A law graduate ran over and fatally struck a pedestrian after losing control of her BMW. She pressed the accelerator instead, according to a court.

Raveena Raizada (23), had a passenger in her front seat when she drove over a mini-roundabout and crashed into Manjit Singh Khaira (59) in west London, on March 27th last year. 

Initial statements by the student to police indicated that she had to steer clear of Mr Khaira, whom she claimed was ‘literally in the middle’.

CCTV footage revealed that the pedestrian was actually walking along the pavement at the time she lost control of her car.

Raizadam, who earned a first-class degree from the university in business and law, appeared at Old Bailey on Tuesday for sentencing. He had previously pleaded guilty to causing deaths by careless driving.

Raveena Raizada, 23, pictured outside the Old Bailey, where she was sentenced to a two-year community order for causing death by careless driving

Raveena Rahizada, 23 years old, is seen outside the Old Bailey. Here she was sentenced for causing death through careless driving.

Raizada caused the death of Manjit Singh Khaira when she lost control of her BMW by pressing the accelerator instead of the brake

Raizada caused the death of Manjit Singh Khaira when she lost control of her BMW by pressing the accelerator instead of the brake

Hayes Road in Southall, west London, where Mr Khaira, 59, was walking along a pavement when he was struck on March 27 last year

Hayes Road in Southall (west London), where Mr Khaira, who is 59, was walking on a pavement when he got struck on March 27, last year

The court heard that Mr Khaira was walking in the same direction as the 3 Series BMW when he was struck.

Accident investigators found out that Raizada had lost control and pressed wrong pedal. The BMW accelerated towards Mr Khaira, rather than braking.

There was no traffic other than the defendant’s vehicle and no pedestrians in the area, the court heard. 

Edward Franklin, the prosecution, told court: “This is a brief slip of driving judgment that comprises two or more elements.

‘First of which is the initial loss of control, failure to apply the brakes and pedal confusion if that is what has occurred.

‘There was no reason at all that contributed to that loss of control other than driver error.’

Franklin said that the defense was ‘aggravated in an attempt to shift blame onto deceased’.

Raizada claimed she had to swerve in order to avoid the pedestrian. CCTV however showed that the deceased never moved into the road.

Following the collision, she was said be in shock and her passenger had a hard time explaining what had happened.

Marianna Pasteris, Raizada’s defense, stated in mitigation that she is of a very good character’ and that she feels ‘great regret’ about the incident.

She said that Raizada was also on anti-depressants after the collision. Raizada was unable to continue her Master’s program.

Judge Mark Dennis, who was delivering the sentence, stated: “This has clearly had a dramatic effect upon the defendant’s mental health.

The Old Bailey (pictured) heard that the law graduate initially tried to pin the blame for the collision on the pedestrian

The Old Bailey (pictured) heard from the pedestrian that the law graduate tried to blame the collision at first.

‘Cases such as this when the fault is at the lower level I find it to be a tragedy all around.

‘In what appears to CCTV imagery that time of night a deserted street, no traffic other than the defendant’s vehicle and no pedestrians in the area.

‘By a cruel twist of fate there was indeed one pedestrian and that was Mr Khaira who was walking along the pavement by the fencing heading in the same direction as the defendant came in her car. 

‘The car having come around a mini roundabout, just yards later it makes something of an abnormal movement. It would appear that Raizada attempted to correct the line change a split second later.

‘The car does tip out of control veering to the left off the carriageway onto the pavement and striking the unfortunate Mr Khaira.’

Raizada of Brookwood Road in Hounslow was sentenced with a two-year community order along with 150 hours of unpaid labor.

She was also given a 12-month driving ban and must pass retests after it expires.