The driver who was accused of murdering a woman in South Wales and injuring her husband during a collision in that area told a court that he had ‘nothing to do with it. 

Iestyn Jones (54), a college lecturer from Tredegar is being charged with dangerous driving causing death after Shirley Culleton (65) died in the accident on the A4046 Cwm near Ebbw Vale on July 6, 2013.

When lecturer Jones’ Hyundai X35 crashed into Mrs Culleton and her husband Michael, she was driving as a passenger.

Jones, an electronics lecturer, admitted that Jones tuned in to the radio once or twice during the week. However Jones maintained that this didn’t cause the crash.

“It all seems blurry,” he stated. He said, “I don’t recall anything about it. There’s nothing there.”

“I’m an excellent driver. It would be a great accomplishment if you thought that I have done it. This is why I am here. 

Iestyn Jones, 54 (pictured) is accused of causing death by dangerous driving of Shirley Culleton, 65, in the head-on crash.Mrs Culleton was a passenger out driving with her husband for a Saturday drive when lecturer Jones' Hyundai IX35 smashed into them.Laurence Jones, prosecuting, told the jury how Jones had been fiddling with his radio at the time of the crash

Iestyn Jones (54) is being accused of killing Shirley Culleton (65) in a head-on car crash.

Shirley Culleton, 65, pictured right with husband Michael, died when lecturer Jones' Hyundai IX35 smashed into her car last year

Shirley Culleton (65), pictured left with her husband Michael. She died last year when Jones’ Hyundai IX35 crashed into her car.

The court heard he became distracted as he took his eyes off the road and attempted to tune the car radio before swerving into the path of Mr and Mrs Culleton, who are from Cwmbran.

Laurence Jones, the prosecutor, explained to the jury that Jones was playing with his radio during the accident.

He claimed that the defendant didn’t steer his vehicle for five seconds, and even increased the speed just as his car was about to hit the red Suzuki Swift of the couple in the opposite direction.

Jones, the Prosecutor said that Mrs. Culleton was not one of the unavoidable accidents.

The defendant’s dangerously negligent driving on that road caused Mrs Culleton to die and her serious injuries.

“He was distracted and unsafely distracted while driving and didn’t steer for at least five minutes. However, he continued to accelerate his car as it entered the road and made it through a bend.

“This led to his vehicle drifting into the other lane.”

Jones replied, “I don’t mess with any thing – I am a professional.” 

Mrs Culleton, who was injured in the accident that happened on July 6, 2019, at approximately 1.20pm in Cardiff, died the next day in Cardiff University Hospital.

Prosecutor said: “The defendant admitted shortly after collision that he was distracted by the fact that he looked at the road, fiddled and played with the car’s radio.

Culleton couldn’t have prevented the collision.

“Tragically, after the accident, he never saw his wife again.”

After suffering severe injuries including broken pelvis, broken ribs, and a laceration of his kidney, Mr Culleton was admitted to Abergavenny’s Nevill Hospital for several weeks.

Tredegar’s Mr Jones has pleaded guilty not guilty to the charge of causing death through dangerous driving.

Culleton was also seriously injured by his dangerous driving.

Electronics lecturer Jones admitted earlier this week that he tuned the radio at some point - but insisted that this did not cause the crash. Jones said: 'It's all a blur. I don't remember nothing about it - there's nothing there. I'm a really good driver. If I thought I had done this I would put my hands up. That's why I'm here.'

Jones, an electronics lecturer, admitted that he had tuned his radio once in a while. However Jones insists that this didn’t cause the crash. Jones stated that it was all blurred. It’s all a blur. I can’t recall anything about it. I can drive really well. I think I have done it. I believe that’s the reason why I’m here.

Matthew Roberts, who was the defendant, claimed that Jones suffered from severe sleep disorder at the time of his crash and had “non insane automatism”.

Jose Thomas, a doctor who gave evidence in court 2020, stated that the defendant was suffering from severe sleep apnea.

In years preceding the crash, his symptoms were mild. However, he said that some patients are unaware they suffer from the condition.

Dr Thomas stated that the patient does not know they are snoring.

“When they fall asleep, the partner and family raise the matter. It is not something they are aware of.

They often don’t realize what’s happening.

Newport Crown Court continues to hear the case.