striking Janay Palmer with a punch in an elevator at Revel Casino Atlantic City. The incident was captured on video and later footage of Rice striking Janay Palmer in the lift at Revel Casino. Palmer became unconscious after he delivered a punch. He then literally dragged her from the elevator.

Rice was suspended for only two matches by the NFL at first. Indefinitely, the Ravens banned Rice. The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was forced to develop new laws regarding domestic abuse after the NFL’s light sentence. There was a huge protest.  

The rules provide for a six-game suspension with no pay for the first offense and minimum one year for the second. It almost seems that the penalty for the first offense does not serve as a deterrent.

The problem with the NFL’s code of conduct was not defining domestic abuse. After Rice’s beating was made public, the NFL and its governing bodies were forced to devise new rules. What will the Premier League or Football Association regulations do?

The game may be disreputable if it is not brought to the attention of the public. Public opportunity could result.

Rice was never allowed to play in the NFL and no team signed him as an unrestricted free agent. However, there will be people who are in charge of interpreting the rules and preparing them to deal with social media postings.

Ched Evans was acquitted of rape but football's response to his initial conviction was flippant

Ched Evans was not convicted of rape. However, the football team’s reaction to him initial conviction was absurd. 

This should not be surprising. While football is skilled at banners, T-shirts, and social media campaigns and other forms of communication, women within wider society are rarely well-served.

Everybody in the game heard of stories about excesses, girls being transported and flown in to parties. Properties exist to safeguard the privacy of their friends as well as any sexual conquests that they may have. 

Boy will be boy, girl will be girl, as long as everything is consensual. Greenwood’s claims and those of his accuser are evidence that there is a culture warped and unequal, which will only result in trouble.

It is not a new concept. This is not a new concept. In 2012, just two days after Ched was convicted for rape, he was sentenced at five-years in prison. His name was also honored at the Professional footballers’ Association Player Award dinner.

Evans had been selected to the League One team in that season. The entire reading was done aloud from one to eleven to continuous applause. It was for the same reason that the brochures had been printed and it would have appeared strange to do so, but no one felt it appropriate to take Evans’ name out.

Evans was not convicted of rape in 2016. His conviction was overturned on appeal. A retrial was ordered and Evans was found innocent. However, those present at Grosvenor House Hotel in 2016 did not cheer for Evans’ conviction.

Evans, by then incarcerated, was treated as a hero because the PFA — a trade union, for heaven’s sake — decided 35 goals for Sheffield United trumped a rape conviction.

PFA has been admitting women since 1992. There are many procedures that cover non-payment.

Manchester United could not have known about the Greenwood problems. It is possible to now understand some of the mysteries surrounding his career. 

Gareth Southgate is not likely to be picked for England after a similar incident in Iceland with Phil Foden in September 2020.

Foden and Foden broke the coronavirus lockdown rules when they invited two young girls to their hotel rooms. Greenwood was quickly rehabilitated but Greenwood has not been chosen again.

Sometimes, it was at his club’s request. He is clearly one of the most talented young players in the country. So something was not right. This was something everyone knew.

Now that police are investigating the incident and Greenwood being arrested, we might soon discover how United knew and did what to remedy it.

No one is looking in the opposite direction.